Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's Saturday 1 November. Happy Halloween! I forgot to mention that on 24 Oct Fri, we accompanied Hayden to a Halloween party in his school. Our dear god son dressed up as Darth Vader and his friend Prakash went as a sloppy spiderman.

Anyway, boy are we tired. We came back home, not too long ago. We had left the two little brothers at home and fled out to watch a movie and relax. We watched The Coffin a somewhat touching and initial chilling movie. But because our tolerance for horror is very high, we got bored from the second half of the flick, even though the girl next to me was hiding her face in her hands.
After the movie, we went a-shopping and Alan bought his much coveted MacBook Pro. It's a sleek and very slim and sexy laptop which he has started to caress non-stop hahaha. :D
We went to Klang Lama Petsmore (again) to collect Coco's waterfeeder and Jay Jay's bowl. Then we headed to Central shopping mall with the intention of picking up a clothes rack (since ours is almost perchak already). We discovered a mini vege n fruits market on the ground floor- interesting - and picked up some vege to last me a few dinners next week, since Alan would be meeting clients, suppliers and whats not almost all of next week. :P
We quickly headed for home, only to find our youngest furry son whining at the top of his voice.:(

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is TERRIBLE! Our cute lil pup is a TERROR. He chases Jay Jay around the house (of cos after Jay Jay had been antagonistic towards him) baring his lil barely formed teeth and bites me (and papers, wires, Jay's toys etc etc) maliciously. I don't remember Ash or Jay Jay being THIS BAD. and you can't even blame me for spoiling him!!! Tian ahhh.. did we choose wrongly??? What a price to pay!Now he is wrestling with his toy elephant in his minute cage and whining at the top of his voice for me to let him out. *faint*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pee Boy in Penang

Welcome Home Coco Tan!

We drove 3+hours to Penang to collect our third son- Coco Tan Shu Shu. He is a West Highland White terrier born to champion breed parents and from Penang. He likes to (a) shu shu and (b) bite the finger that feeds him. :P
We drove up on Monday morning and arrived almost half dead at Irene's. After choosing our son, we left to check into G Hotel. Ahhhh what a lovely and spanking new hotel. Very big recep cum lounge area and the room was cosy but huge and very modern. I loved the toilet which was positively sparkling and the bath tub overlooked the Straits of Melaka.
We gobbled down a quick lunch at Gurney Plaza (just next door) at a taiwanese cafe which served up a mean beef noodles and green tea. Then we strolled around the plaza and Alan watched an Ah Seng drift a 1000RM toy car in the middle of the mall. We contemplated on getting a massage but decided to head back to the room for a fiesta instead because we were absolutely exhausted.
We awoke and headed to Gurney Drive where a long stretch of hawker food stalls greeted us. Not very hungry, we shared a penang char kOay teow and a mee dry before heading to the pasar malum a few km away. We updated our collection of stuff from Alan's NEW best friend and then went down the hill again in search of seafood.
Stopping at Oriental seafood and realising that the price for crabs was an unbelievable RM60/kg, we headed back to Gurney Drive for the tao huay I was craving for. It was smooooth and delicious and utterly satisfying. Alan had also ordered sambal sotong, stingray and also corn and some fried pancakes but I did not have a good appetite because I was too bothered by my flu. What a pity!

28 October
We pigged out at the hotel restaurant and then made our way to Irene's again to pick Shu Shu up. We headed to HSBC for Alan to check on the security systems of one of the branches and then had a yucky coffee at a HK cafe nearby before embarking on our drive back to KL. We arrived at 4PM and then introduced Ah Kow to Shu Shu - thankfully no (cat) fight broke out. ;p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loh's Wedding

Went to a wedding dinner tonight that was slated to start at "7pm sharp"- I quote. But of cos, it didn't start till 835pm. I shall never, ever trust the 'sharp' word again. We sat at a "Singapore table" again and Alan was reunited with his army mate, Ken. haha. The world is v small. I got to know ken's wife - a taitai based in Shanghai and Shirley a nice and chatty gal whom I got along very well with.