Thursday, February 19, 2009

fervent house-hunting continues

I've been sooooooooooo lazy to update my blog. It's been a week! Amazing, but TRUE.

Well, the past 1 week was spent fervently house-hunting. We saw a couple more houses and 1 which we lived quite a lot but the asking price and the bank's valuation don't match and it's no way we are going to cough up money to finance this house. Still looking around. We've got two to view tonight and two tomorrow. ahahha I think we are causing a frenzy in this very slow property market.This weekend, we intend to spend it at Mid Valley where a property fair will be held. We also have another facial appointment, this time at Cres from 2-4pm on Saturday. It's tiring but interesting to view houses and see how people have done them up.

I think I shall go and buy some home decor mags soon ...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In laws -continued

Thursday 12 February 2009

We brought our Fengshui master (Mdm Katherine) to view the two houses we were interested in buying (no. 71 and no. 94-1). Much to our disappointment, she shook her head immediately when she arrived at 71. Later she gave her reasons.

94-1 got her approval though, in terms of house direction.

After that, we left to Bangsar SC to get our fortunes told for the year. Mdm Katherine patiently explained to us what she had seen in the stars and impressed my mother-in-law so much that she whipped out and angpao for her. hahaha.

We had lunch near Alan's office (salted fish fried rice which left much to be desired) and then ventured to Pavilion at 230pm. I then had a taste of my inlaw's superb stamina. They walked and walked and walked from 230 to 6pm (stopping only for a kopi at Toastbox). We didn't buy anything substantial - just makanan (bread for breakfast). Amazing, but true. We quickly concluded that Mid Valley Mega Mall was a much more exciting option to spend our hours in.

Alan fetched us at 6 and we had dinner at Robson's before rushing home to shower and prepare for class at the orphanage. Mum and Dad mingled with the children at the orphanage, helping us to distribue sweets. They were so touched when the children came to ask them questions and one even sat on Mum's lap! haahha

At 10pm, we all left the orphanage, happy but extremely exhausted.

Friday 13 February 2009

We woke up late. Alan picked us up at lunch time and we went to eat the delicious fish slices beehoon soup in Klang Lama. Then went to view another house in Bangsar with Agent Eric. Another disappointment. It was old and unkempt *sigh*

We dropped Dad and Mum at Mid valley to shop whilst I returned home for classes with the twins at 330-530pm and Dania from 6-8pm. We all went out for dinner at the Desa Fishing centre. Hokkien mee (black), yam with pork ribs, kangkong, salted egg yolk prawns.. we walked in the pasar malum nearby after that to walk away the calories.

Saturday 14 February 2009 (Happy Valentine's Day everyone!)
We left the house early for Muar. Dad and Mum wanted to buy some furniture for their new house (a two storey terrace house in Muar, near the town). We visited fungshen the cake shop, owned and run by Alan's uncles. It's huge and very classy (complete with smoking and non-smoking lounges) and juxtaposed against the backdrop of a sleepy little fishing town.

After savouring some of their delicacies, we went to the house to take a look. It was a good buy- Alan and I concluded. Very nice and airy and spacious and GREAT value for money. :) Nice retirement house for Mr and Mrs Harry Tan!

Lunch was Assum fishhead, deep-fried fish, steamed fish and some calamari at a warung nearby. We met two uncles who are Dad's good friends and then after lunch, we headed to a furniture shop to pick up 1 doube bed, 2 single beds, 1 cupboard, 1 dressing table, 1 bedside table (free) for a steal.

Back at the house, we cleaned up the exisiting sofa set before setting off for KL at 620pm.

We headed to the foodcourt in Klang Lama for a Ipoh horfun- Valentine's day dinner before heading for home to collaspe in bed for the night.

Sunday 15 February 2009
We woke up very late, exhausted after our day trip to Muar. After stonning about the house, we made our way at 2+pm to Imbi Palace for a nice dimsum late lunch. After pigging out (everyone was starving...) we sent Dad and Mum to Corus hotel to catch the Aeroline coach back to Singapore at 430pm before doing away with the notion of going for a massage at Jalan Alor.
We decided that heading home to sleep was a better option. :)