Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Sick n Tired

I just finished tuition with Su Li. Her Lit test is next Friday and so we are beefing up her prac crit. God the poems almost killed me and disintegrated what was left of my puny brains. XP

Now Alan is glued to the tv and I am just killing time. We'll go out to fetch Jay Jay from the groomers and grab some lunch before that. Poor Jay Jay's hair was covering his eyes hahaha and he had to tilt his head upwards to look at me from time to time. We were way to busy to bring him for a haircut until today. O well..

Actually, folks, I don't know why I am working so hard. It's time to say NO to more tuition (students and lessons). I have been cooped up in the house for the past 5.5days, stepping out once to buy groceries ( 2hour stint) and 3 times to have dinner. I would say a maximum of 6.5hours were spent outside in all of 5 days.That's it.

I have not switched on the tele and settled down to watch yumyums or get enthralled by soapy love stories which lead nowher. In Crescent, I worked hard. But I was also surrounded by friends and family which provided me with support and entertainment. Can go PP and shop / eat happily. Can meet up with friends for liquid-soothers-of-the-soul and BtCh about LIFE. Now, my only forms of entertainment are hairy (read : jay Jay)

My husband is seldom home before 8pm on weekdays and I normally end lessons around that time. After we, both of us will drag our exhausted hides to any nearby food-providing place for some sustenance and then go home and sleep. The End. There is the off and on entertainment of neighbours and the sharing of food (read Korean Maggie mee and leftovers from dinner the night before) whilst the husband dines at the Shang and eats fresh sashimi.

I have ceased to Live and now solely EXIST. HOW COME AH? I MUST STAND UP FOR MY RIGHTS. if not i will feel like (Chicken)nutbread soon.

Therefore, after the list of complaints above, I have decided to SHOP VIOLENTLY LATER.

We went to fetch Jay Jay after our lunch at the 'hawker centre' at klang lama. I had sinful nasi lemak to curb my depression and alan had his char siew noodles. We shared a pigs organ soup too.

Jay Jay had his hair tied up and he was so cute but we lacked the energy to take his photos to post on the blog.

We went to IKEA at 5+pm and bought a couple of things (that were not on our shopping list). Things that were on the list (a standing lamp for alan's new office, a weighing scale for measure our fats and a baking tray) were nowhere to be found.

After putting the barang barang in the car, we strode to The Curve to eat. We walked up and down the alleys and Alan finally decided on the steamed buns place. WRONG MOVE!

Not only was the food served very inefficiently, our RM15 steamed dumpling (one big one) had very tough skin and very little filling. We slurped up the little soup in the dumpling and gave it the thumbs down for its price and taste. MU was LOW.

After our meal, it was almost 9pm and we took a stroll along the flea market stalls. This time round, the goods on sale had improved from the previous time we were there (pls see one of my first few entries) and now there was more arty farty stuff.

I bought Hayden some felt cloth animals for his composition and to promote creative writing and bought a shirt which read "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was HOT like Me?" Ahhh..Everytime I sing / hear this song, it reminds me of Jet. ;p I also bought two pairs of earrrings for Rm4! I like!

Friday, May 9, 2008


ahhahaha.. This peiting ahhhhhh..

Anyway thanks flu's much better and the fever miraculously subsided on its own. I sleep better at night as well because ...Hmmm I also dunno the reason?

Well, 8 May 2008 brought the taitai Salwa to see me again from 1030-1230. She had got her driver to drive around the island in search of the grammar book I recommended ( and I sighed inwardly knowing that I should have sky-rocketed my asking fee) but still could not purchase it. We did "Keep the River on your Right" and I gave her loadsa homework since she cannot meet me next week because of her busy social-butterfly-schedule.

Before that lesson, Shireen had come aknocking with a challenge - Our "dear Mrs Jonathan" had issued Hayden with the Writing Tool Box and 'ordered' him to cough up a story by the next day. Shireen, admist her panic showered me with this ardous task.

Before my lesson with Hayden, I quickly prepared cut out cutesy drawings of a story we were going to create together of a little girl who had taken ill. I drew Mr Sun, 3 clouds, 2 flowers "dancing in the wind", a teddy bear, a doctor and big thermometer, medicine bottle with soup, teddy bear and present box and a little girl sleeping in bed. I also drew two cute little girls - one smiling, one frowning.

when Hayden arrived at 230pm, all was prepared and we immediately started on the storyline, whilst Shireen went home to smile on her couch (she confessed). By 345pm, all was completed and the story of The Wee Little Girl was done!! *Claps*

Because Shireen's hubbie was away, I invited both mother and son to dine at our place and hopped into the kitchen to whip up a storm.

By 8pm, a melon and ham soup, sweet and sour pork, lemon grass prawns and snow peas and mushroom dishes and red jelly dessert were awaiting our palates. Shireen was so 'kay-kee' and bought half a chicken, some loh-bar and steamed a fish to add to the meal as well.

We ate and chatted and chatted and ate and it was (amazingly) 10pm when mother and son trooped back into their apartment to rest.

9 May 2008

I have just ended class with my newest student, a 31-year-old lady who owns an ID firm. She's alright but needs more help with the basics. My back's hurting and I am feeling zonked out but I have two more classes - Corrina's and Dania's to deal with all of today.

Argh tomorrow's even worse. I have 4 full hours of tuition, one after another. YUCKS.

And Sunday I have two. I think I need a break from "taitaidom".

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A sleepless night

The day after an entirely sleepless night. I must have woken up 5 or 6 times last night to pee / star into the darkness/ listen to weird beeping sounds / mentally plan my tuition lesson etc.
That was after my flu medication took effect somemore! As a result, today was utterly painful.

I had tuition with Salwa in a zonked-out state but managed to get my act together throughout the class. I swear I come alive only during tuition. (My GoD I sound Like a teacherholic!) She was very fun to teach - my most fun student so far - and the 41 year-old (she's my record holder) needs guidance in oral and conversational skills and reading and writing.

She wasn't what I expected (a tudung-wearing, kerbaya clad lady) but a funky gal who adorned herself with dangling ear-rings and a chunky bracelet to spruce up her top and jeans outfit. We warmed up quickly to each other and soon she was telling me her deepest darkest secrets!

After that 2 hour lesson, I dived into bed and caught some much needed snooze until Shireen called to postpone Hayden's lesson till tomorrow. Thankfully I agreed.

It was 6pm when Dania arrived and we had class till 8pm, during which my sweet potato soup was boiling on the stove. I gave a huge bowl to the Kuas and then went out for dinner (Robson's) with Alan.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Under the Weather

God, I wonder when I will stop having these bouts of weird dreams. They are leaving me exhausted in the mornings. Sad to say, I am under the weather. My nose whistled whilst I was sleeping last night as it was stuck. And now, I have a running nose. Argh.

I have two lessons today. Hayden and Avik. And I'll need to prepare for tomorrow's class when I shall meet the taitai (she claims she's a housewife but her husband owns a law firm, so there) for the very first time...

Later, I shall endeavour to go to buy some meat (yes as in in Jusco or Carrerfour) so that I can cook dinner tonight once again. Now if only the housekeeping people will come........

Hayden and Avik came consecutively for tuition and then I cooked dinner. I swear I shall not buy mussels to cook at home ever again. I used up all of 20 gallons of water washing Rm2.58 of mussels and they were still sandy! *angry*

Monday, May 5, 2008

The start of a new week

Hello people.

I had weird dreams all of last night and almost didn't wake up in time to make hubbie breakfast. I rushed into the kitchen late 8am and soon a ham and cheese sandwich made it's way into his hand.

Now I am lazing around and my first tuition lesson will commence at 230pm. There's one more class from 6-8pm tonight and I shall cook dinner in between. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


3 May 2008 (Saturday)

Hayden came for tuition from 930-1130am at my house in Singapore! It's amazing! His Mum chased me for lessons all the way from KL. HahahAhah. The family was in Spore on a short weekend getaway and his dad started their journey from KL at 5am to reach my house by 9am. hhaha. *laff*

Anyway, Hayden did a write up about his would-be excursion to the Aquaria KLCC and made me wanna visit it as well.hahaha. What with "scary sharks" and "gigantic, poisonous stingrays" and a Touch Pool to feel the "slimy creatures" as well. I shall make it a point to drag the husband to visit Aquaria KLCC with me soon!

After the two hour tuition, during which Alan and the Kuas went for breakfast at Kiliney Kopitiam and adjourned to starbucks, Alan and I did some last minute packing and managed to accumulate another car load of stuff to bring back to KL.

We embarked on our drive trip at 2+ and it took us a while to get to the very jam-packed Tuas causeway. *Sigh* to prevent our dear Mas from escaping, every driver had also to disembark and inprint our thumbs - very cool system.

When we reached the Malaysian side, the guards were too busy chatting to give us a second glance (as usual).

The drive took Alan a mere 3 hours (and yes we sped lah). I fell asleep for about 1/2 hour, exxhausted from the excitement of the night before and my 2 hour tuition.

Dinner was a quick fishhead beehoon soup and vege at our dearly-missed Robson's. After which we went home to unpack our millions of boxes and bags furiously. hahaha.

4 May 2008 (Sunday)

I have just finished 2.5hours of tuition with Anviksha. ZzzZz. We need to go The Gardens to pick up lunch / groceries and then go fetch our fluff ball from Robin's. :) Can't wait to see him. *sigh* I hope Ash didn't sleep next to the main door again last night, waiting for our return. *sniff*

9:53pm Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your (sorely-missed) tuition teacher in KL has garnered another student. AHhahaah From what I hear, she's a Malay Tai tai whose husband has been pushing her to improve her English for "10 years"!!

We chatted a bit and she will be coming for lessons either two or three times a week in the mornings!!! Yay! 1030-1230pm each lesson. And ahhhh my fees have increased. Now I make Rm80/hr!! (Yah lah yah lah.. still miserable lah)

Anyway, today we went grocery shopping and bought stuff to last us a while. I shall endeavour to cook dinner tomorrow evening, before my tuition to save money. :D We spent almost Rm200, stocking up the fridge and cupboards.

Lunch was a simple pigs intestines meesuar (damn tasty) and some fried sweet potato balls. My treat! My husband had helped me transfer my phone data from the Nokia to the O2 whilst I was having tuition this morning. He deserved a treat! :) I bought him tutu kueh as well for a snack.

We bought Robin's family a Secret receipe choco banana cake and then went to fetch Jay Jay. The fella scampered outta the house and into my arms to welcome us when we arrived. After that, he automatically went into his doggie bag and lay down, seemingly pleading with us to bring him home. hahaha. Cute.

I went swimming at 6+pm whilst Alan took a nap. After 20laps, I was tired. I havent been exercising for 2 weeks! After a quick shower, we went to Xiu Xiu Restaurant for dinner. Our very big steamed fish, beef and bittergourd soup was super expensive - Rm90. Our plans for saving $ flew outta the window...whoops.