Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some updates

Having a Sweet, sweet Dream
Alan FINALLY got back from Jakarta last night at nearly midnight. He had been there since Monday early morning. *sigh* The poor fella has been away from his little newborn son for the longest time!

Yesterday at around 5pm, Christine, my ex-student from CGS (2001/2002) came a-visiting. :D SHe lives a stone's throw away in Bangsar as well. We exchanged notes about KL living and bitched about life etc. hahaha

Ethan enjoys being told stories to - his favourite is Jack and the Beanstalk and his favourite song whilst being rocked to and fro / put on mummy and daddy's bed is Old Mac Donald Had a Farm :P Now, I can experience childhood all over again!

This morning , our breakfast was a TREAT! We had Mac Donald's!! Yay I had a sausage egg macmuffin and hash brown and a vanilla shake (Oooooooooooo- shhhhhh don't tell the confinement lady!) and Alan had a fillet-o-fish, hash brown and strawberry shake.

For Lunchtime entertainment, and because I have been released from the bars of watching horror movies, we chose a blue-ray entitled The Unborn. Sad to say, it was BORINGGGGGGGGG. Nothing is really scary in the movies nowadays. Anyone has any recommendations for horror movies????

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Fruitful Weekend

7 November 2009 (Saturday)
We slept in (Ethan included) today till around almost 10am. It is as though Ethan knows it is a weekend and therefore he let us sleep in. hahaha What a warm feeling to have the whole family on the King Sized Bed and all snuggled together :)

After Ethan had had his feed, Alan and I decided to sneak out for a good meal (with the blessings of my confinement lady, of course). hahaha. We headed to Bangsar Shopping Centre and went into Chilis Grill and Bar. I ordered a Mushroom Beef Burger and Alan had (amazingly) fish & Chips. Then, we shared the olala molten chocolate cake topped with a scoop of delicious vanilla icecream. ooooooooooo...

We decided to explore the new wing of BSC but since many shops were not opened yet, we found it wanting... Then, guilty for leaving the Baby at home for so long (3 hours?) we rushed home - the nanny gave me the Evil Eye and announced that Ethan had been clamouring for milk for a while now. :( I am a Bad Mother.

After all was done, Alan and I sat down to watch DVDs.

8 Novemeber 2009 (Sunday)

We woke up early this morn (read: 8+am) and decided to head to the wet market to pick up fresh meats.

Alan and I bought a whole chicken and some pork ribs and pork slices. We also picked up a few items, together with Ening at TMC. And then we headed home for Ethan's feed.

After the serial DVD-watching, Alan and I and Ethan took an afternoon nap together. ;) Alan then packed for his trip to Jakarta the following day. :P

Soon, at 630pm, it was high time we set off for the pasar malum to pick up fresh seafood / veggies and fruits. Alan and I got stuck in a jam going out of the carpark of the shopping mall and Ethan was hungry again when we returned home. My Goodness!

Dinner was bakuteh and afew other dishes that En had put together.