Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Raving Mad Woman in danau terrace

Yesterday, for dinner, we decided that CHEAP was the way to go. Also since I wasn't feeling well, I didn't feel like the usual pigging out session - let's leave that till when my family comes this weekend till the next! :D

Anyway, I digress..

We were heading towards the Desa Food Court when we decided to turn into Danau Villas to take a look at the houses there and see whether any were up for rent. The guard at the guard house just waved us through without even taking note of our particulars. (Lack of security -10 points). We drove around for a bit and admired the very pretty houses and decided to stop by the roadside and chat up this lady who was watering plants with a vengeance.

The lady had greying hair and looked to be in her 60s. She had a VERY WARY look when we parked the Volvo next to her and stepped out of the car. She watched us like an eagle and Alan made the first mistake by addressing her in Mandarin.

She gave a snobbish "I don't speak Mandarin." and continued to watch us warily like we had "MAFIA" craved on my foreheads. When we explained to Madam Snob who were we and what we wanted to find out she gave monosyllabic answers - actually frankly, they weren't answers to our questions at all. We wanted to find out whether the neighbourhood was savoury to reside in and she told us to drive around and call up the agents with their tel numbers on the signs in front of vacant houses up for rent/sale. Very unhelpful.

We tried to persist and queried her again whether the neighbourhood was safe or not and she asked us where we were from. We replied that we are Singaporeans and immediately she repeatedly insulted our intelligence by saying our question was a "silly" one a couple of times and said that OF COURSE Singapore is safer than Malaysia.

By this time, my impatience had surfaced and I looked at her incredulously unable to comprehend how a woman could grossly lack that much IQ and EQ. Alan still was pretty patient but I was fuming inside. hahaha we can't be sure that the neighbourhood is safe, but we are ALMOST CERTAIN that the neighbourhood is as unfriendly as it gets! Soon, a security guard came and kinda requested for us to leave. SHEESH MAN.

As we made a turn out, we immediately came face to face with a HUGE MOSQUE and Allah help me, I would not want to get my peace and quiet interrupted by the loud prayer sessions daily (a couple of times per day at that) and also the roads will be jammed when the men all turn up in tow to pray for blessings in this turbulent and UNFRIENDLY world.

Alan and I left in a huff and went to put some Ipoh Horfun in our stomachs before buying some fruits and heading for home.

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