Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Special Saturday Morning

This morning, we did something different. Ethan roused us early again and we took a lovely walk in the neighbourhood again. I carried him on the harness, instead of the stroller and Alan took charge of JCo. :) We made our rounds and woke up the neighbourhood with the barking dogs and then headed home so that Ening could bathe Ethan.

Alan and I then took off for an early breakfast at OUG - he wanted me very much to try this bachor noodles soups that his colleagues had brought him to savour near his office. We ordered kuayteow soup and had a big bowl each, washing it down with a tea and coffee respectively. Not bad... 7/10! Ingredients were generous - cabbage, minced pork, lean pork slices, prawns, sotong and some minute pieces of pig stomach. The soup did not leave us thirsty as well. :)

It started to pour just before we left the coffeeshop and we braved the rain and skipped to our car, not beforing stopping along the way at a wet market. We picked up a carton of eggs and roamed deeper into the market to see cages of live chickens! I haven't seen this scene in a wet market since I was a little girl!! The unfriendly lady manning the chicken coop chided us for taking photographs whilst she captured a squawking bird, ready to be slaughtered for RM11/kg. :P I was traumatised and looked away quickly, saying a silent prayer for the feathered one. ;p I

We stopped by a big fruit stall as I wanted to pick up fresh fruit for Ethan's puree. He has a slight cough and I did not want to aggravate it by feeding him the mango I had already pureed for him. I picked 5 red apples initially intending for ET. We also bought two persimmons and some grapes. Then, I caught sight of some huge pears and selected two for Ethan's snacks in the evening.

We then drove home in the drizzle and I pureed the sweet pears for Ethan and enjoyed watching him wolf them down . :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night at Bangsar

After tuition this evening, Alan came home and we brought Ethan out. We are trying to bring him out of the house more often to socialise and also to 'see the world', just in case he thinks that the world is made up of only two bedrooms and one living room.

We had nothing to buy, for once. But I wanted to play blowing bubbles with Ethan in our garden so we proeeded to Toys R' Us at Bangsar Shopping Village. I found the bubbles and they cost an amazing RM7.95 for each bottle. I refused to buy them! Gonna make my own, albeit outta soapy water. I havent decided what item can be used to blow the bubbles from - Ening said that in her kampung, they use papaya leaves~ Interesting eh?

Alan looked like a tourist with his GF1 hanging from his neck and he snapped pictures of Ethan like a paparazi. heehe. The Husband is pleased with his new toy and is practising for our trip to Australia. hahahaha.

ANW, we left Toys R' Us and popped into the dvd shop Rockcorner or something like that. There was nothing to add to our collection. We walked around aimlessly, trying to decide where to have dinner. For Goodness Sake (the Jap liquor) beckoned and we decided to give it a shot. Both of us had cold noodles and shared a plate of deep fried oysters and a plate of beef-wrapped asparagus. Nice. The service was so good that they got their chef to slice us wedges of fresh carrots when we rejected their appetiser dish of cabbage and dip. The damage was around RM60 only and Alan tipped them gratefully. :) Ethan was also v cooperative and lulled himself into a slumber just before we started on our meal and roused just after we dabbed our mouths with our paper napkins after polishing off every morsel of food.

Video Ezy allowed us to purchase our evening entertainment - a Chinese movie (Fire of Conscience) which boosts many well-known actors such as Leon Lai and Richie Ren.
Our next stop was The Village Grocer. Ethan was enthralled by the wide array of colourful
vegetables and fruits. I wonder when he can sit in the trolley and be pushed around? hahaha

I wanted to check out their yogurt selection as it will almost be time for Ethan to be introduced to this yummy delight. All their frozen yogurts are low fat or no fat but they have the non-frozen pasturized type which they displayed above the formula milk for babies. Maybe that is suitable? I need to do more research :D

We bought a box of Laughing Cow cube cheese though. I am going to try and 'trick' Ethan into finishing his sweet potato puree with that. haahha. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have a Little Faith

In line with my endeavour to read more and enrich myself, I have been reading Mitch Albom, my favourite author's most current creation, "Have A Little Faith". So far so good. Have gotten till page 75 (out of 249 :P) I wish sometimes that I could find the time and opportunity to read more. We've subscribed to Reader's Digest again but I again can't seem to find windows of opportunities to tuck my legs under my ass, curl up and just enjoy. Ok ok... I better spend less time on facebook hor? hahahaha

Anyway, Ethan has been introduced to quite a variety of foods - *proud mama beams at this juncture*. There are three vegetables - carrots and sweet potato and corn. And 5 kinds of fruits - banana, papaya, avocado, peach, apple. In another day or two, he will try his daddy's favourite fruit MANGO! It's all pureed and waiting for him in frozen freshness. :) He tried sweet corn with a knob of butter today and polished everything off the plates quite promptly. I am thankful. :P

We will be leaving for Melbourne in a week's time. I've got to get off my ass and start packing!!! My goodness. There will be tonnes to bring this time and since it's chilly winter there, I must be well-prepared to brace Ethan for winter! :) Our itinerary has been planned and it's pretty much flexible and easy-going. Nothing to strenuous for Papa and Mama Bear since it's our first trip with the little one and we are not sure how good a traveller he'll be.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gastronomical Sins

Saturday 15 May 2010

A lovely start to the day was a trip down memory lane. Alan and I had once volunteered our Tuesday evenings at a home in Desa Petaling called Ti-ratana. I used to conduct English tuition classes for a group of teenagers every week with Mr Iron Man Tan as my assistant and IT helpdesk operator. hahaha. Sad to say, we no longer continue this because of personal reasons (read: Ethan Tan)

Anyway, I was forwarded an email that the home needed confinement foods (they also house unwed mothers, infants, elderly- even stray dogs!) and I wanted to hand them my leftover rice wine, black vinegar etc etc. I also packed tonnes of clothes Ethan has outgrown as giveaways too.

We passed the stuff to Raj, the i/c there and then quickly headed to The Gardens to pick up a late lunch at 1pm. Again, Alan wanted to eat Oh Sushi and I reluctantly agreed for the lack of a better option. We overordered this time with butter corn ramen (it SUCKED) for me, and garlic rice and a plate of pork for Alan. We also shared a pan fried fish and salmon nabe. *burp*

Immediately after that, we were slated to go for facial (for me) and a massage for Alan at Cres. Alan had to wait for me (and he spent his time wisely at the MVMM photography fair) as I had a longer treatment time than he did.

I then popped into Isetan, which was on SALE and bought Ethan three pairs of thick socks for Australia. Alan met me at Cold Storage and we went to the fruit shop nearby to pick up 3 (for RM20!!!) small peaches and 8 big and juicy mangoes (for RM40). Guess what Ethan will be having for snack next week??? heeeheee

Sunday 16 May 2010

After Ethan was cooperative and had his breakfast, we got him ready and then left with Jay Jay and Coco for Dogroomz. The two furry ones needed their full grooming - Jay Jay can hardly see with his fringe covering his big round eyes! Hahahaha.

Once we had unloaded the two dogs, Alan sped us to Noble House at Imbii for my "Mothers' Day lunch". hahaha. He had wanted to buy me this meal last week but the restaurant had been fully booked. We had a voucher for one person to dine free for this buffet. It cost RM 45 (cheap untilll) per pax and came with a yummy bowl of shark fins soup.

We opted for the double boiled shark fins soup- the fins were stuffed into a chicken wing and had to pay extra. But it was certainly worth it. The rest of the buffet spread included big succulent prawns, soups, dim sum, appetisers, scallops with cheese, escargot with cheese etc. They even had lobsters in the buffet but apparently they were all served up when we had got there at around 1245pm. The moral of the story? Book your table for 1130am, when the buffet has just begun!
Anyway, we didn't stuff ourselves silly because Ethan was a tad cranky. Just a tad, which was handleable. ;P Sally, the waitress tried to entertain him but at the end of the meal, he was already in tears. I fed him in the car whilst we made our way to Pavilion Shopping Mall.

Popping into Tangs straightaway, we collected our free RM 50 voucher (membership really has it privileges in this country). The voucher expired today and Alan was 'forced' to spend. He did not disappoint and selected (albeit too excitedly) two Iron Man FCUK T-shirts (which cost altogether RM200) - my husband can REALLY SHOP! The salesgirls took turns to entertain Ethan as well but he cried and cried. haahaha.

Next stop, PARKSON. I wanted to buy shoes for Ethan for OZ - to keep his feet warm. I selected a pair and mistakenly bought a pair of jeans for Ethan which I thought was on 50% off. It was , but the price (Rm39.90) was already discounted. Oh well....

We went down, down, down to the basement:

On to Watsons - I needed some personal stuff. Popped into Caring Pharmacy for some pills too.
Coffee Break was at Old Town White Coffee. I had a ice blended mocha coffee and Alan had a hazelnut iced coffee. Both were delicious and pick-me-ups.

Next stop- Chinese Medical Hall to replenish our dried scallops stock and we bought a big box of green raisins to serve as munchies in front of our goggle box.

Then, it was home sweet home to rest and feed Ethan his avocado. After I bathed him, again we set off to Dogroomz to fetch the two naughty boys back home.

Monday 17 May 2010.
IP MAN II beckoned in the evening. We polished off two hotdogs and a small popcorn during the show. hahaa. Decadence with a Capital D!
The show was still very good and exciting and touching - even though it cannot hold a candle to IP MAN I. Quite impactful, I must say. I had seriously wanted to slap the angmoh sitting next to me when Twister was on the big screen. haahah
After visiting Altera to send Alan's jeans for alteration, we grabbed Subway home for a late dinner.