Friday, August 7, 2009

A Day Out Doing House Stuff

Sorry for the long silence folks. I was away in chilly Oz from 27th July till 4th August for a 9day 8 night getaway (in lieu of my impending shackles to Motherhood) and since we've been back in hazy KL, we've been busy with house stuff.

As many of you know by now, we will be moving into our corner terrace next Friday and you know what? There are so many things that still need 'tweaking', correcting and construction! It's mighty scary. We can't really postpone the move also due to many factors.

Anyway, yesterday the professional mover manager, Mr Kumar, came to take a look at how much barang we had accumulated over the years to give us a quote for our moving house. That was at 11am. He didn't stay for more than a minute after I brought him our our minute apartment and told him the items that were supposed to be moved.

Alan fetched me after work and we went to pick up quite a few things for the house.

Firstly we went to SS2 to try on the Elizabeth bed in Dunlopilo. We had purchased the Grandeur Luxury at the furniture fair a few months back but NOW THEN THEY TELL US they have no stock. So Alan was persuaded to upgrade to the Elizabeth bed for a couple of hundred ringgit more. :P

Before that, we had lunch at KTZ but it was disappointing and the quality of the food was lacking, unlike the outlet in Kepong. :( Our curry noodles were OILY to the MAX and the chicken inside was fillet :p

After trying the bed, we went to purchase lock sets of our new doors. We took at least an hour to choose lock sets for the main door, masterbedroom, toilets, guest rooms etc and were served by a very jovial Vivian.

We then headed to Puchong to pick up our switches (at Innova) and pay for our stove (at Benova - which we will collect after we move in) and pick up our kitchen pendent lights ( at Asia Lighting - they did not hv what we had ordered as the production factory in China had closed) so we made do with something else :P Malaysian service standards are quite quite bad , as u can tell :P

Then we hurried back to the house thinking that we could pass the items to the workers. But of course, they had knocked off already :P (The construction workers knock off before 5pm here in this country!)

Next stop : Desa Park City to pay for our entertainment system. Dinner was at Secret Recipe and I had the Viet noodles whilst Alan had his lamb shank. We shared a stale piece of White Choco Macademia nut cake. Then we popped into the art gallerys to check out some paintings for our house. I was super exhausted by then - lugging around a kid in the belly is no joke. How do kangaroos do it?!! :O

At the same place housed a Petsmore and that was great becos dog food was running out. We picked up Heartguard, vitamins and a pack of Natural Balance (for our fussy eaters) and then headed to Jusco to quickly pick up some fruits. There's nothing (sans birdsnest) in my fridge (mum don't nag) .

Last stop: Jansen Art Gallery. We had bought a huge Australian painting for a couple of thousand Aussie dollars and Alan had sent it for framing the day before. It was done! We tried to pick it up but then, it was too huge to fit in the Volvo. It will be delivered one of these days...

We went back home super exhausted and fell into a deep sleep before the clock struck midnight.