Saturday, October 25, 2008

A long Saturday

25 October 2008 (Saturday)
Alan and I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday. I guess it's the very hectic last few days - Alan working, me entertaining family and friends. :)
After popping some pills last evening, we woke up this morning groggy and lethargic at almost 11am.
We left for Petsmore to return the very huge cage we bought to accomodate Jay Jay and Coco so that they can co-exist harmoniously. However, because we had read online (only after buying the cage of cos) that both dogs need their own space, we decided to return the big cage and get a smaller one for Coco instead.
Lunch was Ipoh Horfun.
We headed next to MVMM and had a cuppa at Starbucks whilst waiting for our 4pm facial appointment at New York Skin Solutions. After the treatment, it was almost 7pm and we headed home to pick up Jay Jay to bring him for a car ride.
Alan had to pay bills at HSBC and also UOB. Along the way, the maciks smiled shyily at Jay jay and the Indian tourist children squealed with delight when Jay Jay tried to greet them with bushy tail.
Our dinner was settled at Maluri Queenspark where we brought Jay Jay to the store we had bought him from. We had bakuteh.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friends and Food make good Company!

After a 6D5N Happy Time, I am not back in KL, serving my jail sentence... sorry for the long silence. I was simply just too busy to log on. hahaaha. It was really fun catching up and even though The Husband ignored me throughout our stay in Spore, I was very much entertained by all my family and pals. :D

18 Oct 2008 (Saturday)
We drove back to Singapore after leaving Jay Jay at Kepong with the auntie. After the 3hour journey, we finally arrived at around 4+pm. Once mummy came home, we walked to have pomfret steamboat at Siglap after giving Ash some good lurving~.

19 Oct 2008 (Sunday)
We woke up late. Alan did his work at home and I busied myself with fending off persistent nags of potential pregnancy. We went to vivo city after that and then to Copthrone Waterfront Hotel for a buffet dinner with 13 other family members. What a warm welcome!

20 Oct 2008 (monday)
I woke up very late and then proceeded to stone about the house and waiting for Monday evening to come. Deciding to shop abit before I met my friends, I left the house at around 4pm to make a beeline for Vivo City. I went to Daiso and Pet Safari and bought wants and necessities and then to Nature Farm to pick up Mum' s joint remedies. It was Bakerzinn next where I caught up with my JC friends over pasta and cakes. Alan came to fetch me after his decadent dinner at old airport road and we sent Mama Jane back home before heading tiredly back.

21 Oct 2008 (Tuesday)
I found myself at Shenton Medical Group at Suntec early 8+am. Dr Michelle put me right at ease whilst she did the necessary and in 1 hour's time, my complimentary health checkup from AIA was done. Having nothing better to do before lunch, I killed some time with Lord of the Flies at Kiliney Kopitiam at marina Square before heading to Amara Hotel to pick up some lunch with Gary.
Blue Mist provided a good lunch but I was incapable of finishing my grilled fish lunch. After bidding him farewell (and telling him to cure his eyebags), I left TanJong Pagar for vivo city (again!)
Killed more time by shopping again n picked out a cage this time from Pets Lovers centre to ferry Coco home in. Then, I went to Secret Receipe to WAIT.
Finally they all arrived. Elaine, Wee Suan, Yew Hock and I did ROUND ONE. and then came Azlin. Then Kala and Vicky and then Sebas and Eileen. Hahahhaa. After many rounds...we were finally done at 820pm. I bade them farewell and promised to visit them in sch the next day. Elaine sent Wees and I home.
Then, Mr Didi called and expressed depression. hahaha So Auntie Agony provided counselling services till the wee hours of the morning...

22 Oct 2008 (Wednesday)
After buying some pies for my ex-colleagues at The Royals in Siglap, I headed by cab (because I was late) to Crescent to say HIIIII. As I made my rounds, I realised how much i had missed the environment and almost everyone, including the canteen operators, cleaners and even the photocopying lady gave me at least a wave of welcome.
After gossiping with my pals over a miserable watery meesiam lunch ( I MISS MDM PANG), I hurried to Plaza Sing to meet Mum for another(!) lunch-this time meepok tah,extra vinegar pls- at the food court. We watched Painted Skins (ya lah not Faces lah) next and it was pretty interesting. ;)
I bade Mum farewell and then adjourned to Marina Square to meet the 3 lil girls. Because they were late, I shopped and bought some cosmetics- nail polish, coloured hair shampoo, etc and then went to Waraku to wait for them all to turn up.
Dinner was very decadent and the table was filled with big steaming bowls of noodles, soup, bbqed meats, and sashimi. As we munched, we laughed happily about Pearlyn's weirdness and lovely bruise and Edwyna's new teeth and Peiting's ghostly images. Alan had also joined us after a brain-draining but very successful presentation during the day.

23 Oct 2008 (Thursday)
Woke up at around 8 and tried to leave the house early. In the end, greed disallowed us to fetch Jay Jay in time- We had stopped for bf at Kiliney Kopitiam at Siglap for Meerebus! No matter how hard we sped (and we did speed and were warned by a luckily uncorrupted cop in Malaysia), we could not make it. hahaha. So we went to Ikano instead and chose a bedding for Coco! Lunch was a quickie at the Noyna stall and we had assam laksa and soya bean milk.
Then, we headed to Petsmore to pick up a cage for Coco.