Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are going to visit our Daughter!

oK, so the REAL tai tai cancelled tuition (again) today because she was rushing to the hospital to see a relative. and my appointment schedule is free until 6-8pm. Ahhhh.. I've been kicking back and relaxing (since when haven't I been- u'd say?) after the silly interview. Now I'm hooked on this game I play on the iPhone. ahahhaha China Mahjong... ahhhhh. I play it with three "uncles" and I am one old man as well.. For those who enjoy this game and who have iPhones, go and download! it's addictive! Hahhaha I no need 3 other people, a mahjong set and a table anymore! Hahahaha.
Btw, I think I haven't mentioned but Alan & I will be spending X'mas in Jakarta. O yeah. We are going to visit our daughter in the orphanage there. Remember Melissa? :) We will leave on 24th afternoon, once Alan knocks off and joins me at the LCCT and fly Air Asia to Jakarta.
Hopefully, on this trip, we will get to meet Gary and also Hema as well! Hahah We can't meet our other daughter (ginna #1) already since she is so busy and will be jetting around asia during her hols :P
I am looking forward to this trip and I think it will be special because we will be spending 2 nights in Mama Sayang, the orphanage there. Check out this website: for more details.
I think the weekend before we leave, I will also want to go down to Ti-ratana as well, to give out some lil goodies to spread the x'mas cheer. ;D What do you think?

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