Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday 23 August 2008

We woke early to bring Jay Jay for his extra class at Taman Desa Park. N then we had (with the Kuas) fishhead beehoon soup again. We then went home to book our accomodation and etc for our coming USA trip.

Sunday 24 August 2008
*Mommy this is my new friend Toby!*

*I am a top student!*
I experienced stress that morning as Jay Jay was slated to have his examination for his basic obeidence. We arrived early at 1015am (as the test was supposed to begin by 1030am) and were overwhelmed with the sheer number of dogs there. My Goodness. After a long wait, we (Jay and his mum) completed his exam-and although he did not do his down-stay and did not do the recall exercise very well, he still had 85% (distinction). sheesh. This is like a neighbourhood school in spore, where the standard is very low. Ash was from (e.g.) ACSI and topped the class with 78%! Jay Jay kinda screwed up his exam (in our eyes) and yet got a high distinction. :P

ABSOULTELY STARVING from the lack of breakfast, we hopped into One One HK Cafe for some brunch. Of course, we got overzealous in our bid to fill our tummies and ordered: fried chilli, dan dan noodles, shrimp dumpling soup, fried chee cheong fun, xiao long bao , chicken claws, yam paste (dessert) and gingko and barley with beancurd skin (dessert) and washed all that down with tea teh-rik kurang manis please! (we had to tapao some food back because we were stuffed). All the food ordered was delicious, if I may say so and Alan and I were delighted to have found another eating place.

*The maker of the loud noise*
Next, we brought our son to see a lion dance troupe which was invited to launch a new hair salon in the vicinity. Jay Jay was indeed traumatized by the 'dong dong chang' and it's deafening decibels and scratched almost 3.5layers of my skin off my body in a desperate attempt to get away from the din. Soon, it started to pour and we hurried to the car and zoomed off home.

*Red and big monster*

We returned home and continued to book our USA accomodation / car / etc. Shireen msged at 5pm and invited us to join them for a prawn fishing expedition. I showered at top speed and then we zoomed down. After an hour, Wei Jin managed to catch one prawn and though Alan and I persisted and sat down there for two hours, we went home empty-handed.
Malaysia 1- Singapore 0
*At Desa Fishing Pond wasting time and feeding mozzies*

It's OK. We went directly to the in-house restaurant and ordered their biggest plate of marmite prawns and some vege and horfun and discovered that the chef there was pretty good! The restaurant had that rural Malaysia flavour and we were that this dining experience was very novel and fun indeed (save for the disgustingly dirty toilets).

Friday, August 22, 2008


Alan came home at approximately 2am (after bringing his CEO out) this morning and got back to a series of small surprises. He saw the delicious looking cheesecake and also found a pressie (bottle of perfume) hidden in the loo for him. I had lit a few candles and decorated the whiteboard as well.
This morning, around 9am, I activated Mission: Late to Pick CEO Up by bringing out the cheesecake and singing the birthday song with Jay Jay. We replaced a candle with a tea-light. No choice. and then I causally put the card and another pressie on the table whilst he did up his tie in the room. ahahhaha.
After that, I had tuition with Hayden and then Dania. The cheesecake was a hit with all.
I quote Dania, "Your cheesecake is PERFECT." - announced with big satisfied grin on face.
There only two small pieces left in the fridge now, as I type!!! :O
After a short nap, I got ready for Alan's birthday party. However, I waited and waited for my taxi to come but to no available. It was storming (I am not exaggerating) and no taxi drivers would answer the call of duty :P Such is KL...
In the end, after sending CEO late to the airport (being stuck in a massive jam), Alan and Chung came to fetch me to pavilion. After hour plus later, we finally reached Pavilion and proceeded to Red Box for the karaoke cum birthday celebration session. Nicky bought Alan a choco Banana Secret Receipe Bday cake and they all sang him a song. :)

My Strawberry Cheesecake! OooLA La

Thursday 21st August 2008

After tuition with only Hayden, I walked (for the third time in the week) to MVMM. This time, I was on a MISSION.
I had to pick up cream cheese and strawberries to bake Alan's birthday cake with. I left at around 4pm and came back before 5pm. Not bad huh?
Then , the process commenced. I pounded the digestive biscuits into crumbs and mixed some butter and sugar into it to form the crust. Then, I creamed the butter, cheese and sour cream together to form a paste and added in in more sugar and two eggs. I poured the whole conccotion into the baking tin and then set the oven to 175 degrees c and waited for half an hour afterwhich I switched off the oven and left the pan in the oven for another hour or so. Refrigeration was next and after about four hours, I added the strawberries on the cake (at around 113pm) and VOILA! SHARON'S DELI STRAWBERRY AND CHEESECAKE (baked with tender loving care n got $ oso cannot buy) was ready!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Announcing My New 3G iPhone!!!! *clap clap clap*

Announcing the arrival of a new addition to the Tan family. Hahhahaa. No no nooooo I'm not preggie (again scare u!) My baby's bought me a new handphone... It is the latest, the sexiest, the coolest and yes the most coveted 3G iPHONE, designed by Apple in California and assembled in China. hahaha. It's the sleek white, slimmier than my baby's wallet (even after the purchase) and it's not available till 22 August in Singapore. It has not even come to Malaysia! Hayden's dad got it for Alan for me from HK on his recent biz trip. yipeee. ;) Thanks baby for the gift- even though your birthday is coming.. I guess it's sorta fair becos I bought Alan an electronic keyboard (which I am using to pick up playing the piano again - I have been dilligently practising "Jingle Bells" hor!) in 2006 on MY birthday and now he has bought me the iPhone on HIS. ahhahaa. I am busy downloading photographs now and iTunes. *slurpS*

*ahem* can u see the glee on this gal's face??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Monday and tuesday

It's already Tuesday and today is more relaxing. My Indian student cancelled our 10am class at 9:07am this morning (how very nice of her! ;p) and my next and only class starts at 1pm & will last one hour.
Today, there's no class at Ti-ratana as well. Shall take a much-needed break. Although, sad to say, there is NOTHING left in the fridge save for two tomatoes and half a papaya. hahaha. I wonder what I shall have for lunch. sigh.
Anyway, yesterday the facial was really good and I utilised two slimming sessions which I had won in a lucky draw during the Crez open house that day. Shall work on a diet today. ahhaah. :P

Monday 18 August
Had class with the twins from 1030-12pm during which they finished up their project of creating a brochure. and then Hayden beckoned at 1pm.I was very stoned during the classes because of the very tiring weekend and I tried my darnest to look entertained by Hayden's incessant chatter.
After a quick shut-eye after tuition, I walked to The Gardens for my facial and then went to MPH to help Neeta buy some English books for her 3-year-old illiterate daughter. Then I sent Alan's jackets for dry-cleaning and we had dinner (REGRETS!) at this restaurant called Esquire in MVMM. It was not only pricey, the frog was malnurished and had all its bones broken etc .. all the pictures in the menu were grossly misleading n the dinner cost a bomb RM70! We could have had two great meals at Robson's! *sigh*

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our weekend...

Saturday and Sunday were started with Jay Jay's class. He will be sitting for his exam next Sunday and the trainers suggested giving extra classes to Jay Jay and his classmates to boost their chances of passing !

After that, we went home to plan and book our USA trip. I finally saw how competent my husband is in Microsoft excel as he even came up with a column to show how many attractions are within walking distance of the hotels we were looking at. my nerdy husband, I am proud of you!

As such, the weekend was pretty home-based and tiring and we slept at 2am on Saturday night and 1am on Sunday. The only interesting and novel experience was that we baby-sat Hayden on Sunday morning and brought him to the dog-training session. He was inquisitive and started looking into drains and up the trees instead of the dogs though and halfway through went to the playground to play with Alan who later bought him an icecream.

The Kuas came later and we went for the World's Best ( I am NOT KIDDING) fried fish beehoon soup - the soup was thick and delicious and Alan and I were nodding throughout our meal in approval. Then, we brought Hayden to see some dogs in Jln Klang Lama but he seemed more interested in straggling Jay Jay. hahaha