Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Reunion

We decided to shy away from our usual barchor noodles for brunch and try something more special this late morning. By the time we had left the house after bathing the little one, it was already close to noon.

Mrs Kua had mentioned a long time ago that The Reunion in BSV was a very pricey dim sum restaurant. Pricey, but delicious. We decided to give it a shot today.

The restaurant was divided into two halves. One was the brightly lit and open area where passersby could see what you had on your plates and the other was enclosed and very dark (for a dimsum restaurant) which long flowing curtains and dim lights. Classy, we thought.

We chose the dim dark and were seated. Then we began to order - charsiew pau/ prawn rice roll/ lean meat and salted egg congee/ panfried turnip cake/ ha kao chicken feet/ roasted pork etc etc. All these delicacies filled our table. The food was good and not that expensive also and Alan and I had a good brunch. :) A special touch was given when, at the end of our meal, we were served with a fortune cookie each! It is interesting to note that my fortune " A pleasant surprise is in store for you." would come true the next day. :) *Please see blog entry dated 7/3/2010. :D

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today, after running a few errands, Alan brought us to IKEA for lunch and to shop! I was excited because I had chalked up quite a few items to buy and I was fighting (and losing) this immense cravings for their MEATBALLS! hahaha

We arrived at IKEA and made a beeline for their cafe. The queues which snaked from both sides of the counter amazed us. It was as though the restaurant was participating in the SALE IKEA was having! :P

I decided to have my main dish healthier and share Alan's 15 meatballs with him. I chose the poached salmon in a buttery sauce. We bought a baked chicken drumstick for Ening. Our maid has been putting on a lot of weight ever since she has moved to KL to help us! :P To add to the menu, Alan also bought chicken wings.

Sad to say, the food in IKEA disappointed us big time. Sigh. My salmon was dry and flakey and the meatballs were tasteless and hard. Only the chicken wings were delicious and the saving grace of the meal. :P Both thumbs down for the food, I must declare. Please remind me never to eat at IKEA (KL) again. Normally, we will have Thai food at Absolute Thai in Ikano POwer Centre before heading to IKEA and that's what we will stick to doing next time :P

ANYWAY, after the miserable meal, we popped immediately into the toy section of IKEA, right next to the restaurant. Ethan was tickled literally and figuratively by the different toys he saw. We also picked up a blue 'giraffe', a small cute little white mouse and 7 tiny animal toys (RM 2.90 each).

My main purpose of coming to IKEA was also to pick up some containers to put Ethan's toys / books / etc in. So we did. We finally settled with 2 plastic containers - a smaller red one and a bigger blue one . The former would be placed downstairs in the living room and the latter upstairs in his room. That's where we spend most of our waking hours. :)

We also chanced upon a bookshelf for RM79 and of course we bought it to display all of Ethan's books. hahaha. We roamed IKEA somemore after that and bought a big car rug for our room. Ethan now tends to be very cheeky and kick his legs intentionally in the bathroom. He enjoys making us exclaim by doing that. The louder we exclaim, the harder he kicks (oh, the irony!). So anyway, the rug would be placed under his bath tub to seep up the spilled water.

By the time we left IKEA, it was already 3+pm. We headed to the nearby Starbucks for a drink and gave En permission to go shopping. She had earlier told me that she needed to buy a pair of pants. En went to the nearby shops / bazzar and we savoured our Cammomile tea and ice blended chocolate drink. Ethan made a big stinkie in the cafe (good timing) and we proceeded to change him.

After around half an hour, En came back with two pairs of pants and we made our way home to drop the son and her off. Alan and I then left again for Liang Xin, our favourite massage parlour situated at Bukit Bintang. :)

It was 1.5hours of extremely painful pleasure and we left rejuvented but sad, knowing that our two favourite massage therapists are leaving the parlour for home and Spain respectively. :(

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flip (not flops)!!!

I'm so, so proud of my baby! He has reached a new milestone of his life. hahaha Just now, I put him on his tummy on the changing table for some 'tummy time'. It was so funny though as he rested his head on the side of the table - very slanted. Normally, when placed on his tummy, he was struggle and complain and then burst into tears. However, today was a tad different. He looked like his mind was far away and he had that hint of a smile on his lips.

Using my imagination, I thought that was his hint for flipping and just wanted to try my luck, so I carried him and placed him into a much safer place to turn - his cot. I placed Ethan on his tummy and without further ado (and only a little encouragement from the Mommy whose heart was palpitating), he flipped himself over. hahahaha!!!

It was no fluke ok! He did it a couple of times and then once more when placed on my bed! *three cheers* heheheh. I shall post a video of it soon.

The Great MPH Sale!

Last night, because it was SALE time at MPH (good excuse?), we brought Ening and Ethan out to MVMM and The Gardens.

Alan came back early (these days he does not linger in the office as they are moving out and the dust is overwhelming) and we bathed Ethan together before dressing him in his Hallmark shirt (which is going to be too small for him soon) and his long pants.

Dinner was at the Jap restaurant at The Gardens. Alan's choice AGAIN. We had gone to the Taiwanese restaurant two nights ago and THAT too , was of his choice. It's NOT FAIR *stamp foot on ground and cross arms with pout*. hahaha. Not complaining lah. I would have chosen the food court in a bid to save moolah. Oh well...

We ordered and I satisfied my craving for unagi. Both En and I gobbled down our food but she won and she volunteered to bring Ethan outta the restaurant (he was starting to struggle and show his horns, again). We thankfully agreed. After Alan and I had polished off our rice, we waiting a bit impatiently for the scallop / volcano sushi etc to be served. We left a few pieces of sushi and a scallop for En and Alan then went out to look for her.

TO HIS HORROR, she (and of course Ethan lah) were no where to be found. He searched for them but it was futile and then came back to report to (and scare ) me. I promptly left the unfinished food and pushed the pram out to the counter at the entrance to pay.

Weird thoughts were running through my brain. This is Malaysia, mind you. BTW, have I related the story of the uncle whose son was kidnapped? That's another can PM me if you want the gory (yes I mean all of that word) details. :P

Anyway, finally the maid and the kiddo were found. SHe had brought him into Borders, just next door. My freaked out husband gave her a tongue lashing (in relief). sigh.

After the scare, we headed to MPH to capitalise on the SALE. I had received an SMS (as a member of MPH, Malaysia) that 3/3-5/3 was big sale period for MPH members. The sale would last till 7/3, actually but the first three days had greater discounts to be enjoyed.

True enough, we picked up some great steals. There were 3 First Word books for Ethan, some touch-touch books, pop-up books and also a book that emitted wailing of a siren etc etc. I also bought a book for TK and Ening each. hahaha. My goodness.

Then came a short visit to Ace Hardware and after that, because it was still early, and Ethan was drowsy, we decided to head to PapaRich and give it another shot. The first visit to this outlet had not satisfied but we were bored and thirsty and it was early 8pm only, after all.

Alan had a red bean ice with chendol drink and En and I both had tau huay. My order did not delight, AGAIN.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates on (not-so- lil') Ethan

It's Monday again. Can't believe how time seems to be flying past us. Lil' Ethan ain't that little anymore, I must admit! He's a big little boy now and I am finding it more and more difficult to feed him in the car.

He enjoys his baths now by kicking his feet and playfully threshing his arms in the tub and hence splashing water all over our wooden floor. Today, the naughty fella peed twice in the tub and poor Daddy had to refill his water twice. :P I raised my voice and told him to look at me whilst staring into his eyes and he absolutely REFUSED to meet my eyes, cheekily staring elsewhere in our white bathroom. Wah Such a NAUGHTY fella! *click tongue* He will also give you the 'I Know I'm Being Naughty' slight grin that tips the corner of his mouth slightly. hahhaah. Very amusing.

He can also play with Mommy and Daddy now. We play the "Kissing Monster Game" where Mom / Dad showers kisses VIOLENTLY onto his tummy and he will pretend to be tortured whilst enjoying every moment of it and exclaiming "AiYah AiYah" loudly! hahaha He can win an Oscar at his age!

Ethan enjoys sitting in his lime green bumbo chair as well and sometimes we turn on the TV (barney / baby einstein etc) . But he has a short attention span and after a while will be clamouring to be carried out of his throne.;p

Oh, he also can pull the cord attached to his rocker chair now and switch on the 'twinkle twinkle little star' music by himself now. I taught him by placing his hand on the cord a week ago and he has been practising every day. :)

Ethan likes his space symphony play gym too. It's made up of many dangling toys and a little mirror in the shape of the sun. Also, the structure sways with the music and it's as though his little space gym is orbiting around Ethan. haha. Quite interesting.

We have postponed Ethan's second Vaccination jab (which is due around now) till 16th March 2010 because we want to change pedatricians - from Dr Lim MK at Gleneagles (who I feel is too busy to give us the time of day) to Dr Yong S C at Pantai who has been strongly recommended by an expat parent on the expat forum. Another reason to change docs is Pantai Medical Centre is SO CLOSE to home! We shall see on 16th March if this new doc will meet expectations. :) I hope so!