Saturday, August 9, 2008

Curry Mee and a Walk

We have just come back from a long walk with Jay Jay. We woke up late and then left to have brunch at the curry mee place a few lanes away. Jay Jay had his morning walk during which he amused a Japanese lady who was on her walk, car drivers, a huge Alastian, a coffeeshop lady and an Ah Ma at the same coffeeshop.
The curry mee had delicious "hums" , tao pok, bean sprouts, char siew, fish cake etc.. very good. Very worth the long walk there.
After the walk, and to RnR, Alan and I watched Apocolyse (or however it's spelt) on DVD. Very good movie. Touching and sad. After all of two hours, we decided to leave the house in search of more pleasures and entertainment.
Alan drove us to Sungei Wang where we indulged in some shopping with Mr Best Friend and then also bought some RM5 magazines from USA. Of course, they are not uptodate but still a good read. We also topped up our supplies for shampoo n hair paste whilst we were there.
Some conscience was induced at Liang Xin - our favourite massage parlour. #5 and #60 - our favourite massage ladies gave us a back-cracking massage for 1.5hours. ahhhhhhhhh.
Then, we left leisurely to Jalan Imbii to have beef horfun and big prawn noodles AND satay! hahaha.
At home again, we watched MISSING the Chinese movie which was very good for the first half an hour or so. But refused to end although given many opportunities and lasted all of 2 full hours!


We have just returned from watching another Mummy flick. Whilst the whole world stayed at home to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Alan and I chose to watch Jet Li turn into dust. We had our dinner (oriental noodles and portugese fried rice) delivered to us in the cinema-such are the privileges if u pay abit bit more for movie tickets and watch it at The Signature malls.

After the movie, we jalan jalan abit then headed for home.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blueberry and Cheese Muffins - oOOoo I Lurrrve Youu

Today I had nothing better to do and decided to finally put all the ingredients I had purchased previously on the receipe for Blueberry 'n' Cheese Muffins to good use. I got to work at around noon and then started to mix and stir, weigh and fold. and in the end, 18 perfectly good-looking muffins were ready for consumption.
We've given 5 to the Kuas and the rest (save for my breakfast) will be brought to Alan's office to feed his staff. hahahaa.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello all,

Trust me when I say I am saying all this in a raspy voice. Today was a RECORD-BREAKING DAY. I had tuition from 10-11am with a new and freaking NIAO INDIAN lady. Initially she had wanted tuition for her THREE YEAR OLD and now she wants intensive crash course in English and expects to improve in 3 weeks. Sheesh. Oh well...Just another customer. ;p
Next, I had tuition with the twins (who were late) from 130-300pm. Su Li was late and came at 410pm and left around 2 hours later. Dania was last from 6-8pm.
In total: 6.5hours of lessons. I almost died, I tell you. Quite painful.
BUtttt... tomorrow will be a day of leisure with only a 430-6pm class with my good gal pal Phoebe. ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday with Sharon

Hello Hello,
It's a slow tuesday... My day will start when Hayden's mum beckons me to tuition. Aisha also has cancelled her lesson today and I have a feeling she's not going to contact me again becos' my fees are "too high". Haaaiii I thought Arabians are filthy rich. Anyway, I am busy preparing for class tonight at Ti-ratana.
Today I will be teaching the earlier class Looking for a Rain God and then continuing the writing lesson with the whole class. N then I hope to get them to write a composition for me. God Knows if they can do it. ;P

I've just showered after returning from the class at Ti-ratana. Today the kids were so so restless. My gosh. They kept chattering and mummuring non-stop, well most of them at least. Anyway, after 1+ hour, after I discovered two of them to be holding a written conversation in an exercise book (in CHINESE at that!), I gave the whole class a chiding. N then took that opportunity to get them to write a composition to consolidate what they have learnt in the past 5 weeks.
My tribulation will start soon when I have to MARK all the compositions and correct the atrocious grammar. sigh.
Tomorrow will be a long day of three classes commencing at 1030am and ending at 8pm.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Monday Morning Again.

3 August 2008 (Sunday)

The day began with two ang kuh kuehs and then we set off for the park to bring Jay Jay for training. After the session in which Jay Jay behaved badly, we went home to cook the leftover food we had bought the weekend before.

Soon, steamed prawns, steamed pork and steamed sotong was ready. ahahha Healthy huh? We dug in.

Still exhausted from the ordeal of crossing borders, Alan took a nap whilst I tried to mark the books of the students of Ti-ratana. After 3 books, my eyelids insisted on shutting and I obliged.

Dinner was at Robson's (which was sorely missed). We had fish maw soup (which tasted like shark fin's soup), a vege and pork ribs. DELiCiOuS! *smack lips*

I need to start gyming again cos need to attend Sharon Tan and Chris' ROM in September. Imagine, barely a year ago, at my own wedding, I was a mere anorexic 45kg. And now.... :P

4 August 2008 (Monday)

I have got two classes today and then I will head to Mid Valley to pick up some groceries and stuff needed for the bbq. We have decided to buy things slowly and not leave e'thing to the last minute. haha. How efficient, eh?

After tuition with the twins, I went to Hayden's almost immediately for class. Then, I joined Shireen and Hayden to Sri Hatamas and we went for a late lunch whilst Hayden went for Math class. Then, I very quickly bought some stuff at Mercanto and then we went home.
I babysat Hayden whilst Shireen cooked dinner and then the Kuas came over to our place for dinner.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rest In Peace Grannie!

30 August Wednesday

After hearing news from my sis that my grandma had passed away on Tuesday afternoon, Alan and I went back home to Singapore today to attend her funeral. He went to work first, to tie up lose ends in the morning, whilst I went ahead with my pre-arranged tuition with a set of twins (Salwa's daughters) from 1030-12pm.

Then it was F1 driving and we arrived in Spore, beating all the jams. After sayanging Ash and showering, we went down to Singapore Casket to pay our last respects to Grannie. Dinner was settled in the foodcourt nearby. We reached home around midnight that night and was utterly shacked out.

31 August Thursday

We slept in a bit and then went down to SC again. The casket left for Mandai Crematorium at 415pm and the cremation was at 515pm. After that, Alan and I, all red and puffy eyes went down to ASA to visit May jie jie to book our trip to USA. Apparently, everything was v timely and the NATAS travel fair was going on. We booked ourselves airtickets leavin Spore on 13th (immediately after Sharon's ROM) and arriving back in Spore on 30th Sept. We will not be going home (Siglap) but taking a connecting flight to KL in order not to waste Alan's leave. :)

We will be visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Franciso. I can't believe it - we are going next month!!! I am hardly prepared.

After the trip to ASA, we went to the foodcourt for a G7 frog legs porridge dinner and bought some dessert home for mama. :)

1 August (Friday)

We woke up early and went with Mum to Mandai to collect Grannie's ashes to be placed in Sembawang near the crematorium. Then, all three of us went to Marina Square to watch a movie ($ no enough II). We had lunch at the foodcourt afterwhich we bumped into Robin and his gal. How coincidental. Of all people to bump into, we bumped into a Malaysian!!!

The movie was long and draggy but taught us to cherish the people around us-especially our parents! After the movie, we grabbed a cuppa at Kiliney and then walked to Raffles City for Alan to buy his camera strap at Crumpler.

Then, feeling decadent, we drove to Still Road and queued up for the famous Black Pepper Crab. We had three small ones, meegoreng and a dish of vege and then hopped nextdoor to the 4Seasons Durian Cafe to tapao D24s. 3 for $20/= for our supper. I think I put on some weight even on this trip back!!! Tian Ah!

2 August Saturday

Alan & I were so tired that we overslept and had to forgo the plan of shopping in Orchard Road. We picked my motherinlaw up at her office and then sent her home to get ready. Daddy, Mummy, Mummy's mummy (Ah Ma) and Alan and I were going to Malaysia together. My daddyinlaw's mother's brother had passed away and we were going to Muar to pay our last respects. err apparently the number of funerals increases when 7 Month begins...

Anyway... after a massive one-hour jam at Tuas, we reached Muar at around 5+pm. I was taken for a visit in dad and mum's house and then driven to the funeral parlour. After paying our last respects to GrandUncle, we enjoyed a delicious catered buffet dinner of assam stingray, otaks etc. and then headed off to Sri Tiara again.

it was almost ten pm when we arrived "home".