Saturday, October 25, 2008

A long Saturday

25 October 2008 (Saturday)
Alan and I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday. I guess it's the very hectic last few days - Alan working, me entertaining family and friends. :)
After popping some pills last evening, we woke up this morning groggy and lethargic at almost 11am.
We left for Petsmore to return the very huge cage we bought to accomodate Jay Jay and Coco so that they can co-exist harmoniously. However, because we had read online (only after buying the cage of cos) that both dogs need their own space, we decided to return the big cage and get a smaller one for Coco instead.
Lunch was Ipoh Horfun.
We headed next to MVMM and had a cuppa at Starbucks whilst waiting for our 4pm facial appointment at New York Skin Solutions. After the treatment, it was almost 7pm and we headed home to pick up Jay Jay to bring him for a car ride.
Alan had to pay bills at HSBC and also UOB. Along the way, the maciks smiled shyily at Jay jay and the Indian tourist children squealed with delight when Jay Jay tried to greet them with bushy tail.
Our dinner was settled at Maluri Queenspark where we brought Jay Jay to the store we had bought him from. We had bakuteh.

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