Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are going to visit our Daughter!

oK, so the REAL tai tai cancelled tuition (again) today because she was rushing to the hospital to see a relative. and my appointment schedule is free until 6-8pm. Ahhhh.. I've been kicking back and relaxing (since when haven't I been- u'd say?) after the silly interview. Now I'm hooked on this game I play on the iPhone. ahahhaha China Mahjong... ahhhhh. I play it with three "uncles" and I am one old man as well.. For those who enjoy this game and who have iPhones, go and download! it's addictive! Hahhaha I no need 3 other people, a mahjong set and a table anymore! Hahahaha.
Btw, I think I haven't mentioned but Alan & I will be spending X'mas in Jakarta. O yeah. We are going to visit our daughter in the orphanage there. Remember Melissa? :) We will leave on 24th afternoon, once Alan knocks off and joins me at the LCCT and fly Air Asia to Jakarta.
Hopefully, on this trip, we will get to meet Gary and also Hema as well! Hahah We can't meet our other daughter (ginna #1) already since she is so busy and will be jetting around asia during her hols :P
I am looking forward to this trip and I think it will be special because we will be spending 2 nights in Mama Sayang, the orphanage there. Check out this website: for more details.
I think the weekend before we leave, I will also want to go down to Ti-ratana as well, to give out some lil goodies to spread the x'mas cheer. ;D What do you think?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello hello... I wasted my Monday morning showing up for an interview for which the interviewer had absolutely NO INTENTION of employing me. ahhahaha. fuck.

I showed up early for the interview (scheduled at 10) at 940am and the p kept me waiting till 1045am. :P
After I was ushered into the room and before I could even sit down, the first thing he said to me was "actually we don't hire teachers with no training and teaching experience in Primary School". hahahaha.
I was like ???!!??? then why the hell did you even call me in for an interview? Luckily I didn't sit at home the whole weekend preparing hor! Anyway, the long and short of it was that he pointed me in the direction of afew other schools and encouraged me to give him an email if I needed any advice. O well...

Looks like the Tai Tai is here to stay... muahahahahah.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Weekend

I was supposed to prepare dilligently for the interview tomorrow over this weekend. I'll let u be the judge of whether I had...

On Saturday, yesterday, we woke up late and then went for dimsum breakfast at Jalan Imbi. Oooo We havent been there in a while and e'thing tasted marvellious. I treated Alan becos I had a wad of RM50 in my wallet untouched (from tuition) and we ate and ate and chalked up Rm80 bill! hahahhaa. The PIGS!

Then, we decided that going back too early was just gonna spoil the weekend, so we headed to Sungei Wang so that I could make a pair of spectacles (Rm509- There was a motive for treating him to bf afterall) and Alan could buy his PS3 game. hahaha. We also bought more stuff from Alan's best friend and then headed home exhausted. We arrived home at 4pm.

Ahhhhh.. I tried... I really did... to prepare for the interview and played model answers in my head to potential questions.. until dinner time (early 6pm). We checked out this jap rest near our place suggested by Alan's colleague and were sorely disappointed. My sukiyaki (I only order that when i eat jap) was miserable in portions and the beef was overcooked. Alan's orders did not tantalise the tastebuds too.

Then it was back home to stone again until I suggested watching a DVD - GHOST HOUSE, a Thai movie that did not do justice to the title. I mean, there was no horror, and no ghost also. My tian ah. AND The sex scene between a thai hunky and a middle-aged lady was just WRONG. yiKeS!

It was 1am when we went to bed.

Sunday 16 Novemember 2008
We brought the two doggies down for a walk in the garden - that's our weekly ritual. This was Coco's first time out of the house (we can't bring him around because he hasn't even had his 2nd jab) and he was sniffing around for a while before he settled on the ledge to stone. Jay Jay was busier and marked his territory a couple of times and barked at a Chinese man and a security guard.

After that, I tried again to prepare for my interview but soon it was time to shower. We had lunch at the Gardens and tried the (very good) Shilin oyster meesuar (the same franchise from spore too) and the shilin chicken.
Then we went to MPH to buy some folders for my interview tomorrow (finally - some preparation!) and also to had a drink at the CB.
Lastly, we headed to Jusco to pick up "grapes" but as per normal, ended up with a whole trolley of stuff.

Then, it was HOME sweet HOME.