Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yay We Bought THE HOUSE

Ladies and gentlemen,

Here is the news we have all been waiting for: We HAVE FINALLY BOUGHT THE HOUSE! Mdm fengshui master took one look at the house (from the outside) and started nodding her head. She toured the entire place and continued the nodding. hahaha Finally, when it was time for her to leave, she said that she couldnt bear to leave because the house was too cosy and comfortable.

We had lunch with our hardworking and very interesting housing agent at Outback (our first real meal in a week!) to celebrate our purchase and he will hop over later for us to sign the documents. hee hee

Please say CONGRATULATIONS to us, the new owners of a beautiful Corner terrace in Bangsar Terasek 3!

Step Two to Buying a House: FENGSHUI

I wonder when I started becoming so superstitious -but I guess it can't be helped, having a businessman for a husband. I started reading some fengshui magazines by Lillian Too a week ago. Of course, I also flipped the ID ones but ID in Malaysia leaves much to be desired, I'm sorry to report. :P The ID here has many lines and patterns and the feel does not come off as classy chic but more like complicated confusion.
I don't think we need an ID person to come in but we still need to decide what style / theme we want to use. Balinese or Modern Contemporary? We like the woody-feel and the bright garden will accentuate a Balinese concept, if chosen.
Today, we are bringing in our Fengshui master ( a lady) to view the house and determine whether it's suitable for Alan and I. That's at 1230pm.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Step One to buying a House : Save Marnee!

In a desperate bid to save money with the motivation of buying a new house and enjoying the first opportunity to create a home together, The Husband and I have been actively saving money. Our first step was to cut down our expenditure on FOOD- if you don't know us very well, let me tell you that quite a hefty fraction of our household income is dedicated monthly to that sector. ahahhaa
We have since changed our eating habits from restaurants (our commonly know in Malaysia as restorans) to hawker centres and foodcourts. We have tried The Gardens foodcourt (thrice for dinner this week) and also the Mid Valley foodcourt (for their renowned but disappointing bbqed seafood) for lunch on Saturday.
Today, after bringing the dogs to have some fun at doggie class at Taman Desa, we even tapao-ed charsiew noodles from the hawker centre there!! All for a good cause, don't you think? :D
This evening, we also headed to Bangsar pasar malum to buy some fresh seafood/vegetables etc at wholesale prices. This Maid will be cooking dinner for the whole week (if possible) so that the Sir and the Mum (me again) can eat at home and save money by playing wii and watching DVDs. aahhhahaha