Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday Madness

27 July 2008 Sunday

Alan and I rushed here rushed there again today. We were late, even after rushing, to Jay jay's class and then went to the nearby foodcourt for a quickie lunch.

After we reached home, we watched a bit of dvd and then left again to Bangsar Pasar Malum for our weekly ritual. we picked up some sotong, prawns and a promfret and also loads of vege at the nightmarket. Then we headed to the Village Grocer to pick up even more groceries. I was going to bake some chicken (nut bread) n mushroom pies and cook up a storm the whole of the coming week.

After Shirene and WJ called off our dinner appointment, Alan and I went back to the market to grab some dinner- asam laksa and rolls of poh piah. we also bought lotsa fruits to complement our dinner.

Home beckoned.

28 July 2008 (Monday)

I don't know how time flew by today but it did. I bathed Jay Jay first thing in the morning and then got ready to go to tuition with Hayden. After a short chitchat after class, I went back home to prepare dinner. I did not leave the kitchen until dinner was ready to be served.

We had steamed prawns, steamed pomfret, chicken and mango poh piahs with sweet dip, fried vege, fried egg and shirene brought her steamed pork with cuttlefish. I also had boiled the old yellow cucumber and pork ribs soup since morning and the Tans and the Kuas happily tucked in together at around 8pm, sipping the complementary red wine as we munched.

They left almost at 11pm after which Alan and I continued the decadence by watching two more episodes.

29 July 2008 (Tuesday)

I have just come back from tuition with Aisha and Haifa. Tired. My chicken and mushroom pie is in the oven. :) Baked one for the Kuas too. That's our dinner tonight, coupled with ham and onion soup and for dessert, mangoes/grapes/papaya/banana/apples and also sweet potato soup.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Freelance Writing Opportunity

Friday 25 July 2008

I had tuition with Hayden from 130-230pm. n then left for The Gardens. I had booked a stem collagen facial..Yumz. It was a two hour shiok treatment. After that, Alan joined me and we had dinner (pop corn and hot dogs) before our movie. We watched X- Files, I want to Believe. Then headed home to continue with our DVD chasing. ahahha

Saturday 26 July 2008

Ahhh Today was indeed hectic. We woke up late after sleeping in and then headed to The Gardens (again) to shop. KL is having its MEGA SALES now and we popped in and out of shops. GAP was a HIT today as there was a storewide 50% (and above) discount. I bought a short one-piece and also another causal top and Alan bought himself a nice pullover with a hood to wear in USA.

We went to Cres (my facial place) next to take part in their 5th Anniversary celebrations. We had some lucky draw opportunities and we won some beauty products and also some slimming treatments. COOL! hahaha. we were also cajoled into buying two other packages and enjoyed free products and instant discounts. ahhaah The More you Buy the more you save!

After a buffet lunch which was served, we went to shop at MPH and JUSCO and then collected the car which was sent for a wash and headed home.

After an episode, we took a nap and then showered and got ready for John Yeoh's wedding dinner. We went to Royal Selangor Country Club (which was the wrong venue) and then headed through the jam to selangor country club. We arrived at around 815pm and realized that Malaysia's culture is not unlike Spore's. Wedding dinners start late. :P

We sat with the datuks and their sons and wives and I made instant friends with Jeremy and Denyse- cousins of the groom's. Denyse writes for a women's mag in Spore and she promised to keep me in the loop for freelance writing opportunities. hahaha ! COOL MAN!