Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parkson and Pork Knuckles

Thursday 25 June 2009

Today, Alan and I spent a fruitful day out after he knocked off from work.

He picked Jay Jay, Coco and me up and we sent the dogs to Liz's to be boarded for 5 nights because of our trip back to Singapore. We know that our sons are in good hands everytime we leave them at Dogroomz and we left with bounce in our steps and not with a heavy heart. Jay Jay stood on his two hind legs at the door of the shop and waved goodbye fleetingly to his mum before rushing off to chase Coco around the shop. :P

W made our way to Parkson at Pavilion next. The motive was to buy our baby items - the bigger items. We paid for the Graco Play pen and and the Boori Country Crib and then bought a few more items with the vouchers we had with us, including the sterilizer. hahaha Parkson seems to be our favourite shopping haunt already- for baby and house stuff only, of course! We also signed up on the spot for the BonusLink card which allowed us greater rebate value (x5 the amount spent) on that particular day!

After that very satisfying shopping experience, we left Pavilion and decided to treat ourselves to the very-delicious (or so Alan claimed) German food, found around the corner. We got stuck in a massive traffic jam and by the time we arrived at Elcerdo, all three of us (Ethan included) were starving.

We were first served with my carrot milk juice and then a complimentary soup. Soon the appetiser came - pork steak which was very nicely done and flavourful. The huge and intimidating plate of pork knuckle (1/2) came next and by then I was already half full. hahahaa.
The complimentary sides included the buttery mashed potatoes and the gooey cabbage. We tackled our food with gusto, enroute gossiping about a Japanese couple whom were seated very near us. The restaurant soon filled itself with patrons and the clatter and chatter got deafening. For a Thursday night, business was indeed good.

We left around two hours later with heavy bellies and smiles of satisfaction on our faces. Verdict - Nice romantic ambiance (albeit abit too noisy) and NOT for the puny stomached. hahaa

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've got a Headache

Dania just left from class and she looked so tired / sick. Hope she didn't spread me anything not-nice :P I've got this headache thing. Alan is not back yet. He's with a Spore counterpart and taking him out to dinner.

Last night (actually at ard 145am this morning), there was a shrill alarm that broke out and scared the shit outta my two dogs, my sleeping husband and myself. It stopped after a while and we went back to bed. Then, Jay Jay started barking again a few hours later and woke me up. He was telling me to close the sliding door to the balcony as the rain was coming in. Needless to say, I had a terrible sleep - I went to bed at 1am. (OK OK No nagging pls! I KNOW pregnant women shld sleep earlier.)

Tomorrow, we need to send the doggies to Dogroomz for boarding for 5 nights and then go shopping for baby stuff again at Parkson Pavilion. There is a sale again there and we aim to buy the baby crib and the play pen tomorrow. How exciting!

(Yay Dot G2 has finally received my little gift and card sent all the way to Brazil! I had sent it when I was back in Spore two weeks ago, I think - to avoid the lag / possible theft that I would face if I sent it from KL.) Carebears STAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Hello dearies,
Last night, we went to satisfy Alan's craving of DURIANS (Again). hahaa. Went to our fav fruit stall to support our fav uncle and bought two durians (1 Mao Shang Wang n the other Ang Hei or something like that lah). Total bill ? RM43. Verdict? Delicious!

It's Tuesday todayand tonight we will be going to meet up with our ID to confirm our rennovation plans. We should hopefully get the house keys before we go back to Spore on Friday and therefore need to speed everything up!

On Friday, Alan has a last-minute-planned meeting in Malacca in the afternoon and therefore he will deposit me at a mega mall (I wanna check out the new one a stone's throw away from Equatorial Hotel) and I will self-entertain before he comes to pick me up again to resume our journey.

We should arrive in Singapore hopefully by 5pm? Probably staying for a working week as Alan has some work to clear in the Spore HQ. I will of course be decadently meeting up with my friends over lunch / tea / dinner to catch up on whatever is happening in everyone's lives! :D
So ExCITiNg!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Foundry Made our Weekend!

Saturday 20 June 2009

We absolutely refused to get outta bed till late and thus were late for the dogs' grooming appointments. We deposited them at sunny DogRoomz and then headed to lunch at Little Taiwan at Pearl Hotel nearby.

Silly me to have suggested trying out that restaurant - as it was the same restaurant as the one we always frequented in Mid Valley Mega Mall (top floor). However, here, the ambiance was much better and very relaxed.

I steeled myself against ordering my usual (spicy beef noodles) and tried out the claypot braised beef horfun. It was delicious and the serving of beef was generous! I washed that down with a papaya milk drink. Alan's Tang Tang noodles with chicken chop was also yummy but his tiramisu shake did not come with the scoop of icecream as illustrated. Only after asking did we find out that if you wanted icecream, you had to top up the amount to be charged. :P

After the meal, we headed to our usual hangout - MVMM. Our facial was due at Cres at 3pm and we roamed around first and checked out electric appliances (namely TV/ players / washing machines) for our new house.

After our much-needed facial (after which they cajoled us to sign up another package with them), we bummed around MV and had an early dinner and then we buoght some yummy curry puffs at the Gardens for the girls at DogRoomz and set off to fetch our pups home.

Sunday 21st June 2009

Our eyelids twitched to an open at around 930am and I decided to fix the dogs and the husband some eggs for breakfast. Then, we indulged in SIMs 3 until it was time for lunch and headed off to Food Floundry (BG-8 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, 46400 PJ. Tel : +603-7955 3885)

Alan had woken up with the craving (his ex-colleague had brought him there on one occasion) and he was as excited as a little boy to show me this hideout. The cafe was a quaint little one tucked away in the corner of a residential area and near UM. Although the paint was falling off the walls and the seats were a tad uncomfortable, I decided to dine with an open mind :)

Since it was Papa's Day, it was MY TREAT. We shared a starter of Rustic Mushroom Soup (RM10) which was in our opinion "OK only". Alan said that my mushroom soup was yummier. ahahha I actually agree!

My meal was Chicken Cordon Bleu (Rm 16)which contain chicken breast meat and thus wasn't exactly very tasty. Healthy , yes, tasty, not really.

Luckily it wasn't that expensive :P Alan had his coveted Grilled Rib Eye Steak (RM 31) which wasn't done "rare" but was delicious anyway. We also shared the world's most delicious cake - Vanilla Mille Crepe (Rm 8/ slice). Ohhhhhhh. It's made out of layers of crepe and vanilla cream and just melts in your mouth. The dessert solely made up for my lacklustre lunch and I went away with a satisfied belly in the end. :D

Our next stop was Desa Park City to check out what Pioneer had to offer. Alan is insistent on buying their home entertainment system. We were entertained by a very nice salesboy who patiently played disc after disc for us to appreciate.

We also hopped into The Baby Loft to check out their stuff and came away with a pair of papayashoes for our baby on 40% off and a swaddle (something to wrap the baby up in whilst he sleeps) for the first month or two.

It started to drizzle and I went into Petsmore to check some prices and oogle at their cutie pie dogs. I saw this tiny silky terrier + Maltese mix which looked entirely like a silky terrier except for the fringe which was chalky white. hahaha Very unique. hahaha.

We did some quickie-grocery shopping then and picked up a couple of items before deciding on Rakuzen for dinner. *sigh* WRONG MOVE.

After ordering , the waitress came back 10minutes later to inform me that my order had already sold-out. I then decided on another item whilst Alan's unagi rice set was served up already. I waited and waited and waited.... and because we were seated by the door and didn't get any aircon, my face grew hotter and hotter . After Alan had finished his meal, I decided that enough was enough and cancelled my dinner order with a young waiter. N since the waitress who took my order walked past, I informed her also that I had cancelled my order so just pls bring me the bill.

Finally, my curry rice turned up and the manager tried to cajole me to accept the order. I refused. I was too hot and bothered to stomach it anyway and told her I had already cancelled my order since my husband had already finished his meal. :P The manager walked away, carrying my dinner set, without a word of apology.

My kind husband then paid for the bill (including the service charge which I told him not to pay) and we headed for home. I had my thick birds nest waiting for me , which Alan painstakingly boiled for me and so I did not go hungry that night LAH!