Friday, February 29, 2008

Updating that there's nothing to be updated.

The title of this entry says it all. I have been sick for the longest time and have been spending my days alternating between coughing violently (with lungs almost about to be coughed out) and feeling high and heading to bed (because of the cough suppressant syrup). Poor Jay Jay and Alan have been very neglected and abandoned. Sorry babies! :(

How's Singapore nowadays? What with the escape of the loo-going JI militant leader, I am sure security must be even tighter than before. Such news really worries me. My god, Singapore? I really cannot imagine our safe haven being thrust into a state of disarray. Perhaps I am being too melodramatic. I digress...into a _coughing fit_

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have a Bug and his name is Flu!

Hi dearies...

I have been down with the flu bug since Sunday night and today, I finally dragged myself to the doctor's at Mid Valley Mega mall. The consultation, antibiotics, cough suppressant, lozenges, flu tablets and panadol cost me Rm55! Apparently it's considered quite cheap already. Wow malaysians here must make sure that they seldom fall sick cos' a visit to the doc's is quite painful in all aspects of the word!!!

I hit MPH for 10% off offers and manage to grab 2 books useful for me to teach English to adults in Malaysia. hahaha. There's a market for it here and I might as well capitalise on it! I also bought the GM a dictionary for the office place.

Then I took a cab from MVM to KLCC to meet Alan and the guys for Vantage Point. We had a quick dinner at the food court. I felt feverish again so I popped my pills. The movie was quite interesting but should have been named Deja Vu. hahaha Watch it to understand the reason for my comment.

Then we proceeded to Lanson Place to collect old letters. And yes, all my previous mail has been lost in the ineffectual mail system here in KL. ;P Sorry Peiting! and soon it was home sweet home.

Monday, February 25, 2008

5 D 5 N in HongKong

The Hong Kong Experience

Hello all. We are back in hazy KL. I shall update our Hong Kong experience in this entry whilst sipping my hot green tea and nursing my sore throat, stuffy nose and pounding head.

Yes, I have a bug and his name is FLU. let's just blame it on the incessant rain and the cold winds in Hong Kong. ;p

We stayed all 5 nights in The Kowloon Hotel, a hotel I had stayed in before (btw, this was my 4th trip to HK). It was a comfortable stay (thank god they have refurbished and renovated!!) and not an unpleasant experience although the room was very, very, very small. let's put it this way - with the double bed in the bedroom, there wasn't even enough space to open our modest suitcase all the way! But my memory of my previous stay to The Kowloon hotel was etched firmly by the faint blood stains splattered on the toilet door. So I was pretty thankful that nothing like that was seen on this particular trip.


We frequented this Macau restaurant thru' out our stay in HK as it was but a stone's throw away and served up authentic and delicious fare. After the 5th day, I had already tried roasted pigeon (forgive me bird lovers!), portugese egg tarts, pork and oyster congee, chicken congee, macaroni with pork chop and luncheon meat and ham, and their famous yuen yang (coffee and tea mix). Very affordable and very tasty!

Possibly every restaurant that we tried (including the tea cafes) whipped by dishes that did not disappoint. Wantan noodles, beef balls, goose, soup, beef steak etc warmed our bellies and tightened our waistlines.

We tried Yum Cha in afew different restaurants as well and in one, with his fluent cantonese, my husband befriended a loving and sweet couple, possibly in their 60s who were sharing our table. I could barely understand a word they were saying but my eyes twinkled when the lady said I was 'leng'. Ahhhh Praise is an international language. hahaha. ;)

We hunted high and low for smelly fermented beancurd stalls in the streets stalls. There were a few in Mongkok and we savoured the chou4 dou4 fu4 in the , dipping it into the bean sauce and chilli. Hahaha. the things people eat!

It was my 1st time at Victoria Peak and the night view was breath-taking. Of course, the experience would have been more appreciated if there were fewer PRCs pushing and shoving and if the haze that had smogged the buildings was removed by divine intervention.

Desserts were a must and I would strongly recommend a visit or more to Hui Liu Shan. Do try the hashima and birds nests! Alan appreciated his ripe mangoes that came in many different forms (in fried balls, icecream, frozen and shaved etc). My favourite -hashima served on papaya was a delicious and healthy treat!


Shopping in HK was a less pleasant experience.

On the 3rd day, I went out early in the morn to Causeway Bay and returned home in the early evening, exhausted and empty-handed. hahaha When Alan was indisposed (his was a working trip, rem?), I took the convenient and clean MTR to MongKok station and had a spent some HKD at my favourite Argyle Centre and Ladies' street.

My suitcase, in the end, only contained 1 top and 1 pair of pants but many cutesy stuff (for The Ginna and my tuition kids etc) We hit Victory Avenue (mongkok) over the weekend for jay jay and Ash as well and came home with a huge strawberry bed, a carrier bag, 4 sets of clothes and shoes for our sons. Shopping for doggies was definitely much more satisfying!

Alan bought a intricately carved chess set at a steal and I also bought a small MJ set (complete with suede table) from the markets! Hahahhaa. Any takers??? Now there will be MORE ENTERTAINMENT when friends come to visit! (0_0)v Pong 4 ahhhhhhh! We also purchased a beautifully drawn buddha to be framed and displayed in our home.


We debated and debated and decided to drop LanTau from our itinery as I had already been there before and Alan's schedule was pretty tight. So the only places boasting of nice sights were The Peak and also Star Avenue. The latter was visited on the last morning of our trip (just before we checked out). And of course, the weather wasn't the most sunny and condusive for photography. Nevertheless, the D300 was whipped out and shots were taken of the harbour to capture the moment.

We also visited the famous Wong tai Sin temple and asked for blessings, jostling with the millions of Chinese on their knees and begging for favours. The smoke generated would put Sumatra's forest fires to shame and soon my eyes started to water. The Ocean Park was a good experience. No long queues like Disneyland and quite a few fun rides. I went up on the Abyss which raises you to the skies and then you plummet to what feels like your definite death. Ahhhhh that did make my heart pump a little but surprisingly I did not screech out in fear.

All in all, the HK trip was quite fun sans the shopping. I probably will not return in the near future though. Too much city-dwelling for me already - What with S'pore / KL.

Alan after a long day out with clients in HK.

hahahhaa. I have ceased to survive and now am LIVING!

spoiler - next on the cards will be diving lessons and also a visit to taiwan :D

The End