Monday, December 15, 2008

Bolt the Dog and a New Passport!

I went to collect my passport today. At last, a cheo photo for my passport. I have been suffering for the last ten years with my old passport picture in which I looked like a dodo bird. ;p I had taken my current passport photo in my hey days (read: a year plus ago when I looked like I didn't need to lose so much weight *sigh*)

Now I need to start collecting stamps from different countries' immigration counters. As I flipped through my newly void passport, I realised I really have done alot of travelling over the last ten year...Europe, Asia, USA... the most exotic country I have ever travelled to being Sri Lanka. My most favourite country still being Switzerland although US has a special place in my heart :)

After I collected my pp, lunch was at the Teochew porridge place at Pudu. It was high time our bodies detoxed and Alan and I had a not-so-sinful lunch. It was back to MVMM and a visit to Bill my hair stylist was scheduled. My shapeless bob finally regained it's facade and I left the salon again a satisfied customer. :D

By then, our watery porridge had digested and I had another bowl of watery porridge at The Gardens and some beancurd. Healthy and yummy! Bolt (the dog movie) started at 425pm and it was so touching...a must for all dog-lovers! :) Did I mention that Coco looks like Bolt? hahaha

In the evening, Alan and I brought Jay and Coco to visit Sheena and Yi Xiong (our new friends) at Jalan Klang Lama in a pet shop and they sayanged our dogs to bits. hahaha. Coco will be housed in the pet shop whilst we are away in Jakarta and Sheena , I am sure, will take good care of him :)

Did I forget to mention that Alan and I will be returning to Singapore from 29th Dec 08 till 4th Jan 09? I shall diet now in anticipation of long line-up of meal after meal gatherings with friends and family. hahaha.

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