Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pamper Me Silly!

I woke up and hurried to get ready (after Alan went to work happily with his sandwich breakfast and cholestrol-reducing tea). I was off for a day of PAMPERING!
Deciding that I looked too much like a housewife - pls see tags- I wanted a new do to refresh myself.
I headed to Cres for a 2hour session of electrifying slimming, whitening body scrub and hydro milk bath (all of which I had won in a lucky draw!) and then grabbed some sushi for lunch and strode to La Mode to see Bill.
After debating, on the hairdresser's chair about whether to (a) chop off my locks and look young again, (b) please the husband and keep long hair and get it rebonded and (c) get a tudung and wrap it aruond my face, both hairstylist and customer decided on (a).
I sat patiently in the chair whilst Bill chopped off my shoulder length locks and shaped my hair into a high bob. Then, it was brunette-time! My colour had faded miserably and I told Bill to recolour it red again. ahahaha. Lastly, I started on the treatment and steaming. Throughout, the girl who washed my hair (a few times during the entire process) gave me good massages and rubs. ahhhhh..
Almost 4 hours later, I stepped outta the salon light-headed...literally. hehehee.

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