Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day "At the Movies"!

HELLO AGAIN! I realised I have stopped blogging for a while.. Think it's because there is hardly anything interesting to update about. Life has officially reached stagnation. Just read Daniel Wu's blog. Oh yes, he has one. And his pretty galfriend, Lisa, too. Their lives are so much more interesting, jetting around the world. Oh well, how to compare? ;p

Yesterday, I practically spent the 3/4s of the day in front of the TV. My saga started with Stomp The Yard, as inspirational movie about a black kid trying to forget the past and reclaim his life and then Perfect Stranger followed and I watched Halle Berry seduce the almost bald Bruce Willis. After a short siesta , I decided to tune in to half an episode of CSI Miami and then hopped into the kitchen to cook dinner.

Pork Rib and prawn mee suar soup, steamed prawns and steamed pomfret were served promptly to the Starving Husband and then, after dinner, he proposed we watch a DVD - 10 Promises to My Dog.

It was a very touching and sad Japanese movie about how a girl, whilst growing up and faced with other commitments, gradually forgot her 10 promises she had made 10 years ago to her lil Golden Retriever. Awwwwwww

-spoiler- As the 10 year old dog curled up and waited for the now not so little girl's return home to die, tears started streaming down my cheeks. Sigh. I wonder if Ash feels the same sadness at him being neglected and abandoned? Ash watching TV with his dad.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Pictures in Mama sayang

Here are some pictures taken in Mama Sayang-the orphanage in Jakarta, kindly taken by Mike and Jev, the children's caretakers and family. ;) They brought back lovely memories of the Christmas last year, which ALan and I spent meaningfully with the all children and our daughter, Melisa. How I wish we can visit them again soon!


Monday 23 March 2009

Oh how delightful - I Had no lessons today.

Alan came back a tad earlier and we went to Jln Kuchai Lama to select our tiles for the living room area. After that, we headed to SS2 to take a look at this shop called "A Piece of Art"- all their products there were Balinese and I actually saw a few items which we had seen in Bali and which of course , in the shop, had been marked up.
We spotted a swing which would be perfect in our patio and it cost around Rm3K. Didn't buy it yet - no hurry. Their items are beautiful and very much to our taste.
Dinner was a sinful one at the nearby hawker centre. There were so many stalls open (as compared to when we last hit SS2 for lunch). On our dinner table lay charsiew cheecheong fun, pigs organs soup, prawn noodles soup, 2 pohpiahs and 1 small grilled stingray with sambal. Ooohhhh. MU HiGgHhh.. Then , after polishing everything off their plates, we sweated it out in the pasar malum and quelled the urge to buy durians.

Yet another delightful weekend

I realise I only update my blog on the weekend activities nowadays. ahahha. getting lazier and lazier...ok I promise to update more ok?

Friday 20 March 2009

We went, after my tuition, to Mid Valley for dinner. Did a quick one at the food court where we gobbled down chicken chop with mushroom sauce (spelt SOS in Malaysia) and a weird and watery cream of chicken soup. Then headed to pick up our tickets and popcorn and to watch The International.

The movie put Alan to sleep whilst I, excited to get out of the house at last, tried to stay focus. Too bad Clive Owen is nothing much to oogle about.. ;p Esp when the lower part of his ear got shot off and was dripping blood..

Saturday 21 March 2009

We woke up late and then headed to the Mid Valley Home furnishing fair. Wow What alot of things to buy for our new house! We picked up a Dunliop Bed which was previously going for RM16K at a steal. Amongst our purchases were a mobile stainless steel clothes rack, laminated timbre flooring for the rooms on the upper floor, etc etc.

By the time we headed out, it was at least 3 hours later and I was EXHAUSTED. We grabbed dinner and then left for home.

Sunday 22 March 2009
The usual Sunday was to bring the dogs for training from 830-1030 and this Sunday wasn't an exception. We received a flyer during the training session of a cafe which opened itself to dog owners and their pups and we had our brunch their with Coco and Jay2 in tow.

Alan had a weird Sarawak laksa whilst I had tomato noodles which would have been better if the noodles had not been deep fried to begin with. After that, we popped in at Dogroomz opposite the cafe to say HI to Liz and her friends before heading for home.

I crashed on the sofa for a cool two hours whilst Alan battled monster after monster in Resident Evil and then after that, we left for Mid Valley again at 3+pm. Our tea was a chicken pao for me and Alan had two half-boiled eggs and some toast at ToastBox. It's not fair!

We went back to the fair and emerged with a package for lights at Alfro and also a namecard for polished tiles flooring for our living room downstairs.

Bangsar was next to pick up stuff at the pasar malum and TMC and after that we had dinner at this delightful cafe which sold great meals. Alan had a prawn cocktail, a beef tenderloin and a cheesecake for RM33 and I had a cabonara for Rm14.80. Nice!

Home Sweet Home.