Thursday, December 10, 2009

Japanese Dinner

To quell the cravings, Alan took me to eat a Japanese dinner. We went to our favourite hangout at Taman Desa and ordered and ordered and ordered.
I had an unagi set (cos I had heard that unagi increases the supply of breast milk :P) and Alan had a plate of sashimi. We shared seafood soup in a claypot and also unagi sushi and soy peas. We washed everything down with a vanilla and red bean milkshake. YUMZ And after dinner, we visited Alan's Best Friend's Shop! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SMILE and the WORLD smiles with YOU

ohhhhhhhh this is so exciting. We JUST discovered last night (or shld I say early this morning) that Ethan can S-M-I-L-E in response to what we do already. ahahaha For the past 5+, 6 weeks of his life, his so-called 'smiles' were merely muscular twitches. But in the wee hours of this morning, when Alan blew hot air onto his belly, he gave Alan a BIG BRIGHT GRIN. hahaha. And now, he bestows upon us sweet smiles when he is happy with the things we do - e.g. sing / talk to him etc. hahaha. SO so cute lah.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Please Vote:

Topic of the Day: Should We Shave Ethan's Head?

Please enter your votes via the 'comments' button. "YES" - I think he looks damn weird with his long but sparse locks. "NO" - That's an inhumane thing to do. How would YOU like if someone shaved you bald??!
Vote NOW and stand a chance to win one out of twenty soiled (Winnie the PooPoo) diapers! Thank you for your kind participation. Stay Tuned for the results....

Sleepless in KL

OMG. Yet another sleepless night (or should I say wee hours of the morning). Yesterday, I did everything 'right'. I put Ethan to bed for a long nap from around 5 to 630pm. That's his usual routine. And then he fell asleep in front of the tv again in the evening. En carried him up to me at around 1130pm and I was hopeful because that timing followed his 'usual routine'.

After feeding, Ethan promptly fell asleep for all of one minute or so and then started wailing again. This behaviour (feed - fall asleep for v short while - wail-feed- fall asleep for v short while ...) lasted from 1130pm till 330am. OMFG.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't Jinx It!

Yesterday , whilst on the phone with my MIL, I replied her question that Ethan is "very guai, I can't complain" when she asked me how he was behaving. And true enough, that very night itself, everything went haywire.

Actually, it all started in the day time - the little rascal didn't get a good nap like he normally does. So he fell fast asleep at 8pm whilst I watched Kungfu Panda and Shrek the Third on HBO in peace. and then didn't wake up at his usual 1130pm time slot. After waiting and waiting, I decided to carry him upstairs at around 1215am.

He had a quick feed then and then went back to sleep. BUT, at 3+am, Ethan woke up. and was STARVING. He fed and fed and fed and wouldn't stop, even after vomitting milk a couple of times. Kept crying for MORE MORE , MUMMY MORE! Hence, I got a sprained neck (from climbing in and outta bed) and a sleepless night. It was only around 6+am did he decide that enough was enough and fall back into a deep sleep. OMG.
Both of us woke up at around 10+am and I just lay spreadeagle in bed without the energy to pull myself up. Until En knocked to say she was going to the market. Definitely NOT before helping me bathe Ethan!!