Monday, December 29, 2008

The Most Magical and Meaningful X'mas of My Life!!

I'm back home in KL!!! It has been an amazing 5D4Ns away in Jakarta.

24 Dec 2008 (Wednes n X'mas Eve)

We left our house as early as 4am to catch the Air Asia flight to Jakarta at 7am. Thank God there was no famed delay (only 40mins :P) and we got to our destination at 8+am. Lester's driver came to fetch us and we were carted to the office Jakarta city.

Alan had an interesting time as we were both shown around the 6 storey building. I tried to look interested and stifle yawns though, from the lack of sleep (we had slept from 12am - 3am the previous 'nite'). We learnt the ops in Indonesia and Alan was inspired to do likewise for his office in Malaysia. Looks like I will have to live in KL for the next 20 years :P

Lester treated us to a nice Chinese lunch at the nearby shopping mall. When I say "nearby" , I meant only in distance - it took us a good 20+mins to get there by car, even though it was a stone's throw away. *sigh* the jams in Indonesia are HORRENDOUS. KL's seems like a piece of cake as compared - and please, Singaporean drivers, DO NOT COMPLAIN about the peak hour traffic in sunny Singapore anymore!!! People drive recklessly, as if lives are worth 200RP a piece and no one follows the traffic lights!!! Traffic seems to move when the lights are red - as Alan commented disgruntlely.

Anyway, once lunch was over, we were carted to our hotel in the city called Orchardz. I called Hema to arrange for a meet-up then and we decided to meet at Grand Indonesia for a hair spa experience. The 'sistah' and we grabbed a bite at oh-lala and then went to a hair spa recommended by Lester. Alan and Hema both did the traditional hair spa (which involved masking and massaging and blowing dry their tresses) whilst I decided to colour my head red for X'mas. After two hours, all of us emerged feeling and looking new...

Next on the list was a body spa experience in Surinah. This parlour was recommended online as well as by Lester. Barsih Sehat was the place's name. The massage was 120,,000RP (approx SGD$16) / hour and all three of us booked ourselves for 2 hours straight! Alan and I had a ramen dinner before that whilst Hema (on her prenial diet) had a tuna salad.

The therapists stepped on Alan and my backs, we resisted the urge to regurgitate the Ramen. I fell asleep after a while.... It was pretty late, 10pm I think, when we were done. The driver sent Hema back home and Alan and I visited her cubicle. She lives in a small little apartment thingie where (and I quote) when she steps inside, if she reaches out her right arm, it would touch the kitchen and if she reaches out her left, it would be her living room, and if she walks 5 steps, she would reach her bedroom....errrr.. she wasn't exaggerating. hahaha. At least she's moving to a better place soon!!

By the time Alan and I got back to our hotel, our long day (coupled with the lack of sleep from the previous night) aided us in immediately falling asleep.... Zzzzzzzz

25 Dec 2008 (Thurs)

Our driver came to fetch us from the hotel to Mama sayang orphanage at 11am. The journey took 2+hours and by the time we got there, Alan and I were zoned out. However, the excitement (and apprehension) at meeting our daughter, Melisa and the rest of the kids in the orphanage, plus the founders, Mike and Jev and really fantastic and lovely couple , woke us both up. We were immediately engulfed in hugs from both Mike and Melisa. :)

The boys got our bags and we were shown to our room. Wow. The whole interior of the house (which shares the compound with the girls' dorm) is nothing like what you'd expect of an orphanage. It's beautifully decorated - Jev's very into ID and also all the stuff was either brought over from Scotland (the couple lived there for years before moving to Jakarta in '02) or bought in Indonesia.

Our room was AMAZING. The huge and comfortable bed...beautifully designed. the whole room was decorated with a warm X'mas feel and we even had a 'welcome fruit platter' served! How very thoughtful!!

We were brought on a short tour of the premises by Melisa before settling down to a delicious (I put on weight in the orphanage!!!) lunch. Jev used to own a restaurant serving Indonesian food in Scotland and the food served was yummy! Mike and Jev engaged us throughout the meal, telling us all about Mama sayang and how it came about and also stories about the children. It was very heartening to see that all the children were very well taken care of and treated like family by the elderly couple in their 60s.

After the lunch, we decided to walk it off with Melisa. We intially had wanted to walk to the nearby lake (15mins walk away) but upon seeing Melisa looking for tired and exhausted from staying up the night before baking goodies for X'mas, we turned around halfway in our journey and went back to the orphanage.

Alan and I were then introduced to a resident dog named Cici. As we petted her , we realised how pathetic she was . Her whole body was covered with FLEAS and TICKS!! YUCKS!! We started plucking the parasites off her brown fur with a vengeance and soon, many young children (boys) crowded around us... I promised them a X'mas present each if they each plucked and killed 3 ticks from Cici and they started their killing spree with great dedication and excitement! Soon, the massacre was evident with the ground filled with bloody carcasses.

Deciding that the children were certainly very nice and sweet and loveable, Alan and I decided to treat them with chocolates bought from the nearby supermart. Melisa walked with us and showed us around the vicinity. We bought bar after bar of chocolate wafers and an icecream for Melisa and then returned to Mama Sayang to distribute them. The children politely accepted and said "Thank you Auntie / Thank you Uncle!" They are indeed very well brought up! :)

We badly needed a siesta and retreated to our bedroom to snooze from 5-7pm.

At 7pm, dinner was started and we hurriedly dressed and got ready. It was a huge affair (did I mention they have 2 Xmas trees ,1 in and 1 outside the house?) Everyone sang some songs first before dinner commenced. Alan as usual was trigger happy and he managed to capture some very beautiful shots (which I will upload when I am less sleepy).

Dinner was delicious. Jev served up a mean Xmas dinner and Alan and I both enjoyed, for the first time in our lives, a true-blue traditional X'mas dinner. Roast turkey, salads, veges, macaroni etc etc. I was as stuffed as the turkey when I stopped chewing at last!

Mike was a great host and we chatted with him post-dinner. We also gave Melisa our presents for her. We had bought her a couple of items from America - a Fossil watch (a belated pressie for her bday), a tinkerbell t-shirt from disneyland, a book (1 for Melisa's friend, Esther too), a key chain from Disneyland and one from Malacca and also a yellow wallet from Forever21. She was certainly overwhelmed.. haahha

We also passed Stephanie (an 8 year old girl who was originally the candidate for us to sponser) a little note book as an Xmas present.. We then invited her and her friend Anna to join Melisa and Esther and Alan and myself out on a day trip the next day to Dufan.

When all the tables were cleared, the hall was made available for the most important segment of the night - the Xmas presents distribution!! All the presents were moved into the small green hall. Alan and I had bought each of the hundred children some stationery which Mike and Jev had gotten prior to our arrival from Mangga Dua. They also had gotten the older children to wrap the gifts up individually.

It was fun to distribute the presents to the children who excitedly and politely received them and thanked us for them. In each package lay a pencil case, some pencils, 4 small note books, 1 bigger A4 note book, an eraser and etc.. I had help separating the pencils into those for the girls (Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, Barbie Doll, Mickey Mouse) from those for the boys (Batman, Ben10, Kungfu Panda ). By the time all the gifts were distributed, beads of sweat had gathered on my brows. Another kind donor had also coughed up some money for a pair of black sports shoes each for the children. What a thoughtful gift! Unfortunately, he paid for only 50% of the shoes and Mama Jev had to come up with Rp for the other 50%!

The children's arms were filled with presents and tidbits and the younger children were grinning in glee. The older ones were more reserved but you could see the appreciation on their faces. As jev and mike gathered all of them for a last prayer, I could see my tears well up in my eyes. All the children had their eyes closed and were fervently praying to God to thank Him for his benevolence. Alan and I were not forgotten in their prayers as well.. :)

26 Dec 2008 (Friday)

We had originally decided to go to Taman Safari (to feed the lions / giraffes etc) but I decided against it because the kids wanted to go to Dufan (a huge amusement park not unlike Disneyland). We commenced our journey by car (with Melisa, Esther, Stephanie and Anna in tow) at around 745am and got there by 930am.

We queued for the tickets which cost 120,000Rp per pax regardless of age and then entered at around 10am. We took the carousel and went to queue for the Viking (which Anna and Stephanie bravely agreed to sit on). Almost towards the end of the Viking experience did Stephanie start brawling...for her tears rolled down her cheeks, I tried to comfort her but she could not stop crying until her feet were firmly planted on the ground again. It was very sad to realise that a young child will cry for her mum when in fear no matter how badly her mum has treated her. [ side story: Stephanie was our original choice for sponsership but her mum came back to Jakarta and wanted to bring Stephy away from the orphanage and that was why Alan and I lost that opportunity to connect with Stephy on a deeper level. Apparently, and according to Mike, after Stephy's mum had come and proclaimed her sudden & new-found interest in her daughter and yet left her high and dry (and till this day has not claimed her), Stephanie's character has changed somewhat for the worse. She has become moodier and keeps to herself more. Sad isnt it?

Anyway, after we disembarked from the Viking, we went for something safer - peddle boats! We rented two peddle boats (Melia, Esther & Anna in 1) and myself and Stephy in the other. It was fun! And stephanie was a very determined driver who wanted 100% control of the wheel.

A ride on the ferris wheel was next and all 6 of us got to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious breeze. The weather was heavenly that day and as the wind whipped through our tresses, Alan and I savoured parenthood...

Esther, Melisa and I wanted to have a go on the Tornardo next. Ahhhh for those uninitiated, the Tornardo is one helluva scary ride. It will fling you into the air and twist and turn you 360 degrees. We queued for approximately 20mins before it was finally our turn. Alan was nursing a weak heart and taking care of the two underaged children. hahaha.

It was so FUN! I shall cease to describe here but provide you with more photos soon...

After the ride, Stephanie was starving as she proclaimed and we quickly brought the girls to fill their bellies. Stephanie eats very well and finished the whole plate of noodles. She even helped Anna with some of hers because Anna didn't quite fancy what was served to her. Conversely, Melisa eats like a chicken and pecked at her hotdog- leaving half still on the plate by the time we were about to leave. She constantly grimaces at being asked to eat / finish her food as well. Weird huh?

Anyway, after the late lunch, Stephanie renewed her vigour and wanted to sit on the small little roller coaster (especially meant for children). The four children then sat on it whilst 'ibu' and 'papa' stoned on a stone beach whilst waiting. We promised to bring the kids shopping if they turned up without a tear in the eye after the roller coaster ride.

True enough, for the 'belanga' Stephanie and Anna emerged from their ride (they sat on the first seats ok!! gutsy kids) all smiles. We then took the teacup (revolving ride) before leaving the very packed Dufan for the Mall Malathir Gading.

Waking from our power nap, we headed into the mall to feed the kids first. We brought them to A&W to have cheese n curly fries and waffles with icecream and also rootbeer floats. Stephanie, as usual, had alot to eat. We were amazed at how a little girl of 8 could eat so much!

We then shopped for some clothes. First, the two little girls had their pick of tops and jeans and skirts and then the two teenagers grabbed some tops and jeans as well. Alan and I picked out 10 shirts for the boys back in the home and 10 for the girls which we were to give out the next day.

After that, we walked aimlessly until we decided dinner was in order and so we had some local food in a small little cafe. (the food would later give Alan and myself the runs...) after that, we picked up some chocolates for the kids in the supermarket , together with a sack of 20kg rice and then called the driver to bring us all the way back to the orphanage.

The kids were still waiting a movie in the hall when we got back (part of their Xmas period package) and Melisa distributed the chocos whilst Alan and I retired upstairs into the comfort of our bedroom.

27 Dec 2008 (Saturday)

We woke up later today and packed to leave. We showed Melisa the pics from the day before and then had our oily fried egg breakfast before leaving for Bandung. We said our goodbyes to the children sadly and I gave out the t-shirts. The younger children were so cute and I promised them to buy them some clothes when I next visited them- hopefully it would be soon.

I also entertained them by letting them play the games on my iphone and also scribble their names on it. I learnt names like Charise, Kevin, Kelvin, Darisito, Feri, Ardo, etc etc.. all in one seating. before I left, I also made the boys to pluck 'kutu' from the doggie everyday and 'sayang' the 'anjing'. hahaha. They fervently agreed. hahaha. How cute!

We bade goodbye and went our way and the journey to Bandung almost killed us. Hour after hour, the clock ticked and we still hadn't reached our destination. By the time we got to our hotel, it was already after noon. We decided to then head to the volcano tungkahan perahu- widely acclaimed and recommended by 2 of my friends.

The jam almost made us give up and head else where. We took HOURS to get from the city to the top of the volcano. The scene wasn't worth it AT ALL. Everyone was crowded around a little crater and yes we could still see the sulphuric fumes emitting but it wasn't the grandest Natural sight I had seen in my life. The touts were irritating as well and the car park was packed. After at most 15minutes, we decided that enough was enough and wanted to make our way down.

By then, it was almsot 5pm and I was starving. We hadn't had anything to eat all day (since the oily egg at 7am) and my gastric juices were working overtime. We wanted to eat at the restaurant called The Peak and called Zesa who gave us Lili's number.

Lili however, directed us to a SALAH place which thankfully housed a beautiful stone cafe which was frequented by the CEO of Indo. We decided to end our torment (at around 7pm) there. Imagine, we had gone without food and water for 12 hours! MY GOD. That was a horrid experience. I literally sat in the car until my nerves were knotted and on my knee cap, there appeared this vein in the shape of a round bubble. It now feels like a bruise but it's much more painful than that... I hobble instead of walk now...

The stone cafe is a beautiful restaurant overlooking the whole of bandung. It plays live music and ALan and I (and Mr Driver) enjoyed a romantic dinner. I ate like there was no tomorrow - tom yum soup, beef steak and rum and raisin milk shake and when I finally got to the hotel (at around 9pm) and finally had the runs...the effect of G n G - gastrics and gorging. ;p

Brave though weak, ALan and I booked ourselves for a pampering good time for SGD26/hour. We did a foot bath, massage and facial in the spa downstairs. I fell asleep halfway through...

It was midnight by the time we returned to our hotel room.

28th December 2008 (Sunday)

To beat the jam, Alan and I left the hotel early for the airport (ignoring offers by the chauffeur to bring us to the malls). We got there at around 1130am in anticipation to board the plane departing for KL at 310pm! After checking in and waiting somemore, Air Asia announced (without apology at that) that the flight to KL was going to be delayed and would take off at around 5pm. *big sigh* We continued to wait somemore -thank goodness I had bought a book at the airport to keep me company.

By the time we arrived at the LCCT at KL, it was almost 8pm. We thankfully boarded a limo cab and directed the driver for Sri Tiara. The memory of what would occur immediately afterwards will never cease in the future to bring a shudder to my spine..

The taxi driver, a kindly looking Malay in his early 30s, perhaps, starting driving like a F1 contestant with no tomorrow. He sped and overtook every moving vehicle in sight. I held on to Alan's hand for support, inwardly asking myself whether I had survived the Jakarta jams only to die at the hands of this reckless rodent.

All of a sudden, the driver overtook precariously another taxi within an inch and was horned at angrily by the other driver. Our RR(reckless rodent) promptly cursed loudly in Malay and wound down his window to show a universal greeting (twice). The other taxi driver's blood boiled and he tailgated our cab and horned loudly and flashed his lights. Our RR did not hesitate and rolled down his window AGAIN and this time, in his right hand, he welded a crowbar which he angrily flashed at the fellow daredevil. I can only assume the passengers in the other cab were feeling about as enthusiastic as both Alan and myself.

Thankfully, the other RR gave way in the end and after more uncomprehensible cursing, our taxi driver deposited us at the lobby of Sri Tiara where we got down, wobbly knees and all and made our way upstairs thanking God for delivering us from the hands of a devil.

It was Home at Last!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Kissed my Diet Goodbye!

23 Dec 2008 (Monday)

I was sick and tired of feeling fat so I decided to hop into the swimming pool at 5pm to do afew laps. There was an interesting sight that greeted my eyes there though. Someone was catering a dinner at the pool-side. and there, right in the middle of things, was a sizzling suckling piggie! ahhhh...

I swam and swam until I could swim no more and then got ready to go out for dinner with Alan and the Kua family. They took us to this far-away place (45mins car ride) called Coconut Flower Restaurant and we had a merry X'mas meal together. Almost every dish was a seafood platter and after the yummy crabs, bamboo clams, lala, herbal chicken, fried beehoon, tomyum prawn soup, and curry sotong, I kissed my diet good bye! *sigh*

We proceeded to come back to Sri Tiara and hosted them for dessert. A log cake from Westin Hotel. :) Hayden happily chomped down the icing x'mas tree and the santa on a motoccar figurines and we licked our plates clean of the tiramisu. ;p

After they left, Alan and I slept at 2am as we were busy printing some photographs to bring to our daughter, Melissa, in Indonesia.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

an X'mas greeting and HELLO aunty and uncle!

Today was a very fulfilling day - I accomplished more today then I did in the past one week!

After serving breakfast to two dogs and one husband, I proceeded to hand wash the clothes in the laundry basket - something I had been putting off for a VERY LONG TIME. :P Then, we went out to Mid valley. On the way downstairs, I checked the letter box and discovered to my surprise I had received a X'mas card and a lil' pressie from my dear friend Elaine! Thanks sweetie! It sure feels great to be remembered, even when 'so far' away! hahhaha. Love!!

A New York Skins solution facial from 1230 to 230pm first. n by that time, we were starving! We headed to the restaurant we had discovered last night - Prince cafe. It serves HK, Thai, Shanghai, Jap and Korean cuisine at low prices and has a nice ambiance as well! Ahhh I forgot to mention that with our OUB credit card, we qualify for a further 10% discount off the total bill! OOOlala!

After my borcsh soup and thai fried beehoon and alan's yummt sphagetti and mushroom soup (and our yuan yang) we quickly headed to MVMM to pick up our tickets to Beverly Hills Chihuahua. hahaha What a nice show! The cute lil doggies and a touching story were very much appreciated and at least there were no were fellas sitting next to me - I was sitting in btw a wall and my husband! :D

After the movie, we had an hour or so to burn so we went a-walking. I picked up some stuff for Aunty florence and Uncle Patrick - some cookies and a packet of Jap green tea and then we headed to Secret recipe's entrance to meet them.

Auntie Florence is my daddy's eldest sister and Uncle Patrick is her husband, a Sabahan. Anyway, we exchanged presents (all were food items) and then Alan and I brought them to have a good meal at Robson's. Herbal chicken, steamed fish, (fish maw, seacucumber, mushrooms and vege) and also a stir-fried kai lan. YUMZ!

We brought auntie and uncle home to introduce them to our sons and also check out our humble abode. At approximately 930pm, we sent them back to Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang. :D

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Rocker

Today's marks the fruitation of my hard work. I finally finished watching Desperate Housewives Season Four! *distant applause* This is one show I missed after moving here to KL-although it's being shown on cable, I've never managed to catch it. Even in Singapore, I would sometimes decide not to catch it because of school the next day. Seriously, getting up at 530am every day was not joke.

YES MAN was a nice movie with the aged jim Carrey (Alan mentioned that he has aged twice during and after the movie) paired with a sweet-looking girl (you can tell I don't know the actress' name) who looks like his niece. Anyway, it inspired Alan to be less negative and fill life with more zest and YES!

Unfortunately, I couldnt enjoy the movie that much. I always have an uncanny knack to sit beside some loser. This time, it was a man with bad breath and a irritating habit of shaking his leg. The chair beside his (mine lah) rocked like a granny on her rocker and I sighed many atime to show my displeasure. To no avail... O well...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Waiting in Anticipation!

Yet another mundane day of nothingness.. I watched Desperate Housewives on dvd today. Season Four. We had bought the dvds in Penang and now since I have the time, I am finally sitting down to watch it. :)

I am looking forward to going to Jakarta next week. We will be there from 24/12 till 28/12 and will spend X'mas in the orphanage, Mama Sayang with our sponsered daughter, Melisa. It certainly will be a special X'mas for us all.

A one-day trip to Bandung to breathe in the cool air and get away from the pollution will also beckon on 27th Dec. I don't have anything to buy from all the outlets there but there's no harm looking around, is there? Hee~

We have just gone out for dinner to Robson's and ate healthily for once - toufu and seafood steamed, steamed frogs legs and bittergourd soup. Yummy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bolt the Dog and a New Passport!

I went to collect my passport today. At last, a cheo photo for my passport. I have been suffering for the last ten years with my old passport picture in which I looked like a dodo bird. ;p I had taken my current passport photo in my hey days (read: a year plus ago when I looked like I didn't need to lose so much weight *sigh*)

Now I need to start collecting stamps from different countries' immigration counters. As I flipped through my newly void passport, I realised I really have done alot of travelling over the last ten year...Europe, Asia, USA... the most exotic country I have ever travelled to being Sri Lanka. My most favourite country still being Switzerland although US has a special place in my heart :)

After I collected my pp, lunch was at the Teochew porridge place at Pudu. It was high time our bodies detoxed and Alan and I had a not-so-sinful lunch. It was back to MVMM and a visit to Bill my hair stylist was scheduled. My shapeless bob finally regained it's facade and I left the salon again a satisfied customer. :D

By then, our watery porridge had digested and I had another bowl of watery porridge at The Gardens and some beancurd. Healthy and yummy! Bolt (the dog movie) started at 425pm and it was so touching...a must for all dog-lovers! :) Did I mention that Coco looks like Bolt? hahaha

In the evening, Alan and I brought Jay and Coco to visit Sheena and Yi Xiong (our new friends) at Jalan Klang Lama in a pet shop and they sayanged our dogs to bits. hahaha. Coco will be housed in the pet shop whilst we are away in Jakarta and Sheena , I am sure, will take good care of him :)

Did I forget to mention that Alan and I will be returning to Singapore from 29th Dec 08 till 4th Jan 09? I shall diet now in anticipation of long line-up of meal after meal gatherings with friends and family. hahaha.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 Week KL Extravaganza

It's nearing the end of the KL One Week Extravaganza. and GOD are we all tired. My mum and sisters have just arrived in Singapore as well as I type... As my sisters put it, this trip was filled with good food, shopping and continous DVD-watching!

7 Dec (Sunday)

We fetched Mum and Jean from Corus Hotel at 230pm and took them to Ikano Power centre and The Curve. Alan and I were hopeful that the X'mas bazzar there would entertain them sufficiently together with the flea market but all was lost as looks of boredom ensued whilst walking down the alleys. It was BORING SHIT. TO perk things up, we ate - tea at the basement of Ikano and then dinner was at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the Curve. YUMZ!

Alan and I got Jean and Mum hooked on our dvd-watching with the last few episodes of Forensic heroes II tonight.

8Dec (Mon)

Since it was a public holiday, Alan brought us all up to genting for a good time. It was, however, not as fascinating as we had originally expected and we ended up strolling here and there to pass time, buying afew items here and there. Lunch was KFC and tea was at Coffee Bean. Dinner was at the under-the-bridge bakuteh teh and steamed fish place.
We continued our Forensic crime busting at night... :D

9 Dec (Tues)

We walked to Mid Valley and then had massage at Siam BodyWorks for 25% off because it was before 1130am. :D After the invigorating traditional thai massage, we went to check out if there were any movies to catch and booked ourselves for the movie Body of Lies starrring yummy Leo and fatty Russel. The guilt of leaving the two dogs at home was quite overwhelming so we bought afew groceries and then went back home to cook dinner - cabonara and mushroom soup.
Alan came back late but we commenced our dvd watching even later. ahaha.

10 dec (wednes)

We woke up late and then took a taxi down to Corus Hotel to fetch May. We adjourned in the same cab to Times Square where we all had a light lunch of tea and Auntie Annie's. Then the shopping began...

Alan fetched us at around 6+ and then we went to Jalan Imbii to have big prawns ee mee and beef horfun for dinner.

May, Mum and Jean then got hooked onto a new HK drama serial entitled Last One Standing, starring the same hunky Kevin Cheng who also appeared in Forensic Heroes II. *droolzz*

11 Dec (thurs)

We left the house early to get to The Gardens for our facial. Everyone was in a stupor from staying up late to watch dvds. Mum and Jean took the 10am-12pm slot whilst May got her pedi and mani then. I went to book tickets for the movie The day the earth stood still and then walked around and shopped for more clothes I do not need. May and I then took the 12pm-2pm facial slot and had a rejuvenating good time!

Lunch was at Canton-I where we feasted on porridge and dimsum. Then we walked around somemore before sitting in a cinema for a movie that was painfully boring - The Day the Earth Stood Still. What was even more traumatising than the expressionless facade of Keeanu Reeves was the guy sitting next to me.

He was a thin and lanky Chinese fella in his late 20s. He brought in a small orange paperbag and a yellow furry hand towel which he placed on his lap covering his hands. When the movie started, the action did too...if you know what I mean... ;p God it was the most horrific movie-going experience I had ever had to endure. I leaned my darnest towards my sister, away from him. Soon, the wanker fell asleep and all was quiet once again...until he woke up and started his ritual all over again. *vomit*

I emerged from the cinema highly traumatised and with a loss of apetite. Alan picked us up at around 8pm and we proceeded to Robson for dinner. Crabs (spicy and sour) were sacrifised for our palatte and we also had seacucumber with mushrooms and abalone, vegetables and some meat, I think.. haha It's all a blur to me now.

The dvd-chasing continued at night...

12 Dec (Friday) - Happy Wedding Anniversary Alan's Mum and Dad! :D
We all got up very late and decided that today we would just chill at home (read: watch dvds). I fried rice for lunch and the three of them huddled in front of the tv... It was around 5pm that we decided to go for a swim and then Alan came back to bring us all out to fish for prawns.

The results after 2 hours of hard work were dismal. Alan: 2, Mum:2 , May:1 , I: 1, Jean: 0. we steamed the prawns and ordered the restaurant's popular dish of pork ribs and yam, toufu, vege and fried hokkien mee for dinner. After pigging out (again) we wanted to visit the pasar malum but it had already closed as it was 1030pm.
we headed back and the three of them watched dvd till 630am!!! hahah

13 Dec (Satur)
Alan, Mum and I went to carrerfour in Maluri in the bid to pick up some bbq items and also the satay at a stall nearby. Sad to say, due a chicken and duck talking, Alan had been promised that he could collect the satay at "anytime" during the day. However, when he arrived at the shop, the keeper said that the satay could only be collected at 6pm. ;p

We headed back to Mid Valley Jusco where we picked up more items (e.g. otah, sausages etc) and then quickly headed for home. Thank goodness my 2 sisters had awoken and we all feasted on a very late lunch and then got cracking in the kitchen whipping up a storm. Soon, pomelo salad, a sticky and mushy pilaf rice ;p, weird avocado salad were made available. Alan had also marinated the chicken wings and pork slices ready to be bbq-ed.

We arranged for Niru's family of 4 and Weijin, Shireen and Hayden to arrive at 7pm and the Kuas even brought 5 crabs! We all bbq-ed happily and by the end of the feast, we were all extremely fulfilled and fat. ;p

14 Dec (Sunday)
I woke them all up ard 1030am and then we had some leftovers for breakfast before everyone got ready to leave. Alan and I brought them to enjoy the must-try fishhead beehoon soup at Klang Lama and then we drove down to Corus hotel where we said our goodbyes after an enjoyable and fattening 1 week.

Alan and I headed to Cres, The gardens and claimed our well-deserved massage. I switched my massage to a body detox session and sweated it out under the heat blanket. Then we headed home to put more calories into our stomaches. ;p

Friday, December 5, 2008

TGIF Babies!

It's mid-afternoon on a Friday afternoon and I am waiting for my two tuition classes to commence. I can't believe it's Friday. Time seems to be flying by... I am sure the teachers agree with me. Their hard-earned holiday is almost coming to an end???!!! Poor, poor dears... Embrace the hols whilst you can! :D

Anyway, apart from allowing the day to idle past, Alan and I have been stuffing our faces with HK DVDs. we've just finished watching a 22-episode series called Last One Standing and now have started on Forensic Heroes II. Ahhhh... eye candy is always welcomed, especially for the bored women. hahaha.

I am waiting for my family to join my idleness is a few days time. On Sunday, Jean and Mum will arrive by coach at Corus Hotel and we will pick them up at around 2pm, marking the beginning of a One Week KL Extravaganza- filled with lotsa good food, fantastic opportunities to help the economy in Malaysia and body-soothing goodness (read: massages / facials etc).

Last night (4 Dec) we went to the Shang to celebrate Hayden's 6th birthday. We had an international buffet at Lemon Garden- oysters /abalone etc etc.. Yumz. we even brought home half of his chocolate birthday cake. :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Raving Mad Woman in danau terrace

Yesterday, for dinner, we decided that CHEAP was the way to go. Also since I wasn't feeling well, I didn't feel like the usual pigging out session - let's leave that till when my family comes this weekend till the next! :D

Anyway, I digress..

We were heading towards the Desa Food Court when we decided to turn into Danau Villas to take a look at the houses there and see whether any were up for rent. The guard at the guard house just waved us through without even taking note of our particulars. (Lack of security -10 points). We drove around for a bit and admired the very pretty houses and decided to stop by the roadside and chat up this lady who was watering plants with a vengeance.

The lady had greying hair and looked to be in her 60s. She had a VERY WARY look when we parked the Volvo next to her and stepped out of the car. She watched us like an eagle and Alan made the first mistake by addressing her in Mandarin.

She gave a snobbish "I don't speak Mandarin." and continued to watch us warily like we had "MAFIA" craved on my foreheads. When we explained to Madam Snob who were we and what we wanted to find out she gave monosyllabic answers - actually frankly, they weren't answers to our questions at all. We wanted to find out whether the neighbourhood was savoury to reside in and she told us to drive around and call up the agents with their tel numbers on the signs in front of vacant houses up for rent/sale. Very unhelpful.

We tried to persist and queried her again whether the neighbourhood was safe or not and she asked us where we were from. We replied that we are Singaporeans and immediately she repeatedly insulted our intelligence by saying our question was a "silly" one a couple of times and said that OF COURSE Singapore is safer than Malaysia.

By this time, my impatience had surfaced and I looked at her incredulously unable to comprehend how a woman could grossly lack that much IQ and EQ. Alan still was pretty patient but I was fuming inside. hahaha we can't be sure that the neighbourhood is safe, but we are ALMOST CERTAIN that the neighbourhood is as unfriendly as it gets! Soon, a security guard came and kinda requested for us to leave. SHEESH MAN.

As we made a turn out, we immediately came face to face with a HUGE MOSQUE and Allah help me, I would not want to get my peace and quiet interrupted by the loud prayer sessions daily (a couple of times per day at that) and also the roads will be jammed when the men all turn up in tow to pray for blessings in this turbulent and UNFRIENDLY world.

Alan and I left in a huff and went to put some Ipoh Horfun in our stomachs before buying some fruits and heading for home.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Homely Weekend

Hey guys, do you know that I've been here in KL already for more than a year? I got here on the 17 November 2007! Amazing, but true. Time has flown by (with many tuition sessions, pigging out sessions, Cantonese DVDs, and cheap movies) and I hardly realised that it was my "one-year anniversary" until afew days ago! hahaha. Thank goodness I am so versatile and at the same time thank heaven's it's KL and not some ulu pandan country that we are living in :D

The next visit back home is only during CNY, for all you who are asking. Since we will be spending X'mas in Jakarta, we will not have any other opportunities to travel back to the sunny island of Singapore till reunion dinner. Dad has already booked us for dinner at the raffles town club and we will be feasting (again) on 25th January.

And good grief, I will be spending my birthday fending off questions from the kaypoh uncles and aunties about me bringing a Tan into this world to join the other 34million Tans in this world fighting for survival....Unless we can take a short trip AWAY!!! It's my BIRTHDAY god damn it! And if I were to add a few wrinkles on my already crinkled up face, I DESERVE to CELEBRATE this once in a year occasion HAPPILY!

After CNY, we will be looking for a cheaper accomodation to stay in in KL. In recent economic times, everyone has been seen to be tightening their belts and therefore we too are no exception. This decision also stems from Alan's expat package being cut as his company is trying to cut costs leaving us less money to spend ostentatiously. :P

A change from this apartment will also be good. We are incredulous to find out that rental can be THAT cheap (like RM1+K / month) for a two-storey house! Of course, we are not compromising on safety and security. I hope to find a gated community near at least a shopping complex. Of cos, if the house is near an international school or two that would be great. I will go a job-hunting again! :P

Anyway last weekend was spent saving money. ahahaha.

After Dania left on Friday, we went to the under the bridge stall to have bakutteh and steamed fish for RM40. and Saturday, before our facials, we had only meesiam and a drink each to sustain our bellies. After the facial, we went grocery shopping as we had to wait for our car wash to be completed. Then, we went home to bring the doggies for a walk downstairs and to later
commence on a HK DVD. :D

Dinner was aglio olio pasta - Alan's speciality. It came with clams and squid. Yumz!

30 November 2008 (Sunday)
We woke up late (and I mean LATE). I wasn't feeling too well since Friday and I felt especially on SUnday morning. We lazed around the house and then started our DVD watching. In between, we cooked porridge (dried oysters and scallops and peanut) for lunchThe plot for this show is pretty predictable but at least there is a hunkie on the small screen.. :P

Dinner was also home-cooked. hahahaha. It was basically us lazy to get outta the house to fill our bellies. We baked two chicken thighs with potato and I cooked pilaf rice with raisins and also Indian raita (yoghurt with tomato and onion finely chopped and mixed inside). All items were deeeeeeelicious! :D
p/s: :Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been too lazy to upload the below pix till today but please take a look at what we all have been putting into our stomachs.
The below pictures depict food that has been bubbled with oxegenated water and that has produced a layer of toxic chemicals-not unlike plastic. After bubbling meats for approximately half an hour, this solid, dirty, plasticky layer of foam was collected. Apparently, if you try to burn this foam, it will not burn. Some scary shit. We got this because we have a friend whose dad passed away from cancer and he is very passionate about living healthy and eating well. The brand of the machine is Okamizu- made in Japan and it can be used to bubble anything- from rice to vege to meats to your own feet! hahahaha. Go take a look. Homecooked food is not as healthy as we THINK it is! So now, I can live to a ripe of old age and retire in KL :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Sore'ry

I went to bed with a very bad throat and woke up with a very bad throat. At least this thing is constant in life. ;p now... HOW did I develop this sore throat? I really do not know.
I took Shireen's car to The Gardens last evening, after tuition and had a bowl of beancurd (good for throat right?) whilst they had some yummy porridge. We shopped around abit then I left them to do some grocery shopping before Alan arrived.
I went to CarrerFour to pick up some stuff and before I was done, Alan told me he was arriving. I hurried to pay and then met him at the carpark to dump all the stuff into the car.
Dinner was a novel experience at yet another taiwanese restaurant. I had spicy ramen (sore throat causing?) and he had crispy chicken noodle soup and we shared steamed dumplings and a bubble green tea.
Quarrantine was v interesting. Thankfully I was motion sick because the show was about a camera man and a reporter covering a night out with firemen. If you havent watched it, there are no spoilers in here ( I don't believe in being a kill-joy) but for thriller fans and men who want your girlfriends hugging you in the dark whilst in the cinema...this is the show for u!
Today, 26 Nov (Happie Birthday Trish G2!!) -
I will be having tuition with Hayden (again) later and also Dania tonight. It will be a longggggggggg Wednesday, esp since Alan gets back late. But I must say, the time is flying us by and so is the week. Dunno whether to be happie or sad?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I realised my days are getting less and less busy and my students are getting fewer and fewer. ahaha. I must increase my opportunities by advertising more widely. It can get boring with nothing concrete to do. Most of the days, I only have scheduled either 1 or 2 max students. *sigh*
Anyway, today's Tuesday and I am counting down to my family visiting me from 7/12 till 14/12. hahaha It will be one exciting week filled with good food, fantastic shopping, facials and massages! Malaysia will be on SALE from Novemeber end till start of January as well as EMBRACE this opportunity, everyone and hop across the causeway for a great time. ahahhaha. Now now, I ain't turning Malaysian (unlike my husband ;p) but savings (while shopping) during such a turbulent time is fantastic....sure beats stopping shopping ya?
Today, ALan and I will be checking Quarantine at Mid Valley. Hope I don't develop a headache cos it's kinda like Blair Witch Project ya? I better bring a plastic bag in case I get motion sickness in the cinema. ahahhaha.
Anyway, today is a relaxing day (again) for me because I've only got Hayden as my student today. :) We are going to write about Cinderella - as requested by The Mum, since his school teacher will be asking them to write that fairy tale in class on Thursday. hahaha. It's brain-washing the kids to believe in the "Happily Ever Afters" again!

All the above are photos taken by MY bedside of the two furry brothers. Da Bai and Xiao Bai. They can co-exist harmoniously (although in general, Da Bai is the one giving in to XB) and XB gets his way most of the time. hahaa.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DVD watching and a Jab in the ass.

Ahhhh.. Iphone games can be quite quite addictive. I've downloaded quite a few and they have kept me gainfully occupied. There's flick fishing...china mahjong...bejewelled etc etc... That's why my blog has been empty since Wednesday, I guess. ahahhaa. New interests beckon!
Anyway, this weekend was quite fulfilling..

Saturday 22nd November 2008 (Happy Birthday Fe Mei!)
We woke up at 10am (we had slept late on Friday, at 2am, after watching The Strangers on dvd. It's a thriller about how a couple get stalked and tortured by three psychotic mad people. Very chilling and creepy and we were gripping each other throughout the show. The ending was a bit lame though *warning* and Liv Taylor is HUGE!

So..anyway... we left for The Gardens to meet the Kua family for Magadascar 2! Alan and I bought in popcorn and hotdogs for our brunch and we enjoyed the show. hahaha. I like the little fella Morty or something. He is doleful eyes and is so darn cute!
After the movie, we all had Jap at the gardens and left around 4+pm to bowl at our KLGCC. We had promised our godson, Hayden to bring him bowling.

Whilst the adults played 2 games each, our avid bowler of a godson threw ball after ball into the lane (the gutters were up) and he totalled FIVE games when we were done. ahahhaa. He had to use two hands and his whole body weight to fling the bowling ball but that didn't stop him! hahaha. It's really cheap to bowl at this club but sad to say, they will be demolishing this wing for renovation at the end of the month. Sigh.

After the game, we went our separate ways and then Alan and I went home to stone. We watched another dvd. This time a Chinese ghost thriller.

23rd Nov 2008 (Sunday)
I had tuition this morning from 10-1130am to prepare Su Li for her examinations on Wednesday and then we brought the two little fellas to Ikano. Both of them had their baths and trimming before we brought Coco to get jabbed (his 2nd vaccination). Alan and I sneaked in some lunch at Absolute Thai (tomyum noodles soup, mango salad, thai fishcakes) and also shopping at Ikea where we picked up some drinking glasses, wine glasses, a big glass bowl to bubble our foodstuff etc.
I finally bought my vacuum cleaner as well so that I can suck dirt up from the tuition table after each lesson. ahahhaa.
By the time we got home at ard 5pm, we were exhausted. Alan fell asleep on two dining table chairs and snored promptly whilst I curled up on the sofa and cuddle my osim blanket.
Dinner was at the fishhead beehoon place we always frequented but today we tried their steamboat admist the thunderstorm. perfect weather for such food. It was yummy. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are going to visit our Daughter!

oK, so the REAL tai tai cancelled tuition (again) today because she was rushing to the hospital to see a relative. and my appointment schedule is free until 6-8pm. Ahhhh.. I've been kicking back and relaxing (since when haven't I been- u'd say?) after the silly interview. Now I'm hooked on this game I play on the iPhone. ahahhaha China Mahjong... ahhhhh. I play it with three "uncles" and I am one old man as well.. For those who enjoy this game and who have iPhones, go and download! it's addictive! Hahhaha I no need 3 other people, a mahjong set and a table anymore! Hahahaha.
Btw, I think I haven't mentioned but Alan & I will be spending X'mas in Jakarta. O yeah. We are going to visit our daughter in the orphanage there. Remember Melissa? :) We will leave on 24th afternoon, once Alan knocks off and joins me at the LCCT and fly Air Asia to Jakarta.
Hopefully, on this trip, we will get to meet Gary and also Hema as well! Hahah We can't meet our other daughter (ginna #1) already since she is so busy and will be jetting around asia during her hols :P
I am looking forward to this trip and I think it will be special because we will be spending 2 nights in Mama Sayang, the orphanage there. Check out this website: for more details.
I think the weekend before we leave, I will also want to go down to Ti-ratana as well, to give out some lil goodies to spread the x'mas cheer. ;D What do you think?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello hello... I wasted my Monday morning showing up for an interview for which the interviewer had absolutely NO INTENTION of employing me. ahhahaha. fuck.

I showed up early for the interview (scheduled at 10) at 940am and the p kept me waiting till 1045am. :P
After I was ushered into the room and before I could even sit down, the first thing he said to me was "actually we don't hire teachers with no training and teaching experience in Primary School". hahahaha.
I was like ???!!??? then why the hell did you even call me in for an interview? Luckily I didn't sit at home the whole weekend preparing hor! Anyway, the long and short of it was that he pointed me in the direction of afew other schools and encouraged me to give him an email if I needed any advice. O well...

Looks like the Tai Tai is here to stay... muahahahahah.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Weekend

I was supposed to prepare dilligently for the interview tomorrow over this weekend. I'll let u be the judge of whether I had...

On Saturday, yesterday, we woke up late and then went for dimsum breakfast at Jalan Imbi. Oooo We havent been there in a while and e'thing tasted marvellious. I treated Alan becos I had a wad of RM50 in my wallet untouched (from tuition) and we ate and ate and chalked up Rm80 bill! hahahhaa. The PIGS!

Then, we decided that going back too early was just gonna spoil the weekend, so we headed to Sungei Wang so that I could make a pair of spectacles (Rm509- There was a motive for treating him to bf afterall) and Alan could buy his PS3 game. hahaha. We also bought more stuff from Alan's best friend and then headed home exhausted. We arrived home at 4pm.

Ahhhhh.. I tried... I really did... to prepare for the interview and played model answers in my head to potential questions.. until dinner time (early 6pm). We checked out this jap rest near our place suggested by Alan's colleague and were sorely disappointed. My sukiyaki (I only order that when i eat jap) was miserable in portions and the beef was overcooked. Alan's orders did not tantalise the tastebuds too.

Then it was back home to stone again until I suggested watching a DVD - GHOST HOUSE, a Thai movie that did not do justice to the title. I mean, there was no horror, and no ghost also. My tian ah. AND The sex scene between a thai hunky and a middle-aged lady was just WRONG. yiKeS!

It was 1am when we went to bed.

Sunday 16 Novemember 2008
We brought the two doggies down for a walk in the garden - that's our weekly ritual. This was Coco's first time out of the house (we can't bring him around because he hasn't even had his 2nd jab) and he was sniffing around for a while before he settled on the ledge to stone. Jay Jay was busier and marked his territory a couple of times and barked at a Chinese man and a security guard.

After that, I tried again to prepare for my interview but soon it was time to shower. We had lunch at the Gardens and tried the (very good) Shilin oyster meesuar (the same franchise from spore too) and the shilin chicken.
Then we went to MPH to buy some folders for my interview tomorrow (finally - some preparation!) and also to had a drink at the CB.
Lastly, we headed to Jusco to pick up "grapes" but as per normal, ended up with a whole trolley of stuff.

Then, it was HOME sweet HOME.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Interview Scheduled.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

Today is a FREE DAY for me. Actually, this whole week has been rather relaxing because many of my students have either cancelled classes or postponed them for whatever reasons. As you recall, I spent my Monday (and half of my Tuesday) updating and polishing my CV and writing my cheo cheo cover letter. I was going apply for a teaching position in an international school near my place - The Catch : It is a Primary School. ahhahaha

I sent my CV, cover letter and 2-paged testimonial provided by Mrs Lee directly to the Principal of the school, cc the recruitment officer at around 4pm on Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning at 1032am, I received an interview offer for Friday, which I cheekily rescheduled to Monday morning 10am. Alan said that (a) the P must have liked my resume, (b) P must have liked my cover letter AND resume or (c) the P must have liked my Cover Letter, And Resume AND my photograph. ahhaahaa

Wish me luck! I am applying for the position of vomit cleaner, pencil sharpener and also food feeder. hahahah You are RIGHT. I hope to teach Foundation / Primary School students. SIao Right? After teaching teenagers for 7 years, I now 'downgrade' hahahha. But seriously, many of you do not know that when I received my posting from MOE / Singapore, I was pretty disappointed. Because I had always wanted to teach in a Primary School but because of my degree in English Language (NUS), they did not allow me to.

No regrets though. I had a fine time in CGS and the friends I had made there (some of whom are reading this blog now...) will last me a lifetime, I am sure! :) Anyway, wish me luck on Monday. Can you imagine, this will be my first interview since 2000? O MY TIAN AH!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday and Monday

9 November 2008
We had an enjoyable Sunday.We started the day by bringing Jay Jay downstairs to the garden for a walk and some playtime. He enjoyed himself, sniffing around the grass and running next to Mummy. Then, Daddy, Mummy and Jay Jay sat on the low wall, enjoying the light breeze. ahhhhh a picture of bliss.

Next, it was BATHE TIME. I bathed the water baby (Coco) and dried his fur whilst he tried to scratch and bite me. and then Alan bathed Jay Jay who tried to scratch and bite HIM.
After the traumatising experience, we left for Mid Valley for a quick lunch at ToastBox. Then, Alan needed to cut his hair and then we had a relaxing massage from 2-4pm at Cres.

In order to maximise our food detoxifier, we headed to the Bangsar Pasa Malum next to pick up groceries after a dinner. We bought LOADS of veges , seafood etc and then headed home to bubble them.

Monday 10 Nove 2008
Alan picked me up for lunch today and we went to the nearby neighbourhood for fishhead beehoon. Unfortunately, the stall was closed and we decided to try the HongKong cafe nearby. Good choice!

I headed home to update my CV (for application for primary school teaching post)and cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


We have just returned from Hayden's "three storey house" where Shirene whipped up a good meal in the kitchen. We had seafood sphagetti and mushroom and spinach salad , avocada dip and crackers etc etc. and yes, chardonney. i like!
But I have a headache now though.
Btw, we went to The Gardens just now and bought an ozone vege and meat washer - one for the Kuas (for housewarming) and one for us. I saw the demo. The 3 slices of chicken were soaked in the bubbling oxegenated water and after 15mins, voila! The dirty and evil deposits were all floating on the surface of the bubbling waters. Wah damn scary.
Anyway, whatever bubbled in the waters can last for ard 3 weeks in the fridge! amazing, but true! And I intend to use the water to wash my face as well. hahahaha. Home spa.
ok lah. enuff said.. I am having a headache. going to sleep now.
tata now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alan's Day of Puke

The Husband is still away from home and I am watching The Nanny now. We were supposed to go to the orphanage tonight (after many moons) but Alan has been puking the whole of today (and in between meetings). Sad or not, sad or not??? *sigh* is it (a) the second hand smoke? (b) the lack of breakfast and late lunches or (c) he is pregnant?

I had baked a banana n cream cheese cake last night for the kids but decided to give half to Hayden and family and a quarter to Noriko (my new Jap friend from upstairs).


I am SICK and TIRED of DOGS. In my next life time- which will be soon, if this shit continues- I will keep goldfish instead.

Why? Reasons are simple:

(a) Goldfish will not whine

(b) Goldfish will not whine at 4am every morning and wake up the whole household

(c) Goldfish will not pee and poop all over the place - do they even pee??!?

(d) Goldfish will not demand to be let out of the tank when I am having tuition


In a nutshell, no matter how cute dogs are, they are NOT worth the effort, time and your patience.
The End

"I didn't bite Mummy's specs on was so dark I tot they were choco bars..*sniff* Now I will be caged up for the rest of the day...It's NOT worth it!!"

"I'M INNOCENT! whateva they are accusing me of, I'M INNOCENT!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

A real Tai Tai Day

Instead of cleaning pee n poo today, I've decided to lead a decadent 3/11. I took the shuttle bus to mid valley n got to know two fellow tai tais. I promised Niroko happily that we will go to our Golf Club KLGCC n pick ip golf together! Haha / my shoes n gloves r still in the cupboard!!! I m now sipping my earl grey n masticating my banana n Choco chip muffin n preparing for tmr's class at the orphanage. In 10 mins I shall get to enjoy a facial at Cres. Afterwhich, I might watch a movie! I dunno y I m suddenly embracing solitude-perhaps becos there are 1 dog too many at home?sigh

Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's Saturday 1 November. Happy Halloween! I forgot to mention that on 24 Oct Fri, we accompanied Hayden to a Halloween party in his school. Our dear god son dressed up as Darth Vader and his friend Prakash went as a sloppy spiderman.

Anyway, boy are we tired. We came back home, not too long ago. We had left the two little brothers at home and fled out to watch a movie and relax. We watched The Coffin a somewhat touching and initial chilling movie. But because our tolerance for horror is very high, we got bored from the second half of the flick, even though the girl next to me was hiding her face in her hands.
After the movie, we went a-shopping and Alan bought his much coveted MacBook Pro. It's a sleek and very slim and sexy laptop which he has started to caress non-stop hahaha. :D
We went to Klang Lama Petsmore (again) to collect Coco's waterfeeder and Jay Jay's bowl. Then we headed to Central shopping mall with the intention of picking up a clothes rack (since ours is almost perchak already). We discovered a mini vege n fruits market on the ground floor- interesting - and picked up some vege to last me a few dinners next week, since Alan would be meeting clients, suppliers and whats not almost all of next week. :P
We quickly headed for home, only to find our youngest furry son whining at the top of his voice.:(

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is TERRIBLE! Our cute lil pup is a TERROR. He chases Jay Jay around the house (of cos after Jay Jay had been antagonistic towards him) baring his lil barely formed teeth and bites me (and papers, wires, Jay's toys etc etc) maliciously. I don't remember Ash or Jay Jay being THIS BAD. and you can't even blame me for spoiling him!!! Tian ahhh.. did we choose wrongly??? What a price to pay!Now he is wrestling with his toy elephant in his minute cage and whining at the top of his voice for me to let him out. *faint*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pee Boy in Penang

Welcome Home Coco Tan!

We drove 3+hours to Penang to collect our third son- Coco Tan Shu Shu. He is a West Highland White terrier born to champion breed parents and from Penang. He likes to (a) shu shu and (b) bite the finger that feeds him. :P
We drove up on Monday morning and arrived almost half dead at Irene's. After choosing our son, we left to check into G Hotel. Ahhhh what a lovely and spanking new hotel. Very big recep cum lounge area and the room was cosy but huge and very modern. I loved the toilet which was positively sparkling and the bath tub overlooked the Straits of Melaka.
We gobbled down a quick lunch at Gurney Plaza (just next door) at a taiwanese cafe which served up a mean beef noodles and green tea. Then we strolled around the plaza and Alan watched an Ah Seng drift a 1000RM toy car in the middle of the mall. We contemplated on getting a massage but decided to head back to the room for a fiesta instead because we were absolutely exhausted.
We awoke and headed to Gurney Drive where a long stretch of hawker food stalls greeted us. Not very hungry, we shared a penang char kOay teow and a mee dry before heading to the pasar malum a few km away. We updated our collection of stuff from Alan's NEW best friend and then went down the hill again in search of seafood.
Stopping at Oriental seafood and realising that the price for crabs was an unbelievable RM60/kg, we headed back to Gurney Drive for the tao huay I was craving for. It was smooooth and delicious and utterly satisfying. Alan had also ordered sambal sotong, stingray and also corn and some fried pancakes but I did not have a good appetite because I was too bothered by my flu. What a pity!

28 October
We pigged out at the hotel restaurant and then made our way to Irene's again to pick Shu Shu up. We headed to HSBC for Alan to check on the security systems of one of the branches and then had a yucky coffee at a HK cafe nearby before embarking on our drive back to KL. We arrived at 4PM and then introduced Ah Kow to Shu Shu - thankfully no (cat) fight broke out. ;p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loh's Wedding

Went to a wedding dinner tonight that was slated to start at "7pm sharp"- I quote. But of cos, it didn't start till 835pm. I shall never, ever trust the 'sharp' word again. We sat at a "Singapore table" again and Alan was reunited with his army mate, Ken. haha. The world is v small. I got to know ken's wife - a taitai based in Shanghai and Shirley a nice and chatty gal whom I got along very well with.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A long Saturday

25 October 2008 (Saturday)
Alan and I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday. I guess it's the very hectic last few days - Alan working, me entertaining family and friends. :)
After popping some pills last evening, we woke up this morning groggy and lethargic at almost 11am.
We left for Petsmore to return the very huge cage we bought to accomodate Jay Jay and Coco so that they can co-exist harmoniously. However, because we had read online (only after buying the cage of cos) that both dogs need their own space, we decided to return the big cage and get a smaller one for Coco instead.
Lunch was Ipoh Horfun.
We headed next to MVMM and had a cuppa at Starbucks whilst waiting for our 4pm facial appointment at New York Skin Solutions. After the treatment, it was almost 7pm and we headed home to pick up Jay Jay to bring him for a car ride.
Alan had to pay bills at HSBC and also UOB. Along the way, the maciks smiled shyily at Jay jay and the Indian tourist children squealed with delight when Jay Jay tried to greet them with bushy tail.
Our dinner was settled at Maluri Queenspark where we brought Jay Jay to the store we had bought him from. We had bakuteh.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friends and Food make good Company!

After a 6D5N Happy Time, I am not back in KL, serving my jail sentence... sorry for the long silence. I was simply just too busy to log on. hahaaha. It was really fun catching up and even though The Husband ignored me throughout our stay in Spore, I was very much entertained by all my family and pals. :D

18 Oct 2008 (Saturday)
We drove back to Singapore after leaving Jay Jay at Kepong with the auntie. After the 3hour journey, we finally arrived at around 4+pm. Once mummy came home, we walked to have pomfret steamboat at Siglap after giving Ash some good lurving~.

19 Oct 2008 (Sunday)
We woke up late. Alan did his work at home and I busied myself with fending off persistent nags of potential pregnancy. We went to vivo city after that and then to Copthrone Waterfront Hotel for a buffet dinner with 13 other family members. What a warm welcome!

20 Oct 2008 (monday)
I woke up very late and then proceeded to stone about the house and waiting for Monday evening to come. Deciding to shop abit before I met my friends, I left the house at around 4pm to make a beeline for Vivo City. I went to Daiso and Pet Safari and bought wants and necessities and then to Nature Farm to pick up Mum' s joint remedies. It was Bakerzinn next where I caught up with my JC friends over pasta and cakes. Alan came to fetch me after his decadent dinner at old airport road and we sent Mama Jane back home before heading tiredly back.

21 Oct 2008 (Tuesday)
I found myself at Shenton Medical Group at Suntec early 8+am. Dr Michelle put me right at ease whilst she did the necessary and in 1 hour's time, my complimentary health checkup from AIA was done. Having nothing better to do before lunch, I killed some time with Lord of the Flies at Kiliney Kopitiam at marina Square before heading to Amara Hotel to pick up some lunch with Gary.
Blue Mist provided a good lunch but I was incapable of finishing my grilled fish lunch. After bidding him farewell (and telling him to cure his eyebags), I left TanJong Pagar for vivo city (again!)
Killed more time by shopping again n picked out a cage this time from Pets Lovers centre to ferry Coco home in. Then, I went to Secret Receipe to WAIT.
Finally they all arrived. Elaine, Wee Suan, Yew Hock and I did ROUND ONE. and then came Azlin. Then Kala and Vicky and then Sebas and Eileen. Hahahhaa. After many rounds...we were finally done at 820pm. I bade them farewell and promised to visit them in sch the next day. Elaine sent Wees and I home.
Then, Mr Didi called and expressed depression. hahaha So Auntie Agony provided counselling services till the wee hours of the morning...

22 Oct 2008 (Wednesday)
After buying some pies for my ex-colleagues at The Royals in Siglap, I headed by cab (because I was late) to Crescent to say HIIIII. As I made my rounds, I realised how much i had missed the environment and almost everyone, including the canteen operators, cleaners and even the photocopying lady gave me at least a wave of welcome.
After gossiping with my pals over a miserable watery meesiam lunch ( I MISS MDM PANG), I hurried to Plaza Sing to meet Mum for another(!) lunch-this time meepok tah,extra vinegar pls- at the food court. We watched Painted Skins (ya lah not Faces lah) next and it was pretty interesting. ;)
I bade Mum farewell and then adjourned to Marina Square to meet the 3 lil girls. Because they were late, I shopped and bought some cosmetics- nail polish, coloured hair shampoo, etc and then went to Waraku to wait for them all to turn up.
Dinner was very decadent and the table was filled with big steaming bowls of noodles, soup, bbqed meats, and sashimi. As we munched, we laughed happily about Pearlyn's weirdness and lovely bruise and Edwyna's new teeth and Peiting's ghostly images. Alan had also joined us after a brain-draining but very successful presentation during the day.

23 Oct 2008 (Thursday)
Woke up at around 8 and tried to leave the house early. In the end, greed disallowed us to fetch Jay Jay in time- We had stopped for bf at Kiliney Kopitiam at Siglap for Meerebus! No matter how hard we sped (and we did speed and were warned by a luckily uncorrupted cop in Malaysia), we could not make it. hahaha. So we went to Ikano instead and chose a bedding for Coco! Lunch was a quickie at the Noyna stall and we had assam laksa and soya bean milk.
Then, we headed to Petsmore to pick up a cage for Coco.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is.

Going home tomorrow morning after leaving Jay Jay to the Lim's. :D It's Ash time again. hahahah. and then, once we get back from Spore to KL, it will be Coco think! Hahhaha. Life is good when you are surrounded by beautiful dogs.

The past few days have flown by and I filled my time with giving tuition classes. The taitai resumed tuition with me (after 3 long months!) and brought me dimsum from Hilton! hahahha Lunch with hubbie doesnt comprise of fish head beehoon soup at the nearby coffeeshop. On that special day, it was sedap dimsum from Hilton. Of cos, she doesnt get to see hubbie, I shall settle for fishhead beehoon soup...although, Husband, once in a while, a pao or two should be encouraged!

Interesting, I havent had that shack-out feeling from the numerous lessons and talking for 6-7hours non-stop. hahaha. I guess USA really rejuvenated me. and also the thought of taking a 'break' again and going home. hahaa. I dread to think of the kilos I will pile though as everyone who meets up with me as the idea of 'good food' - quote Pearlyn, in mind. jiu ming ahhh.

Yesterday, I caught (finally) Pursuit of Happyness on HBO and it was a heart-wrenching tale alright about Will Smith and son sleeping in the streets and the former meeting setback after setback to fight for a better tomorrow. I told Jay Jay after the movie how lucky he was to be living with us and then decided to ration his kibbles to teach him greater appreciation for Food. hahaaha . This fella has such a good life. He has his two feeds of kibbles everyday, some delicious cookies, and a bowl of milk with his Angel Eye powder - a powder which treats his tear stains. Sometimes, (like yesterday) he will get an egg mashed up in his food as well. He needs to be more appreciative (and NOT PEE ON MY BED!)
Today's class with the twins will find us doing a poster on the River Nile. Yay. What fun!
Then it's dania's counselling session again before I break for a long 'weekend'. yeaH!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuition TaiTai

Ok ok .. I know I havent uploaded the USA pics but Alan has been pretty busy (shooting terror bites and soldiers...) Will do so soooon...Hopefully by this weekend. There's nothing much to update and since today I have lined up a painful 6hours non-stop of classes, I think I shall just kick back and relax now before my ordeal begins at 100pm. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pamper Me Silly!

I woke up and hurried to get ready (after Alan went to work happily with his sandwich breakfast and cholestrol-reducing tea). I was off for a day of PAMPERING!
Deciding that I looked too much like a housewife - pls see tags- I wanted a new do to refresh myself.
I headed to Cres for a 2hour session of electrifying slimming, whitening body scrub and hydro milk bath (all of which I had won in a lucky draw!) and then grabbed some sushi for lunch and strode to La Mode to see Bill.
After debating, on the hairdresser's chair about whether to (a) chop off my locks and look young again, (b) please the husband and keep long hair and get it rebonded and (c) get a tudung and wrap it aruond my face, both hairstylist and customer decided on (a).
I sat patiently in the chair whilst Bill chopped off my shoulder length locks and shaped my hair into a high bob. Then, it was brunette-time! My colour had faded miserably and I told Bill to recolour it red again. ahahaha. Lastly, I started on the treatment and steaming. Throughout, the girl who washed my hair (a few times during the entire process) gave me good massages and rubs. ahhhhh..
Almost 4 hours later, I stepped outta the salon light-headed...literally. hehehee.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Almond and Choco Chip Cookies!

Jay Jay is ONE!

Dear all,

11/10/08 (Saturday)
Not much to update. We had a busy lil weekend again. I had previously purchased a facial for Alan and myself at Pavilion from New York Skin Solutions and we headed there after a breakfast of coveted meesiam on 11/10 noon. After analysing of skin and yadah yadah, we were ushered into a couples room in their Mid Valley outlet. Thus began the 1+hour experience. Alan teared buckets as the skin consultant proceeded to remove his built up of black, white and grey heads and after the session, my freckles (seriously) became lighter and Alan (hahah) announced his face felt lighter. hahaha. Of cos, the hard-selling began soon after.

We had initially wanted to bring J to the park for an evening of fun but by the time we emerged from the facial, it was pouring. We went to grab some groceries from JUSCO and two slices of cake from Secret Receipe and then headed home to sing the lil One a Bday song. hahaha.

We had a quick bf of Mr Ho's Fine Food Sausage (err yah.. it's a brand least I never typed Mr Ho's Fine Sausage)... we went to the central park for a lil walk with JJ. The park was swamped with huskys and we found out soon that every sunday there was a gathering there. haha.
After a while, we then left for Ikano Power Centre to bring J for his grooming. Becos we had left him for 3 weeks with a friend, his fur was very knotty and unruly and the poor fella had to be shaved again. sigh. Now he looks like an alien once more. :P
It took almsot 3 hours to get him done and we roamed around in Ikano and had assam laksa lunch at Uncle Lim's. haahaha. Don't ask me why the names of the shops are so ...
We got home around 2 and played Time Crisis (with 2 guns this time) till Alan had to go meet his boss for dinner. :P

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lil' bear n rabbit cookies

I baked some cookies this morning. :D Take a look.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Living the American Dream (SEPT 13 - OCT 5)

Now for the American Dream Blog Entry...

After waiting 30.5years, I FINALLY managed to land myself in AMERICA! Alan and I embarked on our journey on 13 September 2008 at 5+pm and arrived back in Malaysia yesterday morning, 5th October 2008 at 8am. It was a cool 23 days away!!! *claps*

A summary of events:
We joined an ASA tour package because initially we were too lazy to plan the route ourselves but extended our stay at each of the cities. San Francisco - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Monterey - San Francisco again. We then did a self drive back from LA to SF.

Day 1
After meeting Elaine and Weesuan for brunch, Alan came back from Sharon and Chris' ROM and then dad n mum drove us to the airport. We flew SQ2 SIN-HK-SFO. we arrive at around 830pm SF time on 13 sept also and then a limo came to fetch us to Hotel Whitcomb. SHIOK. :D We begun our experience with Burger King for dinner.

Day 2

After bf of Subway, we were taken on a full day city tour by Helen Wong, the tour operator there. In fact, on our second day there, due to the full day city tour, we sort of saw almost all the attractions that the small (7mile by 7 mile) city, SF had to offer. We went to City Hall, Lombard St (the short but crookiest street), Fisherman's Wharves (toge with bay cruise), Pier 39 (where the sealions gather and bask in the sun), Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park etc etc. Most memorable was the bay cruise - we got to see Alcatraz as well. *shudder* It was BK again for dinner. YUCKS.

Day 3
We were on our own for Day 3 and took the street car F to Ferry Building for brunch. We had yummy Jap at the Jap deli there and then proceeded to walk (very far) to Pier 39. We bought some tees and SF bags at a souvenir shop and then had a very bad snack of a very-ex hotdog and yucky clam chowder. The breadbowl in which the chowder came in was used to feed the pigeons. Then we walked (again) to beyond Pier 47 to visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. Hmm... not that fascinating (lah). Dorothy's suggestion brought us to In n Out Burgers where we savoured the cheap cheap goot goot meal and then we shopped at Union Square (the Orchard Road of SF). Alan bought his jeans from Levis there and we walked (again) to Chinatown to have a delicious meal at Bow Hon restaurant with a sulky female manager cum waitress of service. We walked back to Hotel Whitcomb after that and rested our sore and aching feet and calves in the cosy hotel.

Day 4

Helen Wong picked us up late (because of a massive bay Bridge accident which caused a huge jam early in the morning). We stopped for lunch at KFC (and had the most delicious KFC meals of our lives!). Next was Yosemite National Park. We were NOT IMPRESSED. Luckily, there were quite a few lil squirrels which amused us during the hour we were there. We had a yummy dinner buffet and then checked in (late in the evening) into Days Inn. The motel was pretty cosy and sufficed for a one night stay.

Day 5

The coach brought us to Coach in Barstow. hahaha. We visited at Tanger Outlets in Barstow. For anyone planning a shopping trip to West America, this is a place to go. Too bad we were only given 1 hour to shop and we spent all of the hour in Coach. hahaa. It was super packed with mainly cheena tourists who were clutching onto bags, wallets, purses like Coach was as cheap as your pasar malum knock-offs. Hahaha. Refusing to lose out, the true Singaporean in me proceeded to shop like there was no tomorrow. we bought bags for our mamas and Sharon had a messanger bag (I hv one too). I was the eventual winner with a red patent sling, a small handbag, a small red handbag etc. haha. Life was as good as it got there and then! Lunch was at the Phoenix buffet.

After a long drive to Las Vegas, we checked into the Riveria a hotel which wasn't very desirable as it was away from the main area of The Strip. What to do? We quickly boarded the bus again and went on our Night tour. We visited Ceaser Palace for their show, photos at the Venetian (It of cos pales in comparison with the real Venice which Alan and I had been to on our honeymoon last June), watched the Bellagio (think George Clooney and Brad Pitt!) Water Fountain performance and had dinner at the Riveria. We opted out of the last night show as we were too exhausted to move but that night I could not sleep from 12am -4am. :P

Day 6
We woke up so early (430am) to go to Hoover Dam. The most memorable experience there was the stink of the portable loos lining up by the lone shop at the dam. Millions of tourist buses stop there each day and unload tourists who unload in the loos. I couldn't appreciate the beauty of the dam amist the stink ;p. The sky was a pretty blue and the clouds were like fluffs of cotton candy though. What a pretty sight! After a 2.5hour bus ride later, we arrived at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. God it was scorching hot there. I sizzled under the cruel rays of Mr Sun and was rewarded with more freckles whilst Alan merrily snapped away in the heat. We had a weird meal of minced pork and rice (ahaha provided by the tour lah) and then boarded the bus at 115pm to get back to the hotel. Because it was our last night together, we joined Helen the tour guide and the bus driver for a pricey dinner buffet at the Bellagio. for 30USD per pax, we savoured prime ribs, snow crabs, sashimi, etc etc and millions of cake. It was our most decadent meal in a long while....

Day 7

We woke up later and then checked ourselves outta the Riveria and into Harrah's. This was a more comfy hotel and in a much better location along The Strip. We took The Deuce to the Las vegas outlet centre and bought some stuff. it wasn't very exciting so we took 2 buses to the other end of the strip to Premium Outlets and spent the hour we had before the shops closed in FCUK.hahaha. For those who know Alan, you will know that he was in paradise in FCUK. Exhausted after a day of shopping, we took a cab back to harrah's and had dinner of beef steak and turkey with toast to end our day.

Day 8

After a starbucks bf downstairs, we walked towards Fashion Show Mall (or so we thought). We ended up at the Bellagio and because Fate had brought us there, Alan bought me a Tiffany N Co ring to mark the occasion. Ahhhh it's beautiful! In the end, we took the Deuce to the mall and were ABSOLUTELY AWED at the place. We didnt have much time but we scampered into Gap, Banana republic, Forever 21, Victoria Secrets and emerged victorious each time. We bought a Starbucks bear bear as well to commemorate our stay in Vegas, the City of Sin. we quickly rushed back (with loads of bags) to The Riveria where our shuttle bus picked us up and transported us to Anaheim Wynham hotel.

Day 9

We hurried to catch the 9am shuttle from our hotel to DISNEYLAND!!! Arriving at around 930am, we ventured into the different worlds - Toon Town, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Frontier Land.. I was ecstatic to take pictures with my idol - Winnie the Pooh- ahhaha and had other shots with Minnie and Goofy and Pluto. Alan was disappointed to have missed Mickey but caught a photo of him and Minnie on board the float during the 3pm parade. :) The fireworks were lovely but didnt include those of Mickey and Minnie- I had seen in HK Disney. But at least there were no unruly people from China spitting on the grounds and scolding vulgarities at people for standing up during the fireworks show. The lines were very short too as compared to HK and we managed to cover all the 'lands' and all of the exciting rides. hahaha the best ride, in our opinion was Splash Mountain but we ended up all wet and stinky after that. ahahhaa.

Day 10

Our ability to shop allowed us to even shop around our hotel area and we picked up some stuff for Jay Jay and our daughters. haha. After checking out of Anaheim, THE REAL ADVENTURE began. We collected the car from hertz and Alan managed to drive using Right Hand drive to Best Western Inn in Los Angeles. Reading the recommendations in Lonely Planet, we drove to Skooby's Hot Dogs nearby to sample their fare. I was disappointed when the "chilli" dog was doused in what we commonly know was satay sauce but the overall experience was great. Then, we walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame which sad to say was nothing to crow about. we headed next to Hollywood Highland mall and did some shopping (again) and then drove to Thai Town for an authentic thai food extravaganza. The General Noodles ( as recommended by Lonely Planet) was delicious and could feed an army and Alan's beef noodles were very tasty too. Overall, the tom yum gong was the best though!

Day 11

We woke up around 8am and had bf downstairs at the 101 Cafe (which had come highly recommended by a magazine). After piling on the calories, we drove to La Brea tar Pits and Page Museum. Both the pits and museum housed many fossils which had been preserved in the tar for centuries. Very interesting. We saw for the first time, mammoth skeletons, saber tooths bones etc etc.. The visit also took us outta the heat and sun. One would have thought that USA would be cooler because winter was approaching but shucks..there was an unexpected heat wave during the time we were there. ;p We headed to The Grove and Farmers' Market and had lunch at the renowned Cheesecake factory. We shared a shrimp pasta and a chocolate fudge cheesecake. MARVELLIOUS! Then, we walked to Samy's Camera where I picked up a Canon for Jean's birthday gift. Having nothing else better to do, we drove to Korea Town but decided against eating there because we were still stuffed from the late lunch. We packed some cup noodles back to the hotel for dinner.

Day 12

UNIVERAL STUDIOS!!! Need I say more??? Braving the intense heat, Alan and I flashed our Front of the Line passes and did all the major rides like the new Simpson's ride, Mummy returns, Jurrasic Park etc.. We watched shows such as Shrek, terminator and BackDraft too (where they showed us how to create fire). I liked the Animal Show very much but the most interesting one was the WaterWorld show where the pirates splashed water on the audience all in the name of fun! In between, we had a delicious lunch of bbqed chicken - the restaurant was in the shape of Flintstone's house and their kitchen was open-air in which they bbqed their meats. The air was filled with smoke and delicious aromas. After our fun-filled day, and taking photos with The Simpsons, Shrek and the princess etc, we bought a big bear with a sponge bob bag and hat and also the Gingerbread Man in shrek and then went to Universal Studios City Walk for dinner.We had Bubba Gump Shrimp a very fun and interesting family restaurant with very good seafood. We shared a meal of seafood - crab, clams, shrimps etc and were extremely contented after that. YUMMY! After dinner, we came across the setting up of the set of CSI and how much went into just a small scene. goodness! We grabbed icecreams from Ben n jerrys and then left for our hotel.

Day 13

LA was getting boring and we didnt know what else to do. So we headed to LA County Fair. It was your usual fair with smaller versions of rides like roller coasters and viking etc. there were countless hotdog stands and again the smell of bbqing meats filled the air. It was SO HOT that day and we had little mood to try anything but because of my sister Yvonne's recommendation, we tried Pink's hotdog. And after our try, we didnt see why they stood in line for 1.5hours. oopss To escape the heat, we went to the animal petting stations and dog park but the latter was really disappointing. At around 1pm, we decided to leave and drove to Rodeo Dr. That mall and the streets alongside it were really made for the Rich and Famous and alan and i took a few photos and left emptyhanded. hahaa. We headed to the Highland again and had a cuppa before seeing the red carpet being spread for the premier of The Express in the Graumman's Chinese theatre.Dinner was Shabu Shabu and delicious.

Day 14

Thankful to do something new, we checked out of Best Western and drove to check into Venice Beach Hotels and Suites, not before taking a photo of the Hollywood sign. before our check-in, we also checked out Beverly Centre and Banana Republic was 30% off! I bought my sunnies there finally - errr- and 2 tops!. The room was small and sandy and was a disappointment. In fact, all our hotels were very comfortable and cosy, except for this one. Anyway, thankfully, the location was great and the beach was at our doorstep. We walked down and caught the sunset on photo and soaked up the atmosphere. Sad to say, we couldn't help but feel alittle sorry insecure as there were many homeless folk roaming around. We bought back burgers for dinner in the hotel.

Day 15

We roused late and then walked to Abbot Kinely Avenue for a fine shopping experience ( as recommended by Lonely Planet). we were disappointed. haha. Butttt... we met some ex-Crescentians!! OMYTIANAH. The world is SO small! All 3 of them Indonesians were studying in LA. Good life siah! we picked up 2 collars (at a heart-aching price) from 2 nice gay store keepers - 1 for Jay Jay and 1 for Coco and then strolled pass a store which was giving away free icecreams (whoooohooo). We hit Fashion District after that but were surrounded by knock-offs and many mexicans... Didnt buy much.. not our cuppa ;p. Then, we headed to Robertson Boulevard and then to Santa Monica Pier. it was cold and foggy by the time we got there and we explored that area before queueing for a fantastic dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp. It made our day.

Day 16

we checked out from the hotel early (around 7) and drove to Barstow Tanger Outlet again. ahhaha. Alan bought his Coach handcarry luggage bag for a steal and I bought 3 pairs of Rockports for the price of 2! We did justice for Gap, Polo ralph and Old Navy as well and after a yummy KFC lunch (fastfood again??!), we drove 5.5 hours to Monterey Bay and checked into a gorgeous room with a fireplace... oooolalaaaaaa.Dinner was salad for me and a beef steak for Alan at the restaurant next door and they were both delicious!

Day 17

We went whale watching on a cruise in the bay from 9am to 130pm. Saw 5 humpbacks, sea lions, birds and the beautiful jelly fish etc... Lunch was comfort food at isabella's and it got us outside the dizzy spells subsided.. My cod melted in my mouth whilst Alan's seafood pasta was had huge 'toppings' of crab, clams, shrimp etc on it. The 17-mile drive was a beautiful experience and we stopped almost at every location to grab some shots. I bought Alan some items at Pebble beach where his idol, Tiger, plays. Then we went to check out Cannery Row and bought some groceries for dinner and bf the next day.

day 18

Checked out sadly of the monetery bay lodge hotel and then drove 45mins to Gilroy Premium outlets. hahahaha just when we thought we could not buy anymore..We hit SONY and I bought 3 more pairs of rockports. hahaha we picked up Fossil items as well and then drove to and checked into Wine Valley Lodge in Napa Valley. We visited Hess Collection Winery for wine tasting and after that had thai food in a cafe a few min's drive away. There was a small fair going on and we soaked in the sights and sounds too but it was getting dark and we made our way back to the hotel after a short while.

Day 19
We had a nice DIY breakfast in the hotel and then checked out at 10am to visit V. Sattui Wintery for wine tasting. We bought some stuff and picniced outside on the scenic lawn. The cheese went well with the ham and cheese sandwiches and chicken salad and we fed the birdies again. haahha. Next, we headed to Sutter Family Wineries were we picked up some small bottles of wine for souvenirs and personal consumption and Alan bought his boss a big bottle there too. The 6hr drive to SF was long and uneventful and we checked in at Coventry Motor inn in the early evening. We then quickly headed to Union Square. Alan bought Oakleys and then we had dinner at the Bow Hon restaurant in Chinatown again. Talk about Deja vu.

Day 20

we got up very late and then went to the Twin Peaks. It was very foggy so we left and then visited some pet shops nearby and bought our son more pressies. ahhaha. We went to Tokyo Town to have ramen lunch and then bought some stuff at Peace Plaza Ichiban Home wares (as recommended by LP again). We followed that up by Alamo square (postcard picturesque Victorian houses) and chatted with a Spanish teacher and his group of students there in the park. We went up to the Twin Peaks again and by then the fog had cleared. :) Alan insisted on driving to the Golden Gate Bridge next again but it was foggy and drizzling by the time we got there. So, what did we do? Shop again! We went to Union Square and changed Alan's Oakley cap (which was a size too small)... and then bought some Ghiaradelli chocos as souvenirs. Then, in Westfield mall, I bought sea salt body scrub and a manicure kit all made with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea. Our last dinner in USA, that night, was Korean clam noodles soup in the foodcout. Then we headed back to the hotel to try to squeeze everything we had bought into our 4 luggages.

Day 21

Our last morning in USA...we drove again to the crookiest street and then had a quick bf in a cafe. Did I mention that americans make the nicest hot chocolate??? yumz. Anyway, we drove to the SFO and returned the car to hertz. I indignantly paid USD3 to rent a trolley to ferry our bags on board the sky train to the international flights terminal. Our flight SQ15 was at 1415 and we had a stop over at Seoul before we arrived in Changi Airport at 1am on 5 October 2008.
Somethings we've learnt:

1. there are many fisherman's wharves in USA.

2. San franciscans are generally friendlier than people in LA.

3. Disneyland service people are friendlier than service personnel in universal studios.

4. usa is a coupon country- u can get discounts for almost anything with coupons. (e.g. outlet mall discounts, ripley believe it or not museum discounts, wax museum discounts, city tour discounts etc)

5. there are many poor people in usa. many homeless roaming the streets.

6. american tv programmes are very trashy. alot of reality programmes, sell-a-vision etc.

7. dont trust everything lonely planet tells u. to each his / her own.

8. mac donald's burgers are very tastless and dry in america ironically.

9. try not to sit next to a huge indian man on your 17-hour flight onboard the plane.

10. that it's possible your husband can buy more clothes than u can but u can always win him in the shoes department.

11. u dont need front of the line passes (which cost USD30/head more) during lull seaons.

12. it is possible to have more freckles on my face than I originally had.

13. coffee in usa (in starbucks n the likes) costs a fraction of what it does in spore n therefore will taste better (even though it's only in the mind).

14. Fate is a good excuse to get a Tiffany.

15. Shop in vegas- they have slightly cheaper taxes.

16. one should not shop for branded goods anywhere else except in america. therefore, i will stop shopping for the next few years at least. ehhhhhhh YOU- Stop ROLLING YOUR EYES!!!?!!

17. There are no money changers in USA so bring enuff cash!

18. Although people say Asians can order one meal and share it by two at least, Alan and I can finish one meal each and enjoy an additional appetiser as well. burpz

19. Batman may not be available for photos as he was in Knott Berry Farm whilst we were at Universal Studios.

20. Check schedule of PussinBoots when visiting Universal Studio- he may be in the Carribean on holiday.

21. Don't pinch Bart Simpson- he may be liable to push you in the arm roughly.

22. Have coins available for street parking meters. (approximately 1 quarter (25c lah) for 5 to 10mins, depending on the street).

23. Wines are cheaper than coffee in Napa. Visit Napa Valley and check coupons (again) for free tasting.

24. hair becomes softer in usa. i like~

25. Common breeds of dogs in America - pugs, strays, mongrels, 'cai4 gou3'.

26. America is a dog friendly place - they have many parks. Dogs can go shopping in the malls in LA. Like I saw one in Forever21 boutique!!??

27. try not to sign credit and pay everything in cash if possible. the exchange rate stinks.

28. it is a tipping country - tip at least 10% of your bill to prevent leftover veges thrown into your face.

29. rockports are so cheap there. you can buy 2 get 1 free wor.

and lastly:

30. Even though Elaine can see Tony Leung's ass in Hongkong, one may not be lucky enuff to see Tom Cruise's butt in LA.

The End.