Friday, April 3, 2009

My Friday

Friday 3 April 2009

It's scary that April has started. We are almost into the middle of the year!!! Where has the time gone? Well, today passed quite quickly as well with Alan picking me up for a quickie lunch at Mac's and then it was off to our new house we went.

We met a valuer, our fengshui master and her assistant and our ID and her colleague there at 2+pm. The house apparently has very good fengshui already and we just need a bit of tweaking here and there to make it more suitable for us to reside in.

Once that was over, we headed over to Bangsar Village for a Vanilla Sunrise and a banana muffin and then popped to TBM to look at their Pioneer TV sets and sound systems to compare prices. Then we scrambled home (with me taking a power nap in the car) for my tuition with Dania from 6-8pm.

After the class which was mainly used for counselling today, Dania headed home whilst I went out for a steamboat dinner with Alan at Taman Desa.

Shunjuku Incident @ KL

After pining for many moons, I finally got to watch the above movie last night.

Alan picked me up and we headed to the food court first for dinner. My thai food didn't disappoint, as usual but Alan's Aglio Olio was dismal in terms of portion. So after polishing off that small plate, he headed to the Teppanyaki stall and ordered a salmon and beef combo hahaha.

Shunjunku Incident started off rather well but slowly tapered into one of Jackie Chan's more boring work. I felt it sorely lacked action and impact and Daniel Wu *sigh* didn't save the show with his weird hairdos. ;p It lasted a long 2 hours though - enough to make up for us paying for extremely expensive seats at The Gardens.

After reading a newspaper article, I also found out that Jackie chan's naked scene (in the hot bath) and bed scene had also been cut. haha not that it mattered though.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

back-breaking work

Monday 30 March 2009

We visited the Pantai Medical Centre and waited and waited for the doc to come. He finally turned up at 1030am for our 0930 appt but had a very valid reason. After the check up was done and pic was taken, we hurried downstairs to the starbucks for our brunch. I was so starving by then and polished off a chicken and mushroom sandwich and a caramel hot chocolate.

After that, we decided that instead of heading home to sleep for a while, time would be better spent at MVMM. We roamed around and ran some errands and then Alan headed for a traditional thai massage at B2 to cure his headache.

Late for our appt with the lawyers one hour later, we zoomed (and got lost ) to Kepong in search of the lawyer's office in some Ulu Pandan Road. :P Finally we found it, nestled near a mosque and park and amongst some shoplots.

After signing our RM1.5million away, we hurried to Ji De Shi to have our dinner (at 445pm) and second meal of the day. We had steamed yam cake, some steamed dumplings and a huge bowl of prawn noodle soup. After all three items had disappeared, we also added some mango ice to the list.

We went home to pack for our big move the next day...

Tuesday 31 march 2009

We woke up and decided to go upstairs to the 25th storey to check on the condition of our new abode. We interrupted a maintenance guy doing the works but found the apartment ready for residence. ;)

Our Mac Donald's breakfast was delivered in amazing speed and then it was packing and more packing. I also bathed the two dogs as well as their baths were due.

At 2pm, the housekeeping fellas promptly reported for 'work'. They helped move box after box after box of barang barang and even helped us pack with amazing speed. We were certainly very impressed with the service. :)

it was 6pm when all was finally moved and we refused to start unpacking until we had put food into our mouths. Robson was the only choice and we each had a plate of horfun and shared a herbal chicken. Then, we returned home to unpack again further.

O my tian ah.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Busy Weekend

Friday 27March 2009

After tuition, we headed to Carls Jnr at MVMM to satisfy my cravings. I had a portobello mushroom burger and Alan had a Western burger and we upped our fries to cheesy fries. Ohlala! I had a good time. Enough of healthy food for a while!

Next, we went to the movies and watched the action-packed 12 Rounds. From the start of the till the end of the movie, we sat on the edges of our seats. It was explosive!! :D

Saturday 28 March 2009
We woke up late (can you see our routine by now) and then went to started to pack frantically. Ok not so frantically. After a while, Alan fought some scary monsters on his PS3 and then dozed off on the Osim chair. I cooked us a mean beef and spaghetti lunch and then showered and promptly fell asleep also. hahaha.

In the evening, we headed to MVMM and had dinner at Mdm Kwan's. I had curry noodles and Alan had his classic favourite Nasi Bojari. After that, we went to buy a portable chair at Outdoor and then some hum at Jusco.

It was off to prawn fishing we went, full of enthusiasm and excitement at first. However, an hour later, we left EMPTY-HANDED. hahaha. wtf.

Sunday 29 March 2009
We woke up early today and left for the two classes of obedience training for JJ and COCO. After that, it was fish head beehoon soup. DeliCiOuS!

We went home promptly to pack and then had a looooooooong nap.

Dinner was a fantastic 4 course meal. We brought our frozen prawns to Robson's and asked them to cook it for us. It was fried with salted egg! We also had frogs leg soup and stir fried baby kailan and also mapor toufu!!! Ooooooooohhhhlala!!!!