Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday and Monday

9 November 2008
We had an enjoyable Sunday.We started the day by bringing Jay Jay downstairs to the garden for a walk and some playtime. He enjoyed himself, sniffing around the grass and running next to Mummy. Then, Daddy, Mummy and Jay Jay sat on the low wall, enjoying the light breeze. ahhhhh a picture of bliss.

Next, it was BATHE TIME. I bathed the water baby (Coco) and dried his fur whilst he tried to scratch and bite me. and then Alan bathed Jay Jay who tried to scratch and bite HIM.
After the traumatising experience, we left for Mid Valley for a quick lunch at ToastBox. Then, Alan needed to cut his hair and then we had a relaxing massage from 2-4pm at Cres.

In order to maximise our food detoxifier, we headed to the Bangsar Pasa Malum next to pick up groceries after a dinner. We bought LOADS of veges , seafood etc and then headed home to bubble them.

Monday 10 Nove 2008
Alan picked me up for lunch today and we went to the nearby neighbourhood for fishhead beehoon. Unfortunately, the stall was closed and we decided to try the HongKong cafe nearby. Good choice!

I headed home to update my CV (for application for primary school teaching post)and cook up a storm in the kitchen.

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