Friday, December 5, 2008

TGIF Babies!

It's mid-afternoon on a Friday afternoon and I am waiting for my two tuition classes to commence. I can't believe it's Friday. Time seems to be flying by... I am sure the teachers agree with me. Their hard-earned holiday is almost coming to an end???!!! Poor, poor dears... Embrace the hols whilst you can! :D

Anyway, apart from allowing the day to idle past, Alan and I have been stuffing our faces with HK DVDs. we've just finished watching a 22-episode series called Last One Standing and now have started on Forensic Heroes II. Ahhhh... eye candy is always welcomed, especially for the bored women. hahaha.

I am waiting for my family to join my idleness is a few days time. On Sunday, Jean and Mum will arrive by coach at Corus Hotel and we will pick them up at around 2pm, marking the beginning of a One Week KL Extravaganza- filled with lotsa good food, fantastic opportunities to help the economy in Malaysia and body-soothing goodness (read: massages / facials etc).

Last night (4 Dec) we went to the Shang to celebrate Hayden's 6th birthday. We had an international buffet at Lemon Garden- oysters /abalone etc etc.. Yumz. we even brought home half of his chocolate birthday cake. :D

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