Friday, July 3, 2009

Helping the Refugees

Thursday 2 July 2009

I spent a wholesome day doing nothing but researching on baby stuff and relaxing and just chilling. I even took a 2 hour nap from 3-5pm and went downstairs for a swim at around 6pm. Alan fetched me for dinner at 7pm and we tried out the Peng Hwa Teochew Porridge restaurant along Jalan Klang Lama, which thankfully didn't give me the runs.

We had plate after plate of chinese teochew porridge dishes and each of us had a double boiled soup. I also packed my lunch for the day after and the bill came up to be RM37.

Friday 3 July 2009

Today I will see Dania for tuition (my first lesson in the week) and then we will probably go to TMC to pick up some groceries. I want to stock up on sacks of rice and some cooking oil for the refugees from Myanmar and deliver these items (together with the snacks for the children which we bought from Nicky's warehouse) and some old clothes and cute small toys to the church in Jln Alor tomorrow late morning, probably.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New House_clap clap

Wednesday 1 July 2009

We met May Peng, the previous owner of our house at 10am to change the payee name of the electricity and water bills. The two HQ were not housed under one roof and we had to drive all the way to Jalan Kepong for the electricity one. ;P

After that, we were brought to lunch in Bangsar, Lucky Gardens. May Peng introduced us to her favourite Da Chow haunt, Restoran Chef Low. We had three dishes - prawn, vege and fish fillet and the bill came up to be RM 99.45! AMAZING! Alan also fainted when he picked up the tab. The food wasn't even fresh to begin with, and we were served sour home-made barley. :P

At 130pm, we made our way to our new house and there May Peng showed us the circuit boxes and etc and passed us the bunches of keys / remote control for the auto gate etc. It was sooooooooo hot and the aircon was not cooling to say the least. We sweated it out whilst waiting for Vivian, our ID to come and do her final inspections. She has promised that the contractors can start work on Friday and we will be able to move in before the start of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival which commences on 20th August this year.

I reached home at 5pm and slept tiredly till 7pm before Alan picked me up for dinner at Robson's.

Our Trip Back to Spore.

Friday 26 June 2009

Alan came home from work and we then made our (F1) way home to Singapore and arrived at around 6+pm. Enroute, Alan had to stop over at Malacca for a business meeting and we had a quick lunch (with Nicky, Alan's colleague) at our favourite chicken rice ball stall in Malacca.

Dinner was a congregation of the family at Duman Road food centre where we indulged in local delights. I was craving for a big bowl of Seng's wanton noodles (dry with lotsa chilli) but settled for a minute bowl instead. ;P On our table, there was also Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, Satay Beehoon and Rojak. We polished off everything and then went downstairs for dessert. hahaa

Saturday 27 June 2009

Alan had to settle some car stuff for our Audi today so I stayed at home and waited for him to return to bring me out - It was AWFULLY HOT WEATHER and I REFUSED to venture out alone.

We left the house at around 4pm and headed to Robinson's Centrepoint to pick up some stuff (e.g. ironing board/ hairdryer etc) for the new house. We were joined by Sharon and my inlaws and my mum and all of us then had dinner at Warukuzen (or something like that) at StarHub centre. The meal was pricey but the quality was OK. We were all starving then as well and so we tucked in happily.

Sunday 28 June 2009

Ahhhhh we had a fruitful and fulfilling day today.

We picked TK up at around 1030am and then headed for KeeKiat's to visit Julia and then newborn baby, Kaitlyn. After that, we rushed back to pick mum up at 12noon and then made our way to Marina Square.

Lunch was the usual fare - meepok tah at the foodcourt and we walked around later before our movie, Transformers. There was a Young Parents Fair going on in the centre court and we enquired about Cord Blood Banking and all.

Transformers lasted pretty long and the big screen was filled with robotic action. It was pretty entertaining but all three elders fell asleep, one after another. I emerged from the cinema with a slight headache as well, becos of the action. hahaha

Dinner was at Grand Shanghai (again). My mother-in-law has vouchers that take 50% off our bill- so we always end up eating there. We ordered more unusual food, this time and everyone (ah ma, Paul and Yvonne, Sharon and Chris who joined us later) ate heartily :)

Monday 29 June 2009

I stoned at home and read up on baby books before my first appointment.

At 3pm, I left the house and painfully took a bus to Tanah Merah MRT station (no one gave up their seats for me hor!) and then continued my journey to Raffles City by MRT.

I met Ben at 4pm and we had tea (and I, ice-cream as well!) at Canele at the Basement. Alan knocked off early from his seminar and popped over to join us at 5ish. We left the restaurant at 6pm and then did some quick shopping (I went to Robinsons to get my moisturizers and all) and then headed over to That CD shop for Alan to purchase his Blue Rays.

Alexis called at 610pm and we hurried over to Shokudo where Eileen, Yew Hock and Alexis were a-waiting. Actually, they weren't waiting. They had already gone on to buy their dinner since they were all starving! Elaine, Kala and Leo came abit later and we all gossiped and caught up over Westernized Japanese cuisine mains and desserts.

At almost 9pm, Alan and I hurried home to chit chat with my inlaws who had come over to my mum's. Dad wanted to ask Alan's advice with regard to a TV he wanted to buy and put in his bedroom (with Mum's permission, of course!) We chatted until pretty late and then bade one another goodbye before heading upstairs to bathe and sleep.

Tuesday 30 June 2009

We slept till we had enough and then left for Parkway Parade to run some errands. First, we had lunch at our usual haunt, the foodcourt . I had my usual Ban Meesuar and Alan had his meepok AGAIN!

I went to pick up some dog food for Sheena at Pets Lovers Centre and then walked around before Alan was done remitting SGD back to KL. Then, it was back to the house to pack up and kiss Ash goodbye before leaving for KL.

We set off from the causeway at 320pm and arrived in KL , Sri Tiara at 615pm. Was that F1 driving, or what? :D After putting our barang barang down, we left to have dinner at the restaurant next to Dogroomz.

We had pigs trotters with fish, a steamed fish and some vege and then fetched the two doggies back home. We were super zonked by then at went to bed before 11pm.