Friday, March 28, 2008

Time Flies~~

Time flies and it's Friday again. I am proud of my will power this week. I have been to the gym twice and swam once. I shall either swim or go to the gym later on this afternoon as well.

I had tuition this morning. Stayed for almsot 3 hours! And will have another session this evening till 9pm.

Alan will be late tonite (again) and I am getting used to his busyness. My best friend is Phillips and I am glad HBO / Starmovies will be showing very good movies to prevent the staleness of my mind. Hahaha. I am currently watching Bryan Wong and Mark Lee decorate two flats in competition on Astro AEC! Hahaha. Simple Singaporean Pleasures.

6:07pm and I am back from gym. Had to give up the decision to swim because the dark clouds signaled impending rain.

hahaha My whiteboard's here. *grins* Gonna conduct English class on Monday for 4 adults so Alan sourced for a whiteboard for me to teach properly! Thank Cube Laogong! Wan Shui Wan Shui Wan Wan Shui!

7:01pm. Oh I suddenly got another tuition job. Gonna give adhoc tuition to this girl whose mum sounds very learned. It's very hard to find someone who can hold a conversation well here. Sadly. That's why there's such a big market for English tuition. :D So tomorrow I shall teach my Favourite subject : English Literature! Yipeee! (Oh no I sound like a bladdy nerd.)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boredom Creates Great Chefs!

After I finished the book PS I Love You, I went for Be kind, Rewind yesterday at 515pm. The movie was not as exciting and hilarious as expected. :( Then I headed to JUSCO to pick up some stuff.

Alan joined me at around 8pm and we had dinner at Kenny Rogers to satisfy my cravings.


Dinner Menu is Cucumber and Ham Soup, Buffalo Wings and Stir Fried Veges with Shitake Mushrooms. Boredom creates great chefs!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Monday After.

Yesterday was spent giving tuition from 9 - 1130am and then I made myself a mean Ramly Beef patty sandwich. *smack lips*

I surfed all the 300 cable channels until I got really bored and then decided that all the calories I had put on over the decadent weekend had just got to go. So I trotted to the gym for a 1 hour work-out admist the sounds of soothing, go-to-bed music (I had forgotten to bring along my gym cd).

430pm and time to prepare and cook dinner. Sweet and sour Fish, Sambal stir-fried lady's finger and Sukiyaki was on the menu and I slogged over the stow to put food on the table. ahahha.

Today was more of a stone-routine. I watched some AXN and some HBO and read PS I Love You for a while and then went for a swim and a sauna. Stephanie cancelled tuition at the last minute on me again (Sigh, I'm getting irritated).

My meals were cooked in the slow cooker - sweet potato porridge for both lunch and dinner. hahhaa. Alan has a date with a datuk tonite and will be back late.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

DOT Comes to Stay :)

It's 10pm on a sunday, after a really fulfilling and exciting weekend.

Thursday 20 March 2008 was a public holiday. Something about a malay Prophet's birthday or something. I question little, as long as it gives my man a rest. :D We woke up later and then decided to go to Pavilion for a movie (Rule #1). After the movie, we had a light bite at Food republic and then went to Corus Hotel to fetch Dorothy, my good friend who had travelled by Aeroline to visit me.

We picked the tired gal up at around 9pm and carted her away to begin her 3 day 3 night KL City Tour. hahaha. It all started with Robson Height's steamed fish, vege and honey chicken...and we sipped sake and had the lana cake the Dot had brought and chatted till Alan's eyelids gave way and he begged to be excused to hit the bed at around 12+, 1am. dot and I continued our catch-up chat till around 2am.

friday 21 march 2008

We woke up very early. Poor Alan had to work and Dot and I had a light breakfast at home of Breadtalk munchies. At around 11+am, the two of us caught a cab and headed to Pavilion for Dot to understand what shopping in KL was truly about.

In the end, I joined in the shopping frenzy, as though I was a tourist who had barely touched down in Malaysia. I bought 3 tops (all on sale) and a tie rack for the dear husband. Dot also helped the Malaysian economy by pumping in SGD, buying shoes and assessories etc etc.

We went for lunch at dragon-I and chomped down Xiao Long Bao and Ra Mien at around 2pm. Our movie was Horton- Who-Movie at 245pm. I enjoyed it but fell asleep due to the lack of sleep the night before. I had to buy a cuppa coffee in the middle of the movie! After the movie, we continued to shop. We also bought some cheese pies from The Loaf (6 for Rm30-earl grey, berries, strawberry, milo, chocolate) and savoured 2 before Alan picked us up.

Next on our shopping list was Sungei Wang where Alan and I picked up our Redken hair paste for a steal. Dot also stocked up on a year's supply of contact lenses because of her discovery that it was MUCH cheaper here than in Sing.

the best part of the day was yet to come. A massage at Liang Xin, Bukit Bintang! We were prodded, kneaded, stepped on etc for 1.5hrs. The PRC lady was very professional and very friendly. We were served fruits and fruit juice as well.

We left Liang Xin feeling utterly refreshed and pampered and hungry.

Ahhhh a great dinner was in store for our guest. Steamboat and salted egg crabs at Taman Maluri! We happily stuffed our faces.

At home, we opened two bottles of wine that had been given to Alan and they sadly failed to live up to our expectations. The cheese pies did their trick at about midnight whilst we tried to watch some DVDs that did not make much sense. At about 2am, we decided to call it a night and conserve our energies for the next day's outing.

Saturday 22 March 2008

Tired to the max, all of us woke up late. Breakfast was served at home with egg rolls, cheese pies and hot drinks. We headed to 1-Utama after that for more shopping! Alan bought a golf shirt and a pair of golf pants at a steal, I got myself a new pair of shoes and Dot bought MORE contact lenses and shoes etc. hahaha

After an hour or two (and after Dot had asked "Aare we eating lunch?" a couple of times, we brought her to the restaurant that served great Malaccan cuisine. We had a set (ponteh chicken, sambal belachan kangkong and sizzling egg toufu) and added assam laksa, kuay pati and honey sotong to our order. Delicious!

More shopping was done until we rested our feet and had a drink at the juice bar. We then left for Mid Valley Mega Mall (after buying a bottle of merlot for the night).

Whilst Dot was shopping, we hopped into Osim and made our purchase. Oooolala. How delectable! Then, we went to Yan Yan restaurant near home for a feast of Hokkien noodles, bakuteh, vege and drunken prawns.

Later that night, entertainment was Mahjong accompanied by donuts and that bottle of red. What a life! Alan was the BIG Winner, earning Dot's 5ringgit and my 7 which I eventually didn't pay. ahahaha. All in the name of fun ;) We then watched our wedding photograph display late into the night. :)

Sunday 23 March 2008

We sent Dot to Corus Hotel where the coach was already waiting. We bade each other farewell sadly and promised to catch up in Spore before she left for Brazil to live with her husband. No No, her hubbie's Singaporean lah. hahaha

Then Alan and I went to Imbi Palace for a lovely dimsum breakfast. After that it was home sweet home till 3+pm when we left to Mid Valley Mega Mall again for a movie (Gone Baby Gone). A provocative movie that set you thinking. Our enjoyment of it was marred though by the great pains the censorship board had gone through to remove any 'unsavoury' content. Even though it was rated 18+, the f-word was removed along with other vulgarities which were actually quite necessary in the movie. The cutting was badly done and there were parts of the movie which actually irritated me because of the censorship. ;p

We headed to Carrerfour next and picked up some stuff that would allow me to cook dinner over the next week. Then we settled dinner at Din Tai Fung before heading for home.