Friday, April 10, 2009

ID Impressions of our Living Room #1 & Dining Room

Here are some pictures of the mock-up of our new hosue our Interior Designer did. (Doesn't this sentence sound convoluted?) Appreciate any comments !!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sniffles & A car of Many Hard Knocks

Sad to say, till today, the sniffles have not stopped. Amist my flu-y stupor, I had class with the twins yesterday and they polished off 8 of my Malaccan pineapple tarts (and asked for MORE)!!!!. ahahah. Darn I should have bought MORE! Nevermind, I will ask my fatherinlaw to supply more when I meet up with him in Muar at the end of this month. His are more delicious and fragnant, in my sincere opinion.

Yesterday, Alan met with ANOTHER car accident. He was reversing into the parking lot in his office when a small lil' dunno-what car hit his bumper. The driver then came down and blamed Alan for not looking at where he was driving. Crazy! He was already reversing into the lot! WTH!?

Anyway, as a result, we have concluded that the mighty Volvo is extremely durable and sturdy, like a tank. It is a car of many hard knocks but has escaped almost uninjured, sans scratches. Amazing, but true. I cannot say the same for the lil' car though. Apparently, according to Alan, the front of the car has been crumpled in. :O

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday moaning

Sad to say I am under the weather & so is the husband. Actually, it was Alan who started sniffling first and now I am hit!

I had only 1 class today and then watched 7 Pounds on DVD. Quite touching, I must say. Will Smith is indeed a good actor. Then Alan fetched me for dinner at around 8pm and we went to the fishing village and ate some horfun, soup and claypot porkribs with yam. I bought my lunch for tomorrow back again.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Super Saturday & Simple Sunday

Saturday 4 April 2009

We woke up and ate breakfast and then left the house around 11+am and headed towards Malacca. Our mission: to look for an antique chest / cupboard for our living room area. Our distraction : Food of course, what else?

We arrived at around 12+pm in Malacca and the GSP brought us to Heng's Chicken Rice Balls. We ordered 1/2 a white chicken and 8 rice balls and black bean soup. Delicious. The chilli was sour and spicy and really mouth-watering!

We set off on our mission after filling our tummies and entered one antique store after another along Jonker Street (aka Jln Hang Jebat). Finally, after viewing like 6 stores, we settled for a nice little wooden chest which the store owner, Daniel claimed to be around 80 years of age.

When Alan and Daniel went to load the chest into our car for cash and carry, I walked around and bought two t-shirts and a pack of UNO (RM3~!) for the bored husband and I to play. Then we decided that the sweltering weather was about to make us faint so we entered a Korean cafe and ordered fruit juice for RM4.50 each. The ice cubes were huge and the glasses were puny and when we left the cafe, I left even thirstier after my orange juice.

We picked up our fav pineapple tarts at auntie's stall again and then because it was gonna pour, hopped into a cafe. Alan had a mango smoothie whilst I shared with him my chendol. YUMS! After the storm was over, we went in search for the fried carrot cake seller and became his very first customers of the day!

After the delicious black carrot cake that just slid down our throats, we went in search of Fei Lee Restaurant (actually more like a coffee shop) which sold its famous MILK CRABS. Alan and I each polished off one crab. hahaha.

Then, it was a 1.5hours drive back home to our stoned doggies.

Sunday 5 April 2009

We woke up late to the barking of Jay Jay who was getting a sunburn from his proximity to the sliding door that opens up into the balconey. After trying to fall back to sleep, I got up and then prepared breakfast for hubby and I. we had a delicious big pork pao each which we brought back from Malacca. It was just super delicious and the novelty of eating pork paus (you can't find them in KL) was superb! hahaha.

After that we proceeded to play our Wii and then Alan went back to bed as he is suffering from a bad flu / cough. :(

At 6pm, after hours of sleep (I joined Alan in the end), we settled dinner at Robson's. 1 steamed fish, 1 plate of pai gu wang and 1 big bowl of spinnach and ikan bilis soup coming right up!
The picture below is to illustrate to you how my Westie poos:

After doing his BIG business, he will sit on the floor and use his front paws to drag his ass across the floor to 'wipe' his ass clean. ;P Thus, many little "shitlets" will be left (as seen above). Amazing, but true. Jay Jay has learnt his bad habit already. :P