Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 Week KL Extravaganza

It's nearing the end of the KL One Week Extravaganza. and GOD are we all tired. My mum and sisters have just arrived in Singapore as well as I type... As my sisters put it, this trip was filled with good food, shopping and continous DVD-watching!

7 Dec (Sunday)

We fetched Mum and Jean from Corus Hotel at 230pm and took them to Ikano Power centre and The Curve. Alan and I were hopeful that the X'mas bazzar there would entertain them sufficiently together with the flea market but all was lost as looks of boredom ensued whilst walking down the alleys. It was BORING SHIT. TO perk things up, we ate - tea at the basement of Ikano and then dinner was at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the Curve. YUMZ!

Alan and I got Jean and Mum hooked on our dvd-watching with the last few episodes of Forensic heroes II tonight.

8Dec (Mon)

Since it was a public holiday, Alan brought us all up to genting for a good time. It was, however, not as fascinating as we had originally expected and we ended up strolling here and there to pass time, buying afew items here and there. Lunch was KFC and tea was at Coffee Bean. Dinner was at the under-the-bridge bakuteh teh and steamed fish place.
We continued our Forensic crime busting at night... :D

9 Dec (Tues)

We walked to Mid Valley and then had massage at Siam BodyWorks for 25% off because it was before 1130am. :D After the invigorating traditional thai massage, we went to check out if there were any movies to catch and booked ourselves for the movie Body of Lies starrring yummy Leo and fatty Russel. The guilt of leaving the two dogs at home was quite overwhelming so we bought afew groceries and then went back home to cook dinner - cabonara and mushroom soup.
Alan came back late but we commenced our dvd watching even later. ahaha.

10 dec (wednes)

We woke up late and then took a taxi down to Corus Hotel to fetch May. We adjourned in the same cab to Times Square where we all had a light lunch of tea and Auntie Annie's. Then the shopping began...

Alan fetched us at around 6+ and then we went to Jalan Imbii to have big prawns ee mee and beef horfun for dinner.

May, Mum and Jean then got hooked onto a new HK drama serial entitled Last One Standing, starring the same hunky Kevin Cheng who also appeared in Forensic Heroes II. *droolzz*

11 Dec (thurs)

We left the house early to get to The Gardens for our facial. Everyone was in a stupor from staying up late to watch dvds. Mum and Jean took the 10am-12pm slot whilst May got her pedi and mani then. I went to book tickets for the movie The day the earth stood still and then walked around and shopped for more clothes I do not need. May and I then took the 12pm-2pm facial slot and had a rejuvenating good time!

Lunch was at Canton-I where we feasted on porridge and dimsum. Then we walked around somemore before sitting in a cinema for a movie that was painfully boring - The Day the Earth Stood Still. What was even more traumatising than the expressionless facade of Keeanu Reeves was the guy sitting next to me.

He was a thin and lanky Chinese fella in his late 20s. He brought in a small orange paperbag and a yellow furry hand towel which he placed on his lap covering his hands. When the movie started, the action did too...if you know what I mean... ;p God it was the most horrific movie-going experience I had ever had to endure. I leaned my darnest towards my sister, away from him. Soon, the wanker fell asleep and all was quiet once again...until he woke up and started his ritual all over again. *vomit*

I emerged from the cinema highly traumatised and with a loss of apetite. Alan picked us up at around 8pm and we proceeded to Robson for dinner. Crabs (spicy and sour) were sacrifised for our palatte and we also had seacucumber with mushrooms and abalone, vegetables and some meat, I think.. haha It's all a blur to me now.

The dvd-chasing continued at night...

12 Dec (Friday) - Happy Wedding Anniversary Alan's Mum and Dad! :D
We all got up very late and decided that today we would just chill at home (read: watch dvds). I fried rice for lunch and the three of them huddled in front of the tv... It was around 5pm that we decided to go for a swim and then Alan came back to bring us all out to fish for prawns.

The results after 2 hours of hard work were dismal. Alan: 2, Mum:2 , May:1 , I: 1, Jean: 0. we steamed the prawns and ordered the restaurant's popular dish of pork ribs and yam, toufu, vege and fried hokkien mee for dinner. After pigging out (again) we wanted to visit the pasar malum but it had already closed as it was 1030pm.
we headed back and the three of them watched dvd till 630am!!! hahah

13 Dec (Satur)
Alan, Mum and I went to carrerfour in Maluri in the bid to pick up some bbq items and also the satay at a stall nearby. Sad to say, due a chicken and duck talking, Alan had been promised that he could collect the satay at "anytime" during the day. However, when he arrived at the shop, the keeper said that the satay could only be collected at 6pm. ;p

We headed back to Mid Valley Jusco where we picked up more items (e.g. otah, sausages etc) and then quickly headed for home. Thank goodness my 2 sisters had awoken and we all feasted on a very late lunch and then got cracking in the kitchen whipping up a storm. Soon, pomelo salad, a sticky and mushy pilaf rice ;p, weird avocado salad were made available. Alan had also marinated the chicken wings and pork slices ready to be bbq-ed.

We arranged for Niru's family of 4 and Weijin, Shireen and Hayden to arrive at 7pm and the Kuas even brought 5 crabs! We all bbq-ed happily and by the end of the feast, we were all extremely fulfilled and fat. ;p

14 Dec (Sunday)
I woke them all up ard 1030am and then we had some leftovers for breakfast before everyone got ready to leave. Alan and I brought them to enjoy the must-try fishhead beehoon soup at Klang Lama and then we drove down to Corus hotel where we said our goodbyes after an enjoyable and fattening 1 week.

Alan and I headed to Cres, The gardens and claimed our well-deserved massage. I switched my massage to a body detox session and sweated it out under the heat blanket. Then we headed home to put more calories into our stomaches. ;p

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