Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Thursday at the Pavilion

Friday the 13th!

Hey guys. I am feeling super sleepy cos we slept at 2am last night. Waiting for my student to arrive..the one who is perenially late.

I spent the whole of yesterday lazing around and playing the isketch game. hahaha. it's the life but I fought away pangs of guilt eventually. I took a short nap before heading out to Pavilion to pick up our movie tickets and meet Alan for dinner.

Alan was slightly later and I browsed through the different shops to kill time. I ended up in Pull and Bear and had decided on a RM109 white shirt-top before Alan joined me. He then took a fancy to a pair of very expensive berms. N bought them after trying on different pairs.

Dinner - to save money- was at the food court and I patronized my fav taiwanese stall whilst alan ate kimchi maggie mee which could easily be cooked at home for him. ;p We then did a bit of shopping at Watson's and Speedy Videos and I finally bought my Sky Wu CD. It's like not in the market anymore and I was astonished to see it sitting on the shelf and staring at me as if calling out.

The movie, The Incredible Hulk was entertaining and at times, touching. The special effects were great but the popcorn failed to please (me). Alan has lower standards. ahahhaa.

We headed for home after that and then groomed Jay Jay with the eye Envy and also played a few rounds of iSketch before crawling into bed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dinner with the Uncles

WHOOPS. Audrey smsed me to say she cannot meet me today. But the SHIOK thing is: I HAVE NO TUITION TODAY! hahahha so I will probably still make my way down to Pavilion to shop around and then meet me darling for dinner and movie. We wanna catch the Incredible green Slimy thing and watch to see if his parts increase in size when he starts to morph. hahaha. :P

Yesterday was spent cooking in the day before my 4hours-straight of tuition. But during the last half an hour of my tuition, Alan called to say that we were invited down for dinner at robson's to dine with Uncle Tong and wife who was in town and Uncle Jimmy - two of my dad's closest friends. Ms Tang, Uncle Jimmy's sales executive, joined us too.
After my class, I hurriedly prepared and rushed downstairs and into the already waiting car and we zoomed not more than 200m to reach the restaurant. Everyone was already waiting and they had already ordered.

Dinner was a feast of chicken, steamed soon hock, vege, sea cucumber and frogs legs but after which Alan suggested ordering a few more dishes - both of us silently didn't feel filled at all! hahaha So a pork ribs came together with an udon. *burp*

We chatted and laughed and I croaked -tuition does wonders to my voice- and by the time the meal ended, it was already 1015pm!
Yesterday, my youngest sister Jean also introduced me to this very addictive interactive game called Isketch. (It's a wonder I am updating my blog n not playing it now!) It's an online version of Win, Lose or Draw and players log on and enter different rooms and take turns to draw words for players to guess. I introduced it to Alan and we played till almost 1 last night! Muahahha
By the way, Jay Jay is so smartie pants!he can climb onto our bed using a pillow as his prop and ladder. hahaha He hurried joined us at least 5 times last night until I told him a firm "NO!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Plan for the week..

Umms.. Nothing much to update actually. I have just finished my lunch (Mr Potato and Mrs Carrot soup - the third party with a piece of pork rib and the fourth party was some cabbage) and am waiting for my two tuition lessons to start in a few hours time.

This week, there's plenty lined up:

Thursday's my meet-up with Audrey at Pavilion and then dinner with the husband. Hmmm shall we head to the prawn noodle place for dinner? Or try the bakuteh stall nearby? hahaah.

On saturday, after my tuition, we will be joining the Kuas to watch Kungfu Panda. We wanted to check it last weekend but it was so full and no good seats were left.

Sunday is Jay Jay day! We will attend class in the morning and then head to Ikano Power centre for the vet to take a look at his tear stains and shaky teeth. He has two molars above which are shaky and two teeth below growing side by side. Haiyah.. so many problems! Then, we will pop by Stylessentials to get Adrian to groom Jay Jay. What a long and tiring day for the poor lil pup! :(

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Start of yet Another Week

It's 9 June and it's amazing how time flies. I will be heading for Hayden's in 7mins but just thought I'd pop in to say HI. Think Alex and Elaine are shopping their heads off in HK. Hope the weather's good. It stinks to be on tour and faced with gloomy weather conditions. N hope Elaine's shopping speed has increased. hahaha

I will be meeting Audrey (ah Neo) in Pavilion for tea on Thursday. Coincidentally, I've only a morning class that day. Pavilion's chill-out joints on the third floor deserve exploration and that's exactly what we shall do! :D

Then, I will try to make my way by foot to Alan's office. hahaha. N hope that I won't get lost again (like the previous time). hahah. O well. There's always Uncle Taxi or my ability to cajole the husband to pick me up or join me in Pavilion even admist the immense traffic jams. :P

Tonight's menu:

Stir-fry beef with spring onion and ginger
sambal kangkong
Crab Meat with Egg
Old Yellow Cucumber with Pork Ribs and dried scallops soup.

For dessert, Alan will be preparing his delicious honey-dew and sago. And I will dutifully distribute some to our neighbours. hahaha. YuMs