Saturday, December 20, 2008

an X'mas greeting and HELLO aunty and uncle!

Today was a very fulfilling day - I accomplished more today then I did in the past one week!

After serving breakfast to two dogs and one husband, I proceeded to hand wash the clothes in the laundry basket - something I had been putting off for a VERY LONG TIME. :P Then, we went out to Mid valley. On the way downstairs, I checked the letter box and discovered to my surprise I had received a X'mas card and a lil' pressie from my dear friend Elaine! Thanks sweetie! It sure feels great to be remembered, even when 'so far' away! hahhaha. Love!!

A New York Skins solution facial from 1230 to 230pm first. n by that time, we were starving! We headed to the restaurant we had discovered last night - Prince cafe. It serves HK, Thai, Shanghai, Jap and Korean cuisine at low prices and has a nice ambiance as well! Ahhh I forgot to mention that with our OUB credit card, we qualify for a further 10% discount off the total bill! OOOlala!

After my borcsh soup and thai fried beehoon and alan's yummt sphagetti and mushroom soup (and our yuan yang) we quickly headed to MVMM to pick up our tickets to Beverly Hills Chihuahua. hahaha What a nice show! The cute lil doggies and a touching story were very much appreciated and at least there were no were fellas sitting next to me - I was sitting in btw a wall and my husband! :D

After the movie, we had an hour or so to burn so we went a-walking. I picked up some stuff for Aunty florence and Uncle Patrick - some cookies and a packet of Jap green tea and then we headed to Secret recipe's entrance to meet them.

Auntie Florence is my daddy's eldest sister and Uncle Patrick is her husband, a Sabahan. Anyway, we exchanged presents (all were food items) and then Alan and I brought them to have a good meal at Robson's. Herbal chicken, steamed fish, (fish maw, seacucumber, mushrooms and vege) and also a stir-fried kai lan. YUMZ!

We brought auntie and uncle home to introduce them to our sons and also check out our humble abode. At approximately 930pm, we sent them back to Hotel Istana at Bukit Bintang. :D

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