Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ethan's First Visit to the Paediatrician

31 October 2009 (Saturday)

Today is Ethan's 6th day in existence. We have kinda established that he is an angel in the day and a monster at night. OMG. Hope he reduces his wailing ASAP so that my family members and I do not turn into pandas. There are enough animals in the household already!

We brought the little fella to his paediatrician (Dr Lim MK, Gleneagles, KL) today at 330pm because he was turning a little yellow. Dr had said that if he started showing signs of jaundice, we shld bring him to see him asap. So there we were...

Little Ethan slept all the way in the car and only woke up when he was stripped to take his weight. OMG he lost 300g from the date of delivery!!! To think he is drinking quite well too. :P Hope his weight will go up quickly. Jia You Baobei! *mum whips out pom poms to cheer Ethan Boy on!*

Dr Lim checked Ethan and announced that there's no point of concern as of now. Very mild case of jaundice. Nei Nei paid RM122 for that piece of mind and colic drops and some nasal spray. On the way home, Alan Daddy bought icecream for himself and Nei Nei. (NOT FAIR)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Our World, Ethan!

26 October 2009 (Monday)

Alan and I packed our bags and left for Dr Ravi's at around 9am this morning. We were squeezed in to see him (since we hadn't made appt) at around 10am (after we got there admist the traffic jams). Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't really know, Dr Ravi did another scan and announced that the aminotic fluid was dwindled and the baby has not put on any weight since the last appointment. At the same time, the umbilical cord was twirled around Ethan's neck and therefore it was TIME (finally) to get him outta there!!! Because the cervix wasn't dilated, we had no other option but to slice open the belly and perform the C-section. Dr Ravi is a busy fella alright but we managed to squeeze in the operation at around 130pm. I was pushed into the OT at around 1+pm and given the spinal block by Dr Suresh. In a few minutes, I couldn't feel my legs and that was when the gloved and prepared, Dr Ravi strolled into the OT. Alan was also scrubbed down and given a blue operating gown to wear.

Then, with Alan's hand in mine, and admist continuous shuddering (effect of the spinal block), Ethan was tugged (literally) outta my womb by the expert hands of Dr Ravi. Dr Suresh helped PUSH my womb also and then SUDDENLY (at 1:49pm) the OT was filled with loud cries. Ethan had ARRIVED! Weighing in at 2.490kg and with length 44.5cm and head circumference 33.5cm).

Dr Lim MK (the pedatrician) then charged in and took charge. He cleaned and wrapped the baby etc and placed him on my chest (whilst I was still being stitched up). Ethan looked like this red little alien thing. ahaha. I looked and saw Alan's eyes tearing up (hehe) but I was too busy shuddering to activate my tear ducts.

The doctor took Ethan away after the bonding session and when I was done and Dr Ravi had completed his handiwork, I was rolled into an observation room and placed there for 20minutes to monitor my progress. BP and all. SHUDDER SHUDDER

When all was well again, I was rolled back into my maternity ward (D311) and Alan was there to welcome me. We waited (impatiently) for Ethan to be brought into my room but it was around 5pm when he came, all showered and clean. :) Because he was a tad (10g) underweight, and his glucose level was a bit low, he was given a supplement formula feed of 30ml. I was worried that he would not want my breast milk after that but thankfully he did not refuse my goodwill gesture :P

The days and nights rolled into one long stay in the hospital, but amazingly, I recuperated from the op very, very well and Dr Ravi allowed me to be discharged after 2 nights only! We left for home at 1+pm on 28th October 2009 and Ethan was introduced to his kingdom shortly after...

Coco's Amazing Feat

Sunday 25 October 2009

Coco Tan did so well in his pre-novice examination. He was awarded 94%!!! Same as Jay Jay Tan! *claps* We were astounded to receive that result. ahahhaha. Amazing, but true.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shopping at our Fav Haunt

Sunway Pyramid is really a one-stop shopping mall for all OUR needs.

After bringing Coco for his extra lesson in preparation for his pre-novice examination the next day, Alan and I showered, had a late breakfast (of leftover bacon sandwich and a blueberry muffin), instructed our gardener Ah Chu with regard to our garden and then left for Sunway Pyramid.
Next door was a shop that Alan wanted to patronise and so we stopped by first for him to pick up his remote control car body kit and paints :P Again, it worries me that my husband has not grown up and I will have two babies to take care of in the near future :P

We were STARVING when we arrived at Sunway at around 230pm. I coveted the Vietnamese food we had once eaten there and thankfully the restaurant had not closed down. O'Viet was located and we shared a platter for an appetiser, made up of vegetables and meats and rice paper. And then both of us each had a bowl of beef noodle soup. I washed down the oil with my lemongrass and ginger drink whilst Alan had a traditional Vietnamese coffee.

After the meal and with smiles plastered on our faces, we proceeded to SHOP. Finally, we located Annaku from the map and checked out the prices of certain items we wanted to buy. However, we ended up buying Ethan's mosquito net and stand from World of Cartoons, together with another box of nappy liners.
Then, we headed to Parkson to pick up diapers. The Drypers were going for RM39.90 at 56 per pack (with a free set of mittens) and MamyPoko was going for Rm38.50 for 52. We picked up one packet each in order to test their suitability on Ethan's little bum bum. Also, I chose a medicine (touch wood) feeding spoon and two CD/ VDV combos which we will play on Ethan's CD player in his room to keep him entertained when awake. We invested in Breastflow milkbottles (which has teats which apparently greatly resemble the mother's nipple), some corn starch powder and also some batteries (for Ethan's mobile, stroller fan and womb-sound player). - Yes, my son is a pampered little prince ;P Since our godson, Hayden's 7th birthday is coming, we also chose him a Bionicle character which needs to be fitted together , from Lego.

After stepping outta Parkson (and lamenting on why I hadn't brought the RM50 Parkson voucher I had stashed away), we were greeted by a lovely sight - Pets Lovers Centre! We hurried in and bought three packets of kibbles of the brand Fish4Dogs. The cod fish formula had apparently made Coco's fur very shiny and we wanted to continue feeding him that. Each packet came with a free gift of sea jerky as well (which retails in Singapore at around SGD$9/ pack)!! We bought Myra one packet of kibble too, as promised.

Alan needed to pick up some hardware for the house/ garden and so we headed up Ace Hardware. I stoned outside with a trolley piled to the brim with our shopping and thankfully there was an empty seat to rest my bulging ankles and aching feet. :P After 15minutes or so, Alan emerged with a saw, a grass cutter and also some rubber protectors for Ethan's cot.

By this time, it was late 5pm and I was dead tired from all that shopping / strolling. We hopped into Zen (Secret Recipe) for a drink but Alan couldn't resist the moist chocolate cake and ordered a piece to be shared whilst we happily indulged in our fruit juices (orange, apple, carrot and apple, lemongrass and ginger). The cake was just to die for and worth all of the ten-minute wait! :O~~

Then, we found our way to the car park and made our way home...
After dinner, Alan and I busied ourselves with more preparation for Ethan's arrival. Alan set up the mosquito net and stand and experimented with the high-tech stroller. I tested the stroller fan, mobile etc if they were functioning and continued to add little decorations in his room. I pasted some sponge numbers of his loo door and some cutesy little icons (bought in Malacca) on his drawers for decoration. ;) It was after midnight when we crawled into bed, exhausted.