Saturday, November 8, 2008


We have just returned from Hayden's "three storey house" where Shirene whipped up a good meal in the kitchen. We had seafood sphagetti and mushroom and spinach salad , avocada dip and crackers etc etc. and yes, chardonney. i like!
But I have a headache now though.
Btw, we went to The Gardens just now and bought an ozone vege and meat washer - one for the Kuas (for housewarming) and one for us. I saw the demo. The 3 slices of chicken were soaked in the bubbling oxegenated water and after 15mins, voila! The dirty and evil deposits were all floating on the surface of the bubbling waters. Wah damn scary.
Anyway, whatever bubbled in the waters can last for ard 3 weeks in the fridge! amazing, but true! And I intend to use the water to wash my face as well. hahahaha. Home spa.
ok lah. enuff said.. I am having a headache. going to sleep now.
tata now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alan's Day of Puke

The Husband is still away from home and I am watching The Nanny now. We were supposed to go to the orphanage tonight (after many moons) but Alan has been puking the whole of today (and in between meetings). Sad or not, sad or not??? *sigh* is it (a) the second hand smoke? (b) the lack of breakfast and late lunches or (c) he is pregnant?

I had baked a banana n cream cheese cake last night for the kids but decided to give half to Hayden and family and a quarter to Noriko (my new Jap friend from upstairs).


I am SICK and TIRED of DOGS. In my next life time- which will be soon, if this shit continues- I will keep goldfish instead.

Why? Reasons are simple:

(a) Goldfish will not whine

(b) Goldfish will not whine at 4am every morning and wake up the whole household

(c) Goldfish will not pee and poop all over the place - do they even pee??!?

(d) Goldfish will not demand to be let out of the tank when I am having tuition


In a nutshell, no matter how cute dogs are, they are NOT worth the effort, time and your patience.
The End

"I didn't bite Mummy's specs on was so dark I tot they were choco bars..*sniff* Now I will be caged up for the rest of the day...It's NOT worth it!!"

"I'M INNOCENT! whateva they are accusing me of, I'M INNOCENT!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

A real Tai Tai Day

Instead of cleaning pee n poo today, I've decided to lead a decadent 3/11. I took the shuttle bus to mid valley n got to know two fellow tai tais. I promised Niroko happily that we will go to our Golf Club KLGCC n pick ip golf together! Haha / my shoes n gloves r still in the cupboard!!! I m now sipping my earl grey n masticating my banana n Choco chip muffin n preparing for tmr's class at the orphanage. In 10 mins I shall get to enjoy a facial at Cres. Afterwhich, I might watch a movie! I dunno y I m suddenly embracing solitude-perhaps becos there are 1 dog too many at home?sigh