Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Potato & Apple Puree

Today I sent Ening to the market/ supermarket early and she came back with some treats for Ethan. :) She bought HUGE ( i have seen any others that rival them in size) sweet potatoes in the market and a bag of apples from USA from TMC.

I got to work in the kitchen whilst Ethan took his nap. I peeled two and a quarter of the 5 sweet potatoes (the other 3/4s I cooked for lunch). Then I chopped them into smaller pieces. They totalled around 400g in weight. Off to the steamer they went. I did the same with around 4 apples. They are not of a good quality though. What do you expect of the brand "First Choice" ironically. Told En not to buy those anymore. But they actually made quite good puree.. ahahaha

After the sweet potatoes and apples were steamed till tender, they were pureed into a pulp. I put around 45ml into each baby cube (normally I will fill it with 30ml but there was just so much). There was some apply puree remaining and insufficient cubes so I fed that with a cube of carrot puree to Ethan for lunch. He finished every bit! :D
This is what the top half of my freezer looks like. haahhaha.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Weekend in Brief

I am certainly looking forward to the weekend. WHY? There are interesting events taking place this particular weekend in lieu of Mothers' Day!

Mid Valley Mega Mall expo is having a huge exhibition and we will head down there on Saturday to check out what is available and see if there's anything to buy. Hopefully they will carry coldwear for little tots so that we can pick up a windbreaker for Ethan for his upcoming trip to Melbourne. I think he will enjoy the wintery chill though, as being a sweaty baby, he is more adverse to the heat and humidity in KL / Singapore. Needless to say, we will bring him along to MVMM. :)

On Sunday, we will probably bring Jay Jay and Coco for a much needed grooming session at DogRoomz and then head over to the Ibu (mother) fair at Bangsar Shopping Village to see what is being offered. Nothing much, I don't doubt, but it will be more relaxing as there will be less of a crowd there, I hope.

Ahhhh there's also IP Man II to catch too. And we will see how to slot that in... Not easy as now we can't catch midnight movies like we very much enjoy to, because of Ethan.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby carrot puree - YUCK

I just tried (excitedly) to feed Ethan pureed baby carrots - "tried" being the key word. He hardly enjoyed them, spitting out every single mouthful. *sigh* The puree was quite dry and lumpy (as compared to papaya puree) but I added quite a fair bit of water into the mixture (4 tsp millet cereal + 30ml milk).

Tomorrow I will add more milk, maybe 60ml and see his reaction. I've read somewhere that once or twice or three rejections doesn't equate to the baby not liking the particular food you are trying to introduce. It will take around 10 - 15 tries. God bless us all.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Iron Man II

We bought tickets for The Gardens Signature cinema to watch the much-anticipated Iron Man II today. We were thoroughly enjoying the movie when 3/4 way through the show, the lights came on, the canned music was played and the curtains were drawn shut. Amazing, but true. And this, at a PREMINIUM cinema in KL.
Sigh, thankfully, the wait lasted not more than 10minutes and everything was resolved. I think this is the second time in KL that this has happened to me. :P
After the movie, we hurried to the foodcourt to pick up some dinner and rushed back to be with Ethan. ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ethan, Have you Eaten Already?!?!!?

This is my Xiao Guai Guai on various occasions, preparing for his luncheon. :D

Another Stay- In Sunday!

Hello folks!!! My husband is finally home after a looonng absence. He left on Tuesday at 530am to drive back to Singapore for business. And just returned home to KL on Saturday at around 2pm. I opted not to return with him because Little Ethan had just started on solids and I didn't want anything to disrupt his schedule. What's more, he started his solid meals with breast milk (which I had pumped and stored in the freezer).

Poor Alan was feeling very unwell on his drive back to KL. He left my mom's place (where he was putting up) at around 7am but had to stop manyatime to visit the loo at various locations enroute from S'pore to KL. He had food poisioning and had diarrhoea and vomitted too. So poor thing!!! There was a massive jam in Malaysia too and also at the causeway. Oh my... :(
Although Ethan and I had been cooped up over the weekends, I opted to let Alan rest today, although he gallantly suggested we go to Ikano Power Centre to shop. I need to buy Ethan his feeding chair and manyablog of mommies had recommended the cheap but very effective feeding chair. :D I think it costs around RM40+ only. My goodness! I also want to buy him a waterproof bib.
Anyway, Alan and I went for our usual breakfast and visited one of our best friend's shops to add to our collection before heading home.

Some pictures of Ethan munching (or sucking) on his teething rusk biscuit: