Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's Saturday 1 November. Happy Halloween! I forgot to mention that on 24 Oct Fri, we accompanied Hayden to a Halloween party in his school. Our dear god son dressed up as Darth Vader and his friend Prakash went as a sloppy spiderman.

Anyway, boy are we tired. We came back home, not too long ago. We had left the two little brothers at home and fled out to watch a movie and relax. We watched The Coffin a somewhat touching and initial chilling movie. But because our tolerance for horror is very high, we got bored from the second half of the flick, even though the girl next to me was hiding her face in her hands.
After the movie, we went a-shopping and Alan bought his much coveted MacBook Pro. It's a sleek and very slim and sexy laptop which he has started to caress non-stop hahaha. :D
We went to Klang Lama Petsmore (again) to collect Coco's waterfeeder and Jay Jay's bowl. Then we headed to Central shopping mall with the intention of picking up a clothes rack (since ours is almost perchak already). We discovered a mini vege n fruits market on the ground floor- interesting - and picked up some vege to last me a few dinners next week, since Alan would be meeting clients, suppliers and whats not almost all of next week. :P
We quickly headed for home, only to find our youngest furry son whining at the top of his voice.:(

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Anonymous said...

"It's a sleek and very slim and sexy laptop which he has started to caress non-stop hahaha"

Sharon here... LOL... Tell the man to readjust his priorities... there are other things.... tt need carressing... *silly alien runs off to hide in a corner*