Saturday, December 1, 2007

The KTV and the Kingdom

30 nov Fri

We went to this petshop cum boarding house to check it out. It is called Pet Cottage and near 1 Utama, relatively near to our new residence. The lady boss was a friendly Rachel who had her hands full with all her furry customers who were boarded. The doggies were all running around and karjiaoing each other. hahaha. Very cute! There was a cute lil poodle, schnauzer and two shitzus that were waiting to be sold as well.

After that, we jammed ( I can't write drove) to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur's newest mega mall that is giving KLCC a run for its money. We didn't really have time to check it out though cos' we were to meet Alan's colleagues etc for a night of singing and fun-making at the Karoke on the 5th floor.

Gary, BK, if you are reading this. This is the place for you guys to show off your vocal prowess! The room was spacious and oozed appeal with its leather sofas and even a private loo! Each customer could also help themselves to a buffet spread outside. There were oysters, prawns, sashimi, salads, tomato soup, fried rice, beef, etc etc...enough to make any1 drool.

After the ktv session, Alan and I sneaked out to watch The Kingdom in the spanking new cinena at the Pavilion. Very nice seats, wonderful leg room and big screen. But we were freezing throughout the heart-stopping moments of the show.

1December Saturday

We woke up late today and decided to forgo the free buffet breakfast available to us every weekend. Alan is suffering from a tummy upset right now and he blames it on the sole oyster he ate last night drowned in tabasco sauce. I think it's the Roasted Pork he ate after we got back home. *nod nod*

We dedicate the whole morning (yes, all of the half an hour of it left to us after we woke up) and the afternoon to Art and Craft! A week ago, we had purchased a box of clay modelling set which the "taitai" was supposed to use to occupy her time with. However, because of the million and one things that the "taitai" was supposed to do (aka watch dvd, reply emails & update her blog), she never got down to doing it. Thus, the sickly husband and her started kneading, poking (not on Facebook lah!), squeezing the balls (of clay) and shaping them into a big fat unproportionate Papa Bear wearing a jumper suit and a pregnant-looking kindly looking Polar Bear girl. hahaha

No prizes for guessing which of the two was done by ME! hahahaa
We are supposed to go Chee Cheong Kai later.. but we shall see whether Alan suffers from more of The Revenge of the Bar Kuahs!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peace at Lanson

Nothing much to update, really. Today has been dedicated to shamelessly pursuing HK drama serials, surfing the internet, checking my emails, reading a FengShui book I've just purchased from Kino at KLCC last night and maybe starting on Harry Potter again (after the initial 26pages, I have put the book down 1+week ago and never picked it up).

Time really flies, even when you are doing nothing substantial. hahaha. But I am looking forward to seeing Coco/Casper/ JJ again on 10th Dec, after we return home from Bangkok. Ahhh.. Bangkok- the land of cheap massages, good food and birdnests and bargaining sprees along suan lom night market. hahaha.

I told Alan, one day in KL, we will dress really down, abandon our LV and take a cab down to Petaling St in Chinatown to see what it is REALLY like. We drove past there to send Zesa and Yusheng to the bus station and it looked tremendously crowded and congested. I just wanna experience Chee Cheong Kai for myself. (Mummys if you are reading this, not to worry. We'll take care of ourselves).

Last night's Hitman was not fabulous and now I have a craving to watch Colin Farrel in The Kingdom! hehehe.

Back at hm:

We drove to 1Utama admist the terrible traffic jam and past afew broken down cars and witnessing the aftermath of at least 2 accidents. We left our house at 625pm and got to our destination at 810pm! O MY GOD! NEVER AGAIN! This was done all in a bid to buy a doggie house to be made (by our very own carpenter Mr Alan) for Coco/ JJ/ Casper watever his name may be.

We rushed through our dinner at Laksa Shack. After wolfing down the cold Sarawak Laksa and Sticky Singapore Laksa and six puny and icy otak-otak, we proceeded very quickly to Pet Wonderland to try to buy the house. However, after finally locating it, with the help of a friendly bald assistant, we decided that RM 495 was too much to pay for something that we didn't think the boys (our dogs lah) would need and appreciate.

So we trotted home disappointed, not before buying 2 bread papa puffs, some Mei Zhen Xiang roasted pork slices and some groceries.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We went back to Sri Tiara in Mid Valley to view the apartment for the second time this week. It's 1,800 sq feet and it's on the 12th storey. The lush greenery surrounding the apartment and the relatively high altitude made us seem to be in Genting Highlands. However, the view of a very scary looking apartment block just opposite our potential residence left much to be desired.
However, the up-side is that the kitchen is MUCh bigger than that of Lanson Place's small lil pantry-like thing, and there's an oven for me to experiment with. The security guard is a friendly ol' man called Mr Sugu who gushes on and on about the benefits of living in Sri Tiara Serviced Residences. Also, the backyard is superb for our two lil' furry sons and there is also a washing and spin-dry machine catered for each household. The masterbed room also has full-length windows which overlook the lush greenery. :D

Mid Valley megamall is a 10-15min trot away, down a winding road and since the mini-mart in Sri Tiara is nothing to crow about, I'd have to make my way there to do my grocery shopping. We'll see.. At least there are also international schools there for me to scout around.

2322- We are back home already after watching Hitman at KLCC (745pm show) after a quick dinner laddened with MSG at the food court. Not v nice show. Should have watched The Kingdom. :P

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Babie!

27th Nov Tuesday

It's our half a year anniversary day! yeah. I spent my day watching Panic Room, washing and spinning dry the laundry, shopping at Hock Choon and surfing the internet for nice apartments to move into.

We just came back from dinner at the Korean Village BBQ place along Jalan Ampang, directly opposite Lanson Place. Had a nice Korean dinner of beef meesuah soup, ginseng chicken soup and octopus and meesuah with some red sauce and many many small dishes of xiao cai. The Korean village is rather nicely decorated and there was even a wheel spinning water in the background of our shots!

A Summary of the Weekend with Y and Z.

Hello people. Whoops so sorry for the long silence. But I've just got my taste of motherhood over the weekend - and it TIRED ME OUT! haha. Let me update you day by day OK?

24th Nov Saturday

After staying up the previous night to watch Now I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with the girls (oh dear, it's M-18 in Singapore, right?) we slept in the next morning. Yusheng and Zesa went down for a buffet breakfast at the cafe and Alan and I settled for some toast and eggs at home.

Then, we got ready for our first adventure: 1UTAMA Shopping Centre!

The trusty GPS brought us right to the carpark of 1Utama and we zoomed into a readily available lot near the dumping ground. *cringe* Then we went off in search of some sustenance. Faced with so many options, we settled for some Asia Cafe and a light lunch (half of my previous dinner had not digested yet).
Then Stardust beckoned. Ahhh What a romantic and heart-warming show. I love the magic and the romance of it and I especially loved the price of the ticket! haha 4 tickets on a Saturday cost MYR 36 in total. hehehe. O yah, folks. If you come to Malaysia, don't bother buying movie tickets online. The cinemas don't release good seats to online patrons. hahaha It's the opposite from what we are used to. If you Q for your tickets at the cinema, you will be more likely to purchase good seats. hahaha. Don't ask me to explain the logic. I have reconciled with the fact that sometimes, things don't really make sense here.

After Stardust, it was Zi You Huo Dong time. The two teenagers trotted off to hit the shops excitedly whilst Alan and I bought some important items for the house - a humidifier for the permanently air-conditioned apartment, some clay from the Arts and Craft shop for the tai tai / housewife to create cute figurines etc. I also bought a grey BatMan t-shirt for only 22MYR. Original, they insisted!

When the 4 of us met again, Zesa was polishing off an ice-cream cone (kids get hungry very quickly) and was clutching a pair of black and green mickey mouse shoes and a wrist-strap and Yusheng had bought a dress.

Then, we faced the all- important decision : WHERE TO GO FOR DINNER AH?

Alan had heard of the wonders of Kachang Satay and thus we drove far and wide to reach this two-storey wooden bungalow thing that was converted into a restoran. Haji Samuri was the name of the famous restaurant.

We asked Zesa to show off her very powerful Malayu and she promptly order 10 sticks of Babi satay. OMG. I took a look around the restoran - There were about a hundred maciks wearing tudungs and many other Malay men. And she order BABI??? hahaha. However, the interesting thing is the waiter didn't blink an eyelid but told her that they didn't serve pork here. hahaha.

Our 10 sticks of beef, 10 sticks of mutton, 10 sticks of chicken and 10 sticks of RABBIT came finally and we tucked in. The peanut sauce , when mixed with the chilli oil was very delicious and the chucky peanuts were spotted to be doing back-stroke in the layer of oil. YuM.

Our drive home was uneventful but when the most fun time was in the wee hours of the morning when we played Taboo 2-against-2. Both teams were laughing so hard and shouting at the top of their voices that it was a wonder that the next-door neighbour didn't pound on our door and insist on joining in the fun! The final score was 133 Vs 133! hahaha. And the tie was broken by the sudden death round. That was when Mr and Mrs Tan emerged victorious!!! *clap clap clap clap clap*

25th Nov Sunday

This was the day of strikes, riots and tear gas. But we slept right through them...

More than 240 protestors were arrested after several thousand Malaysian Indians took to the streets today to order to secure a petition to Queen Eliz for her assistance in securing reparations of RM 28 trillion for Malaysia's 2 million Indians, ostensibly in recompense for Britain's historical importation of indentured labour to Malaysia.

Frankly, when we woke up and got up and about, the riot had already been over but in our innocence, we waited for it just to see if the roads would be blocked and the frivalous (us shopping in Mid Valley) would be prevented. After waiting and waiting, and constantly looking at the very-oddly-quiet streets of Jalan Ampang, and amist watching The Amazing Race Asia, hosted by Allen Wu and in which the participants had to swing like Ah Mengs from one point of Suntec City to another, we decided.. ahhh What the Heck.. Let's just GO.

And we reached Mid Valley w/o any harrowing experiences, save for the Malaysian drivers recklessness.

Lunch was at KG's (shortform in case kenna sued), a HK Cafe and I mulled and flipped through the mouth-watering delicacies that were printed in the menu. I ended up ordering what possibly could have been the most unappetising meal of the menu - curry sphagetti soaked in chilli oil. My stomach protested after a while and I just couldn't stomach the whole plate.

Again, we "released" the girls from the chains of our scrutiny and gave them 2.5hrs to shop. Alan went to cut his hair for RM 38 (cheap and good and he didn't end up looking like a teenager) and I combed the whole shopping mall but ended up with only 1 pair of shoes that cost me approx SGD16.

*yawn* mid valley is not the most exciting SC in town. (And to think we are seriously considering moving to an apartment around that area).

At around 6pm, we drove to Peel Road to treat the girls to a fabulous dinner (AGAIN!) Before we sat down to eat, we hit the factory outlets that lined the street near our dinner restoran. I bought a NIKE sports bra and track pants (YES YES I INTEND TO EXERCISE LAH) at a steal (RM 170) and Alan bought 2 CK shirts for only RM 213!I Like~

Then we went to our favourite hang-out, Petsmore, to check out the pups. hehehe. I fell in love with a baby Rotteweiler that cuddled up in my arms and almost fell asleep.Awwwww. But in our squeezey apartment , a Rotteweiler would spell TROUBLE. We were also introduced to a fluffy white maltese and a not so cockeyed pekingnese. hahaa.

Dinner was an extravagant affair and we ordered steamboat enough for two people and also THREE VERY HUGE SALTED EGG CRABS. ooooo mannn... My cholestrol shot through the roof that night.. I was amazed by the size of the crabs and wondered how 2 adults n 2 kids could finish up all the food n not waste any. But, it seemed, I need not have worried. By the end of the meal, EVERYTHING was licked off the plates (excluding the two chicken eggs that were not cracked into the soup becos of a fusspot).

Taboo was a sure win that night for Alan and I. The girls' brains were not working very fast, probably due to the indigestion. hahaah. They also had the Paddle Pop icecream for supper!
We slept after 3am, even though Alan had to work the next

26th Nov Monday

The Day the Gals were to leave.

Every one of us skipped breakfast today. We climbed into a cab at around 11+am to travel to KLCC. Babu (cab-driver's name) was a HUGE INDIAN MAN, very friendly and speaks very well. Along the way, he informed us of the renowned places to visit in KL - the Chocolate boutique and the CEMETARY. hahaha. O well, maybe he's not v well-read.

Alan, Nicky and Robin came to join us at KLCC A&W (for Yusheng to have her fix). That was when the fun began. Nicky had even brought two spoons for Robin's performance! haaha. It was fun to see the girls' expressions. hahaha. There was one trick that really made us open our eyes... Robin tore a piece of tissue paper and put it in his hand. He told Zesa to do likewise. then they put their fists together and Robin waved the magic wand ( a chilli sauce bottle) over the two fists and Zesa had TWO BALLS of tissue paper when she opened her fist!!! hahaha Her jaw dropped onto the table and her face slowly turned red..hahaha! Robin has that effect. hehe

My most traumatising experience that day was taking a Yellow Premier cab home with the two and paying RM 17.60!!! O my god. The broke down cab driven by Babu only cost us RM 3.50!!! Can you imagine the bitter taste I had in my mouth when I paid???

Alan fetched us from Lanson at 330pm. Just as well as the three of us were falling asleep on the couch whilst watching Silver Surfer. We sent the girls to Puduraya bus station and they presented us with the 'encore' - 2 Monkey Cups and 2 lovely notes, after their present of a pair of salad fork and spoon. We were sorry to see them go....

Dinner was a very non-sinful affair. Teochew Porridge with boiled soup. Then we did something very exciting :