Friday, October 17, 2008

Home is Where the Heart is.

Going home tomorrow morning after leaving Jay Jay to the Lim's. :D It's Ash time again. hahahah. and then, once we get back from Spore to KL, it will be Coco think! Hahhaha. Life is good when you are surrounded by beautiful dogs.

The past few days have flown by and I filled my time with giving tuition classes. The taitai resumed tuition with me (after 3 long months!) and brought me dimsum from Hilton! hahahha Lunch with hubbie doesnt comprise of fish head beehoon soup at the nearby coffeeshop. On that special day, it was sedap dimsum from Hilton. Of cos, she doesnt get to see hubbie, I shall settle for fishhead beehoon soup...although, Husband, once in a while, a pao or two should be encouraged!

Interesting, I havent had that shack-out feeling from the numerous lessons and talking for 6-7hours non-stop. hahaha. I guess USA really rejuvenated me. and also the thought of taking a 'break' again and going home. hahaa. I dread to think of the kilos I will pile though as everyone who meets up with me as the idea of 'good food' - quote Pearlyn, in mind. jiu ming ahhh.

Yesterday, I caught (finally) Pursuit of Happyness on HBO and it was a heart-wrenching tale alright about Will Smith and son sleeping in the streets and the former meeting setback after setback to fight for a better tomorrow. I told Jay Jay after the movie how lucky he was to be living with us and then decided to ration his kibbles to teach him greater appreciation for Food. hahaaha . This fella has such a good life. He has his two feeds of kibbles everyday, some delicious cookies, and a bowl of milk with his Angel Eye powder - a powder which treats his tear stains. Sometimes, (like yesterday) he will get an egg mashed up in his food as well. He needs to be more appreciative (and NOT PEE ON MY BED!)
Today's class with the twins will find us doing a poster on the River Nile. Yay. What fun!
Then it's dania's counselling session again before I break for a long 'weekend'. yeaH!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuition TaiTai

Ok ok .. I know I havent uploaded the USA pics but Alan has been pretty busy (shooting terror bites and soldiers...) Will do so soooon...Hopefully by this weekend. There's nothing much to update and since today I have lined up a painful 6hours non-stop of classes, I think I shall just kick back and relax now before my ordeal begins at 100pm. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pamper Me Silly!

I woke up and hurried to get ready (after Alan went to work happily with his sandwich breakfast and cholestrol-reducing tea). I was off for a day of PAMPERING!
Deciding that I looked too much like a housewife - pls see tags- I wanted a new do to refresh myself.
I headed to Cres for a 2hour session of electrifying slimming, whitening body scrub and hydro milk bath (all of which I had won in a lucky draw!) and then grabbed some sushi for lunch and strode to La Mode to see Bill.
After debating, on the hairdresser's chair about whether to (a) chop off my locks and look young again, (b) please the husband and keep long hair and get it rebonded and (c) get a tudung and wrap it aruond my face, both hairstylist and customer decided on (a).
I sat patiently in the chair whilst Bill chopped off my shoulder length locks and shaped my hair into a high bob. Then, it was brunette-time! My colour had faded miserably and I told Bill to recolour it red again. ahahaha. Lastly, I started on the treatment and steaming. Throughout, the girl who washed my hair (a few times during the entire process) gave me good massages and rubs. ahhhhh..
Almost 4 hours later, I stepped outta the salon light-headed...literally. hehehee.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Almond and Choco Chip Cookies!

Jay Jay is ONE!

Dear all,

11/10/08 (Saturday)
Not much to update. We had a busy lil weekend again. I had previously purchased a facial for Alan and myself at Pavilion from New York Skin Solutions and we headed there after a breakfast of coveted meesiam on 11/10 noon. After analysing of skin and yadah yadah, we were ushered into a couples room in their Mid Valley outlet. Thus began the 1+hour experience. Alan teared buckets as the skin consultant proceeded to remove his built up of black, white and grey heads and after the session, my freckles (seriously) became lighter and Alan (hahah) announced his face felt lighter. hahaha. Of cos, the hard-selling began soon after.

We had initially wanted to bring J to the park for an evening of fun but by the time we emerged from the facial, it was pouring. We went to grab some groceries from JUSCO and two slices of cake from Secret Receipe and then headed home to sing the lil One a Bday song. hahaha.

We had a quick bf of Mr Ho's Fine Food Sausage (err yah.. it's a brand least I never typed Mr Ho's Fine Sausage)... we went to the central park for a lil walk with JJ. The park was swamped with huskys and we found out soon that every sunday there was a gathering there. haha.
After a while, we then left for Ikano Power Centre to bring J for his grooming. Becos we had left him for 3 weeks with a friend, his fur was very knotty and unruly and the poor fella had to be shaved again. sigh. Now he looks like an alien once more. :P
It took almsot 3 hours to get him done and we roamed around in Ikano and had assam laksa lunch at Uncle Lim's. haahaha. Don't ask me why the names of the shops are so ...
We got home around 2 and played Time Crisis (with 2 guns this time) till Alan had to go meet his boss for dinner. :P