Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today started out well. We bathed the babe and then left the house for some delicious hawker fare at Bangsar Lucky Garden's coffeeshop.

Alan and I had our coveted fish paste, bar chor noodles. I had mine soupy as I was feeling a tad under the weather. Alan had his dry ones as usual. Then, we picked up our pork (we had ordered prior to our bf) and went into TMC.

We made a beeline to the diaper section as our little one was running outta MamyPoko. And YES, it was on sale again. ahhaha. The simple pleasures in life :P Then, we bought a few more non-essential items and joined the queue to pay for them.

Back at home, Alan started spray painting the body shell of KK's birthday present and I busied myself with entertaining Master Ethan Tan. En left again for the pasar malum (she has inherited this duty from us) with her best friend and came back around 6+pm and proceeded to cook us our dinner.

Our New Neighbours!

Something special is happening in our garden!!! A few weeks ago, we spotted Mr and Mrs Bird flying in and out of our bonsai plant in our garden. Sometimes , we spied them carrying bits of string / dead leaves / twigs etc. They were building a nest!

So Alan and I peeped in once and we saw some odds and ends but nothing that resembled a nest. That was in mid January. However, we were pleasantly surprised, when we peered into the bush again 3 days ago. The nest had TOP-ed!!!

Then, yesterday, we sneakily spread the leaves of the bush and there they were- two cute little white eggs, as if dotted with black ink. Mrs Bird had given birth!!

Horrors of horrors though - I saw a chipmunk pop into the other bonsai plant next to the Bird condominium and shake the bush as if he had just popped an ecstacy pill! I hurriedly shooed him away (with Mr Bird watching appreciatively in the tree nearby), worried for the safety of the eggs and the would-be "birdlings" (is there such a word??)

Ethan's First Hair Cut!

The week flew past and we headed into another weekend here in KL again. It's scary, certainly, how time flies and leaves tracks on your face / hips / thighs... Or was it the Nasi Bojari I just ate? :P

Anyway, two days ago, on Friday 5 February 2010, we did something special - Ethan had his very first hair cut!!

Filled with trepidation during the car ride to Mid Valley Mega Mall, I prayed that Ethan would sit still in the car (on Daddy's lap) and not wriggle around and have his ears shaved off / scream at the top of his voice and lose his voice just in time for Chinese New Year :P

I was glad that my son was in a stupor before we left the house and during the car ride. This stupor lasted for quite a while into the hair cut, as well. :)

At La Mode Salon, Uncle Bill ran his long fingers through our son's hair. Ethan, since birth, has been very well-endowed with thick and even unruly hair. Hell, even his back was hairy (but that's another story and thankfully it can be told in the past tense)!! Uncle Bill always jokes that there's no need to shave our son's hair in the hope that he will have a thick mop of hair in the future- He is our stylist and he always has to deal with both Alan's and my thick (and coarse) hair. hahaha

Anyway, we attacted a mob of spectators and Ethan got his hair cut. Bill used the layering scissors and etc and after he was done, Ethan still had his bed-head look. So we decided to shave the sides shorter.

Ethan was cooperative for half the session (it really took a while) and was still, balancing on the head rest of the salon chair, uncomfortably, with Alan holding him up. However, he started crying loudly when he came outta his stupor and at least two more salon assistants came to cheer him up. hahaha. Soon, there were sweet young things, heavily made up women and even a pedicurist joining in the fun. hahaha.

After the ordeal, Ethan looked so much cuter and more mature! I carried him whilst Alan had his hair wash and cut and fed him in the enclosed room behind the salon. :)

We rewarded ourselves with dinner at Madam Kwan's and , as I had skipped lunch, I opted for a nasi Bojari whilst Alan had assam laksa. We both shared a dessert of sinful bur bur char char.