Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Sore'ry

I went to bed with a very bad throat and woke up with a very bad throat. At least this thing is constant in life. ;p now... HOW did I develop this sore throat? I really do not know.
I took Shireen's car to The Gardens last evening, after tuition and had a bowl of beancurd (good for throat right?) whilst they had some yummy porridge. We shopped around abit then I left them to do some grocery shopping before Alan arrived.
I went to CarrerFour to pick up some stuff and before I was done, Alan told me he was arriving. I hurried to pay and then met him at the carpark to dump all the stuff into the car.
Dinner was a novel experience at yet another taiwanese restaurant. I had spicy ramen (sore throat causing?) and he had crispy chicken noodle soup and we shared steamed dumplings and a bubble green tea.
Quarrantine was v interesting. Thankfully I was motion sick because the show was about a camera man and a reporter covering a night out with firemen. If you havent watched it, there are no spoilers in here ( I don't believe in being a kill-joy) but for thriller fans and men who want your girlfriends hugging you in the dark whilst in the cinema...this is the show for u!
Today, 26 Nov (Happie Birthday Trish G2!!) -
I will be having tuition with Hayden (again) later and also Dania tonight. It will be a longggggggggg Wednesday, esp since Alan gets back late. But I must say, the time is flying us by and so is the week. Dunno whether to be happie or sad?

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