Friday, May 22, 2009

Mum's Place

We went to visit our ID consultant again in the evening today all the way in PJU. While the discussion was fruitful, we were left starving when we were about to leave (at 730pm)and asked for recommendations for a place to have a good dinner.
The Thai restaurant Mum's Place was suggested and we strolled over there to find that it was a huge restaurant with interesting decor and great service. We ordered a Tom Yum Seafood soup for two, a big fried fish with special belachan sauce, Portugese Devil Curry and a vegetable and tucked in merrily when the food came in a jiffy. We shared a thai water chestnut and red ruby at the end of our meal and went home satisfied but Rm112 poorer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday 20 May 2009

To protect my baby (and because I was feeling lazy), I cancelled my class with my coughing-student and had the whole day off to myself. I wasn't feeling very well also and had woken up with a headache. Hopefully, I am not coming down with something..

We went out for a late dinner this evening as Alan had come up very late from work again. So it was Robson's for dinner. And we satisfied our cravings for Curry Fish Head and also had a claypot filled with abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms and vegetables. Delicious. The bill? A mere RM50.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jay Jay's EXAM!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Late this morning, we left for Taman Desa with bated breath to send Jay Jay for his pre-novice examination. We were pretty tensed as we didn't really train Jay Jay for this and we hoped that he would at least pass and if better get a good grade.

Mr Khoo, the examiner did not turn up at the stipulated 1145am time slot but at 1215pm but by then Jay Jay was already bored and restless. hahaha Poor fella. It was pretty hot, for the Pregnant Mama as well so we were all relieved when the examiner turned up.

Jay Jay did his sit-stay and down-stay perfectly and I was relieved. The heel work was OK and I remembered to walk slowly and not halt instantaneously, giving Jay Jay some time to keep up. At the Recall section, he needed a bit of encouragement to come to me but he did the "Finish"part (moving from his seat in front of me to my left hand side) perfectly. Mr Khoo also praised him for his anticipation of my moves and good response. :D Yay!

In the end, our best little second son emerged with 94 / 100 marks! Woweee!

In the evening, after bathing the two little ones, and in celebration of Jay Jay's excellent results (that's just an excuse), Alan and I went to Victoria Station in Damansara to have dinner. We followed the GPS and it brought us there without a hitch. We were also excited to see many other restaurants in that area and vowed to come again to explore the vicinity :D

My Chilli Mexican Soup paled in comparison to Alan's usual choice of Cream of Mushroom Soup and so did my main course of Lamb and Salmon Combo. Alan had his usual beef (t-bone this time) and I polished off all my greens and his as well.

We went back to watch a dvd of Dragon Tiger Gate which bored the hell outta The Husband. haha.