Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Kissed my Diet Goodbye!

23 Dec 2008 (Monday)

I was sick and tired of feeling fat so I decided to hop into the swimming pool at 5pm to do afew laps. There was an interesting sight that greeted my eyes there though. Someone was catering a dinner at the pool-side. and there, right in the middle of things, was a sizzling suckling piggie! ahhhh...

I swam and swam until I could swim no more and then got ready to go out for dinner with Alan and the Kua family. They took us to this far-away place (45mins car ride) called Coconut Flower Restaurant and we had a merry X'mas meal together. Almost every dish was a seafood platter and after the yummy crabs, bamboo clams, lala, herbal chicken, fried beehoon, tomyum prawn soup, and curry sotong, I kissed my diet good bye! *sigh*

We proceeded to come back to Sri Tiara and hosted them for dessert. A log cake from Westin Hotel. :) Hayden happily chomped down the icing x'mas tree and the santa on a motoccar figurines and we licked our plates clean of the tiramisu. ;p

After they left, Alan and I slept at 2am as we were busy printing some photographs to bring to our daughter, Melissa, in Indonesia.