Friday, December 19, 2008

The Rocker

Today's marks the fruitation of my hard work. I finally finished watching Desperate Housewives Season Four! *distant applause* This is one show I missed after moving here to KL-although it's being shown on cable, I've never managed to catch it. Even in Singapore, I would sometimes decide not to catch it because of school the next day. Seriously, getting up at 530am every day was not joke.

YES MAN was a nice movie with the aged jim Carrey (Alan mentioned that he has aged twice during and after the movie) paired with a sweet-looking girl (you can tell I don't know the actress' name) who looks like his niece. Anyway, it inspired Alan to be less negative and fill life with more zest and YES!

Unfortunately, I couldnt enjoy the movie that much. I always have an uncanny knack to sit beside some loser. This time, it was a man with bad breath and a irritating habit of shaking his leg. The chair beside his (mine lah) rocked like a granny on her rocker and I sighed many atime to show my displeasure. To no avail... O well...

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