Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Novel Experience

In a wink of an eye, it is already Thursday evening. This week has passed at lightning speed. I was absolutely zonked out after my two classes (one from 845 - 10am & the other from 11am-1pm) and after lunch, I took a "nap". I ended up waking at 530pm. haahah. Now my whole body's aching and I am still reeling from the after-effects of the Z-Monster.

Last night, we headed out for dinner (again) - I hv not been cooking ever since we've moved into the new apartment- and decided to try something new. So Alan drove to Taman Desa and we park along the road. Then we took a walk down the lorong and hopped into the first restaurant that called out to us.

In the end, our Guiness Sauce pork ribs, mariko sauce huge prawns and the toufu dish (all three dishes were chef's specials) all appealed and dinner was not only a fun experience, it was novel as well. *yay*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can we have Platonic Friendships with Members of the Opposite Sex?

Hi everyone. I am inspired to address the above question today because of a certain someone assuming and insinuating that there is a certain something going on between me and a certain someone #2. Confused? hahaha ok Let me put it in simplier English.

Say if you are a gal (ok ok I can hardly qualify as a girl now - that's for the young ones). Say you are a female and you regularly meet up with a male friend on a one-to-one basis to enjoy your favourite beverages (read: alcoholic lah), at night (because that's when both are free) and you know certain details of that person's life (e.g. his travel schedule etc) will it therefore be safe to assume that person and you have (crudely put in Mandarin) "one leg"?? of course, technically, it would even be safer to assume that you and that person have four legs in all, but that's a different story altogether.

I wanna explain to all the very misinformed members of public in my blog today, that I, Sharon Goh, truly believe that plantonic friendships CAN exist between a Man and a Woman in today's age and time. And I AM ONE VERY GOOD EXAMPLE.

I have MANY close male friends - more than female, I think and it is entirely possible that I appreciate their friendship and their company entirely as it is and do not covet their members in private or their private members. Now if Wang Lee-Hom or Daniel Wu was my personal friend, that would be a different argument althogether.. But hey, I am not so fortunate.

So to the very pathetic people out there...DO GET A LIFE and stop hinting at things that are not there. It is certainly very irritating and definitely not healthy for your mental well-being. Seek a shrink and do get off my back!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, Saturday , Sunday

Friday 10 April 2009

Due to a last minute decision, Alan and I decided to watch Knowing at The Gardens after my tuition on Friday evening. We bought tickets for the 935pm show and after my class, hurried to the mall.
We settled for the Japanese restaurant as a venue for our dinner. And had sushi, sliced beef soba (and udon) , pot stickers etc for dinner.

Knowing was eerie and interesting but the ending failed to impress. Nicholas cage has slimmed down somewhat and his face looks as long as a horse's. ahaha

Saturday 11 April 2009

I wanted to spend the day out today so we left the house at around 11+am.

First was a teochew porridge lunch at Pudu. I hadn't been there in a long, long while and it was refreshing to have such a simple yet tasty meal. We ordered long beans, minced meat, salted vege, chicken and of cos pig's intestines and shared 3 bowls of porridge between us. Oh yah... we had a bowl of old yellow cucumber soup as well. The damage? Hardly painful RM21.80!

We headed by chance to Pavilion next and decided to catch takeshi in action in K-20. That was the 220pm show and so we walked around before that and looked at very expensive furniture in XZQT and roamed two small art galleries. we have made up our minds to invest in a Coplu painting. I had seen a couple in Singapore once in Raffles City gallery and fallen in love with it and Alan said he would buy me one. The assistant in the gallery has promised me to email me the catalogue by next week. :)

K-20 is a Japanese action movie - something like Zorro, Batman and Spiderman all rolled into one. Rather entertaining but with a relatively predictable plot. Well, Takeshi is worth watching. He hasn't aged at all and looks delectable even in rags. :)~~

After the movie, we hopped on to Sungei Wang to visit Alan's Best Friend's Shop to pick up more of our staples. :) The time flew by and it was 645pm when we headed to Jalan Imbi (ard the corner) for our dinner.

We had our delicious meal at the Shabu Shabu restaurant along Jln Imbi. Inexpensive and interestingly yummy. There was a whole 'buffet' of sauces for us to choose from as our dips. (e.g. tom yam, thai chilli, pickled cabbage, minced beef sauce, sliced red chilli padi etc etc)We ordered many types of balls (prawn/ fish/ sotong/etc), beef slices, pork slices, mutton slices, pigs blood (for Alan), pigs kidney (for Alan), fish maw. I had my soup base to be the pepperish pigs intestines and salted vege soup and Alan chose a healthier pork rib and corn soup base. Because our combined orders were above Rm50, we were entitled to a fish / prawns / crab dish for only Rm1. we chose the pomfret. Our drink was a jug of chilled watercress and waterchestnut and carrot drink. Very delicious but it reminded me of soup. hahaa.

All in all, we spent Rm90 but went home grinning from ear to ear. haahha.

Sunday 12 April 2009

We just sent Coco and Jay Jay for lessons and then brought them to Dog Groomz for their monthly grooming session. The girls working there and who own the shop are a friendly and caring bunch.. Very professional and very concerned about the pets. :) It is a gem we have found whilst roaming kuchai lama maju.

I am at home now - Alan is fighting monsters on PS3 and I will need to commence on my lesson preparation asap. I have MANY classes lined up for the next two weeks and that will take the bulk of my days.