Friday, March 7, 2008


Dearest Mummy,
Sending you our well-wishe across the congested causeway:

Here's wishing you Good Health and Happiness on this special day of yours and may all your days be as special as this one!

With truckloads of Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Sharon & Alan.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Going back to Spore tomorrow

Hi Hi guys.. Yes this entry will be posted only later. Don't wanna spoil the surprise, just in case my mummy reads my entries. Hahahah. We will be back in Singapore from 7th March (830pm) till 9th March (330pm). Coming back via coach this time and it will be a 10 hour journey to and fro.

The motive of the trip? To celebrate my mother's birthday! Hee Hee Hee. How can I not be around on my mummy's special day? :) *kiss mummy on forehead*

Next year is her 60th Da Shou also. Must plan something exciting. It's not everyday one turns 60! ahahah. Mine will be celebrated with lotsa fanfare! But ahhaha I CAN WAIT. hahaha. Turning 30 didn't feel much though. Perhaps because I was surrounded by love and warmth. Hahaha. I had thought that the Big 3 would be painful and depressing but on the contrary, I enjoyed myself. I think I've really "grown up" ahhahaa. Oh well.

The short-lived days in Singapore will be spent mainly with FAMILY this time. Hope to squeeze in time to see a few friends and of course our daughter Zesa, who would be BLACK after her softball carnival. I remember being incredulous and staring at her in May last year, just before she became my bridesmaid. AHhahaha The gerl had turned a bronze shade of black just weeks before her surrogate parents walked down the aisle. I wonder if all eyes were on the bride or the black bridesmaid, the day she held my train and we marched down the stairs in the Intercon. hahahaha. *nostalgic*

hahaha I can't believe I've already been Mrs Tan for 9.5months already! Tian Ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alone in the Crowd

Alan is out busy entertaining his boss who's in town so I busied myself today with doing SOMETHING.

I took the shuttle bus (for the 1st time) to Mid Valley at 2pm and booked myself a ticket to watch a movie at 335pm. I had some time to burn so I headed to The Gardens to pick up some magnets for my new clay figurines I had so diligently done on Monday. The idea is to sell the magnets in Qbox in Malaysia, think there's one in 1- Utama. But we shall see when I get down actually to doing it.

Then I walked around MDMM and did some light shopping. Quite mindless , I must say.

Jumper was rather nice. The actor was pretty cute, kinda reminded me of Jason Priestly from Beverly Hills 90210 (ok ok , that series is from MY era ;p) then I headed to JUSCO to pick up some groceries.

It was about 6pm when I decided to walk home.

Pride and Prejuice was on HBO from 7-9pm. Ahhhh. What a truly romantic show, proving that you don't need to be a hunky dory to set butterflies aflutter. Mr Darcy is truly a man after my own heart. *slurps*

It's 22:03 and the husband's still not back yet. *Makes a face*

Monday, March 3, 2008


^&$%^# Jay Jay was lying on my woollen trench coat after I finished cooking. and He had pulled out of the charging socket and munched on my N73 . Now there are teeth marks on the cover and on my sticker screen.

He will remain locked up for the rest of the night. >:(


Saturday 1 March 2008

Role reversal. Alan made me breakfast whilst I prepared to spend 2 hours at my neighbour's making Rm50/hr. ahahha. at 11am, I came home to the husband who was waiting. :)

We embarked on our dvd adventure. This time, similar to the previous, this HK drama was about the highs and lows of two aspiring police officers. Quiet inspirational and sweet.

We cooked an early dinner.

Sunday 2 March 2008

We woke up very late and settled breakfast in a flash. Then the tv was switched on and fantasy was woven into our reality.

Soon it was 4pm and we embarked on our first training with Jay Jay. We leashed him up and used the choke-chain on him for the first time. And then we led him to the colourful outdoor playground. Alan began the training with the usual walk-with-dog-on-left. Jay Jay screeched and struggled in mock pain as though he was being tremendously tortured and manhandled. I am quite sure that if our neighbours had heard the din, they would rush for their phones to call SPCA to save him! bleah Then, the sun came out and so we continue our training in the covered carpark.

After a while, Jay Jay was very much more obedient (compared to Ash on his first training with Patrick Wong anyway) and he responded to the training quite naturally. He also automatically sat (although in front and not beside us) everytime we stopped walking. Cool!

After the training, Alan and I did something new - we went to the gym! Although small and not so well-equipped, we spent our time on the threadmill, lifting weights and also on the step-machine.

Dinner was next and since it was raining cats and dogs, we detoured and went to Mid Valley, instead of going to our favourite alfresco steamboat haunt. Thankfully we found a parking lot almost effortlessly and Alan decided to have our dinner at Rak Thai at Mid Valley SC Basement 1.


We were ushered to a table and waited on. The weird thing was that MANY items on the menu were all unavailable at 650pm (early dinner-time). Items like all the salads, all the desserts and some mains were all 'sold out'. One wonders just how much stock they ordered to cater to the dinner crowd on a daily basis. sheesh

After our tasteless pandan grass jelly was served, we waited a good ten minutes before Alan's TomYam beehoon with king prawns was served. Errr Actually only ONE out of the TWO prawns was a so-called "king prawn". the other was your usual run-of-the-mill type.

I waited and waited in anticipation for my Pad Thai special but it never came. After Alan was almost done with his meal, I called the waiter to check on my meal and why it had not been served especially when "my husband had almost finished his dinner".

The waiter came back to me in a few minutes and announced to me that my Special Pad Thai had been served to the wrong table and that was the last of that dish that coould be cooked for the night as there was no more ingredients.

I was incredulous! I had waited about half an hour!!! What if I hadn't asked for my order to be checked?? The worse part was the waiter wasn't the least apologetic, as though such occurrences were part of his daily mundane experiences. By this time, I was fuming and asked for the bill to be brought and requested for the manager to see me.


The irate Chinese manager did not once apologise for their mistake. She was merely concerned with serving us the bill and getting us to pay. I highlighted to her that the service left much to be desired and related to her what had happened. However, she just kept asking us what we had eaten and whether the bill was accurate. I was furious and told her that we were not going to pay the 10% service charge as their service was "horrible". She just turned away and left. Weirdly she came back with our "change" although Alan had not even paid. See how the management and the whole service team was f-ed up?!? We just handed her the RM20 and left the restaurant.

My dear husband was apologetic , since he was the one who had chosen the restaurant to dine in. hahha. So silly! However, by this time, I was too furious to eat. This was by far the most horrible experience I had had in Malaysia ever since I had arrived. However, I suddenly realised that my standards set for the service in this god-forsaken country cannot be as high as that in Singapore. It is MALAYSIA after all. That sank my mood even further. 4.5 more years in this country??

We decided to walk off my fumes in MPH and I went shopping for tuition books for my tuition kid. Then we headed for Sushi at Sushi Yo! as I was starving. After the ramen and plates and plates of sushi, we headed to the counter and realised just how expensive our dinner was. haha *sigh* What was with the day and eating??

We spent about an hour at carrerfour buying some essentials and then left for home after an ice-cream at Mac's each. ;p