Saturday, November 8, 2008


We have just returned from Hayden's "three storey house" where Shirene whipped up a good meal in the kitchen. We had seafood sphagetti and mushroom and spinach salad , avocada dip and crackers etc etc. and yes, chardonney. i like!
But I have a headache now though.
Btw, we went to The Gardens just now and bought an ozone vege and meat washer - one for the Kuas (for housewarming) and one for us. I saw the demo. The 3 slices of chicken were soaked in the bubbling oxegenated water and after 15mins, voila! The dirty and evil deposits were all floating on the surface of the bubbling waters. Wah damn scary.
Anyway, whatever bubbled in the waters can last for ard 3 weeks in the fridge! amazing, but true! And I intend to use the water to wash my face as well. hahahaha. Home spa.
ok lah. enuff said.. I am having a headache. going to sleep now.
tata now.

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