Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Waiting in Anticipation!

Yet another mundane day of nothingness.. I watched Desperate Housewives on dvd today. Season Four. We had bought the dvds in Penang and now since I have the time, I am finally sitting down to watch it. :)

I am looking forward to going to Jakarta next week. We will be there from 24/12 till 28/12 and will spend X'mas in the orphanage, Mama Sayang with our sponsered daughter, Melisa. It certainly will be a special X'mas for us all.

A one-day trip to Bandung to breathe in the cool air and get away from the pollution will also beckon on 27th Dec. I don't have anything to buy from all the outlets there but there's no harm looking around, is there? Hee~

We have just gone out for dinner to Robson's and ate healthily for once - toufu and seafood steamed, steamed frogs legs and bittergourd soup. Yummy.

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trish said...

visit the volcano in bandung if you have time (hopefully no fog else you'll see nothing). best part about bandung is the weather - nice and crisp!!