Friday, November 23, 2007

Zesa and Yusheng arrive Today!

Dinner at Jalan Alor
Teochew Porridge Lunch
BodyWorks Spa at Crowne Regency
Sad untillll.....

Fri 23 Nov

Gosh, I'm a little stoned. We slept really late last night. The clothes take 1hr to be washed and another 1.5hrs to be spun dry. I miss my home even more. hahaha. Especially since Ening is around!! *sniff* I am a pampered lil princess ;P

Anyway, I hv just stocked up the house / fridge with MYR 44 worth of snacks. Paddle pop icecream in a big tub, cookies, chips, coke , chocolate etc. Good grief. Quite alot of junk food! Alan's fetching me for lunch (porridge) soon and we are going to buy his (wat do u call it?) ions bracelet.

Then we will fetch the two gin nah from Puduraya and bring them to Jalan Alor for "NICE FOOD". haahaha.

Checking in again:
Ahhh lunch was a delicious affair - Fong Wah Teochew Porridge. Yum! Even more variety than the Geylang Teochew Porridge in Singapore. :D~ We had pigs' intestines, minced pork, long beans, salted vege and oyster sauce chicken, plus two watery bowls of porridge, all for MYR 19.

Then, we headed to UOA building to get the ions bracelet. However, it cost a whopping MYR 1105 so rest assured, we didn't buy it!! Next, due to the brain's inactivity, we went to Coffee Bean for a medium latte, medium Sunrise and a slice of sinful toberlone chocolate cake. The guilt of eating so extravagantly, was surpassed by the guilt of a mid-day rendezvous in BodySpa in Crowne Regeancy. Ahhh.. 1 hour of Traditional Body Massage and 45mins of foot reflexology set us back each by a mere MYR 118. Oh man! Ecky- this one's for you! haha.

After that we went back to his office to pack up and leave. Then we headed to Puduraya to fetch the two girls. O my, the traffic jam was a killer. And because of the distrust of the GPS system, we ended up going the wrong way. The two girls were so bored and started to guess the colour of our car and the direction it was coming from. So when we finally came, YuSheng hopped up and down in joy! hahaa. The Puduraya bus station was very scary and filled with funny people. There was this Chinese man staring at the two girls and giving them 'sly smiles'. At least he didn't salivate and rub his hands in glee...

Anyway, after we picked them up, we proceeded to Sungei Wang. Jam Jam Jam. Dinner was at Jalan Alor and we had a really hearty meal. Ma Por toufu, cod fish, kangkong, fried eel, hokkien mee, beef with spring onions, lala soup and rice. All for MYR112!! I almost fell off my chair! hahaha.

We then walked abit at Sungei Wang then went back to Lanson Place after our unsuccessful attempt to convince the girls that we stayed in a run-down Hotel Town View in Alor. haahhaha.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Perenial Question - What Shall I do Today?

My favourite companion

THURS - 22nd Nov

O GAWD. I had a TERRIBLE dream last nite. I actually dreamt that there were 18 F9s for English O Levels in CGS. hahaha. What horrors of horrors. *Faint* Anyway, I doubt I would be going back to watch them take their results. That would be end Jan. Will go back for reunion dinner though. Daddy has already booked RTC in anticipation. hahaha. This reunion dinner will REALLY be a reunion.

After I shook off the fears from the nightmare and promptly bade my husband g'bye (some1's gotta bring hm the bread), I strode into the kitchen to make meself some breakfast. I pondered through my options - oats? Milk with cereal? Sausage hotdog?- and finally settled for an egg mayo sandwich. The mayo shall go right down to my thighs and settle there like PR. And I havent found the motivation to gym yet, EVEN after buying a spanking new pair of Asics Gel!!!

Later I will quell my fears and take the taxi alone for the first time to Alan's office to attend some birthday cum one-month of working in the office celebration. Such a sweet GM :D
Then it's a MUST to head to Sungei Wang to replace my broken Nokia N73 charger (coincidentally it was purchased there too) and his spoilt PS3.

Ahhhh the delicacies in Sungei Wang area (Jalan Alor is a long street of road-side stalls whose food do not cause suffering after injested and just opposite Sungei Wang there are tonnes of massage parlours. ahahha. I like~ Our favourite massage parlour is called "Liang Xin", a swanky and clean and brightly-lit parlour. Very high-class looking with classy ambience. They serve you with a plate of fruits and some fruit juice as your aches and pains are being kneaded away. 5 thumbs up!

Ok ok enough of all that anticipation... Shall proceed to caress Harry now...


Hello! I'm back home and rotting in front of the TV again (apparently that's my fav place in the apartment- ahhh tonite Gladiator is showing..What wld i do w/o cable??). Let me share with you some interesting experiences:

At 405pm, I got into my first taxi ride ALONE in KL. I peered suspiciously at the driver. He was a scrawny wrinkled little fella approximately 60years of age. I told him to go to Jalan P Ramlee, Rohas Perkasa and he nodded silently. Along the way, he struck up a conversation with me. At first in Cantonese but when I sadly admitted my lack of finnese for that lovely language, we fell back to Mandarin. The Uncle started by complaining about the perenial traffic jam in KL and that he was on his way to KLCC to pump petrol, if not he wouldnt have taken me as a passenger. As the cab creaked on, and I started to gag in the heat (the airconditioner was spoilt/not switched on/ spoil and therefore not switched on), he also warned me about taking care of my belongings, especially my LV and cited many cases of motorcyclists who snatch bags. (btw, a call for the taxi set me back by a mere MYR2. Eat your heart out fellow taxi-users in Singapore! (I don't think I'll ever hop into a cab in Singapore ever again - the ERP, the surcharges etc etc.. WHAT CRAP!)
Anyway, after worrying that the shrivelled ol' uncle would kidnap me into the wilderness, beat me to a pulp with his hidden hammer and call my husband for ransom, he dropped me off at my destination - in front of Alan's office building. I was so thankful that I tipped him a whopping 60c.

We had a lovely birthday celebration for Robin who turned a ripe ol' 29. The Secret Receipe cheesecake made the waistband of my jeans feel tighter almost instantaneously. Robin (the magician) did another superb trick again - he used a tissue paper to wipe his laptop screen (which was on the Google search engine page) and the two 'o's were wiped away!!! My jaw dropped!! Then he wiped back the screen and the 'o's appeared again!! O my Tian Ah!! (he promptly started promoting the magical tissue paper for MYR 59.90 per pack! ahhaah The joker! He also blindfolded himself and got us to come up with personal items whose identities he guessed easily, just by placing his hand over them!!!
In Front of the Egyptian Cafe in Bkt Bintang

Later, we picked Rina and Hafizah up in front of Concorde Hotel. We went to Sungei Wang and I bought my hp charger for MYR 18. heh. Yes, I am connected to the WORLD again! Dinner was a sinful affair but my Egyptian lamp chops were burnt and tough. The nicest part of the meal was the chilli sauce!Sad, but true. We then sent the gals back to their hotel cos Rina's eyelids were about to shut. Probably drained from her harrowing experience driving through the tunnel in KL. heheh. Alan's Fried Chicken

Alan just showed me how to wash clothes on Level 12 Laundrette and I guess I will be the dutiful housewife from now on... We are waiting (in front of the tv) for the washing to be done...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Grocery Shopping Time!

The Dilapidated AmpWalk

Shopping @ Hock Choon-The Truly Expat Experience

Hey guys! I finally got my ass outta the house today. Lazed around in bed until the sun shone brightly in the sky, then snacked on crackers with salmon spread for breakfast (thank heavens for that bit of food!). I logged on to talk to Mama and Jean and cried when I saw Ash. *sniff* Nevermind, I'll be going home soon. :) Then after mindlessly poking the masses, I decided to fulfill my promise and trudge to the nearby supermarket to stock up the fridge for my Hungry Husband~

Since Zesa and YuSheng will be coming on 23rd Nov and since they are growing teenagers, I thought I'd better be a good host and fill the fridge with chocos, chips , cakes and the likes. (I have already been forewarned that they want to eat "GOOD FOOD".) hahahaa. But their standards are rock bottom and A&W is a delicacy to them already! haaaa *sew up hole in pocket* my shopping :)
Can't wait for Rina and Hafizah to come tomorrow too. But guys, I heard the KL zoo cannot make it. And the only reason why we would wanna visit it is to appreciate our Mandai one more. So I think we'll give that a miss. hahaa. How about Batu Caves to get splashed with bat dung? haha. O well, I guess we'll just go shopping!! hahaha

Opps, sorry I digressed. Here's a quick sum up of my escapade. Along the way (actually I had to cross a big road via overhead bridge) to the supermart, I decided to check out the nearby AmpWalk, a dilapidated shopping centre which is a stone's throw away from Lanson Place. I did not hope for much but to my amazement, it housed everything that I needed/ wanted/ salivated for - ahem.. a unisex spa (so can cajole the laogong to go.. and pay for it), nails parlour, traditional thai body massage parlour and even a travel agency I can book my coach rides to SIN with. hahaha. How lovely. My otherwise bleak mood lifted....

Then I headed back on track to Hock Choon supermarket- shopping there is truly an expat experience. Lining the shelves are rows and rows of sauces, creams etc catering to the Ang Moh taste buds, the Japanese ones, the Indians etc etc. You can find at least 6 different kinds of mayo, 4 different kinds of japanese noodles, a big section with frozen meats and seafood(including escargot, lobster, sausages etc) That's not to say they didnt cater to the Malaysian / Singaporean preference. However, since this wasn't my first time there, my jaw didnt scrape the floor... that is, until I paid the bill and staggered home under the weight of my 4 plastic bags. I spent a whopping MYR 95 but bought enough to last for a while..This however, didn't include the chips and snacks for the gals though. I'll make a trip back two days later before they come...;p

Anyway, I'm back now, in my cosy apartment and waiting for the sun to set... There's satay on the menu tonight and after my miserable mee suah soup for lunch, it sounds almost heavenly. :) I've just cooked sweet potato soup for my laogong - the ploy is to make him fat fat and thus undesirable to all the other women out there! muahahaha.

O yah. before I forget, my HP charger broke - perhaps enroute to KL in the suitcase. I am down to two bars people and so, before I hit Sungei Wang with my bb, I will probably keep my Nokia in OFF mode.

Zhu Xiao Di: i miss u people too. but I am thankful to have escaped the staff retreat - no matter whether it's Sentosa or watching 1 million firefires (that look alike) on a boat, or taking a cruise amist our nausea or building sand castles and getting sunburnt...etc etc... O wat joyous times!!

& YES I've finally booked Alan and myself on an AirAsia flight to BKK. We will fly early morning on 7th Dec from KL and arrive in KL late night on 9th Dec. A few days rendezvous but they will suffice for now. :) *Excited*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Amazing but True

20th Nov.
Today I went out for lunch with Alan n his colleagues, Robin, Nicky and Edah. They are a very fun bunch. hahaha. Real Jokers :)
Robin has special powers and he literally melted the handle of a spoon in front of all of us, just by touching it. O man.
I sure am gonna write an autobiography of him!! But apart from his special powers, he does lack skills when telling jokes. hahaa.Aparently a 5year old asked him recently -"Who is more stupid, Robin or Batman?" and the answer? Robin- he chose to follow a superhero who cannot fly.
*cringe* hahahaa

My long-awaited born in Sweden cupboard has arrived just minutes ago and the men hv assembled it in my bedroom already. yes yes,i know it doesnt fit with the decor of Lanson Place, but I need to house ALL MY CLOTHES! hahaha.
My Sweedish Fantasy

First Few Days (and Nites) in a new Land

Tired out from the 45min flight??!

18th Nov-
My first day of so-called TaiTaidom was spent with the husband in IKEA shopping for a cupboard to accomodate all my 25.7kg worth of barang (read: clothes). hahah. We finally found one that we could mix-and-match to assemble up ourselves costing MYR 575. I think it's dollar for dollar here versus Singapore. So cool huh?
Then, after Alan sweated it out trying to fit the planks in the Volvo and giving up , we went to queue at the Home Delivery section of IKEA. Once that was sorted out, we went to explore the vicinity. IKEA is HUGE here and there's a wing subsumed under IKEA that sells other stuff like clothes n the likes. Coincidentally there was this Jean Perry (dunno what brand lah) pillow n etc sale and that was EXACTLY what Alan and I needed. (The pillows at Lanson Place Serviced Apartments are nothing to crow about.) We bought two "bamboo charcoal pillows" at a great discount (now dont i sound like a housewife!??!) then went shopping around elsewhere.
How can IKEA not serve meatballs with cranberry sauce?!?
We went to this shopping complex, called The Curve which housed many swanky eateries. (had HK cafe stuff for dinner). Photos were taken with my new Nikon Cool Pix Digital Camera - welcome gift from the hubbie. heeee.. Walked through a pasar as well but as it turned out, there was nothing to buy! ha!
Then we headed to Cineleisure but it wasn't the most happening shopping centre. We then returned to IKEA and did some light shopping at Cold Storage and then headed for home, using the trusty GPS :D

The Pasar Malum @ The Curve
19th Nov-
My start of Taitaidom (read boredom with no housework to do) hahahaha. woke up late and quelled the guilt of doing nothing (I seriously have to get used to doing nothing). Alan fetched me for lunch at around 1pm and we had a delicious steamed fish + vege for only MYR 25! o my god, you should see the size of the fish!!

Went to his office to literally stone and met Lily, his pesky General Admin girl (who dresses and behaves like an Auntie). Apparently the whole office cannot stand her and avoid her like the plague and within half an hour, I totally understood why. I mean, why do you have to check with the GM how you label your files?? hahaha. good grief!

Next we headed to KLCC to shop for Alan's shoes (his wedding shoes have given way so quickly-don't buy Hush Puppies, guys!!) and I resisted the temptation to buy a pair of shoes that I didn't need. Then we had dinner at the food court (some spicy noodles, swimming in chilli oil and some dry dry "singapore" fried beehoon).
we bounded home to watch 1303 a Japanese Horror flick on DVD but after the initial half and hour of cold clammy hands gasping each others' (Alan's and mine lah), the thrills and spills (including guts and brains lying on the ground) were insufficient to maintain my attention. So I turned to the Facebook and started poking.
The icon of KL, Petronas Twin Towers

Closing a Chapter in Singapore

15 November- My last Graduation Night as a teacher in Crescent Girls' School. Coloured my hair and nails at 916 Salon in Siglap and then had Jessie (my bridal make-up artist) over to do my hair and makeup. I reached Hilton Hotel after being stuck in a jam at ard 6+pm.
The girls were already milling around and taking pictures. hahah.. I actually won Best Dressed Teacher (err $50 Robinson's voucher which I dunno how to spend) after much threatening, pleading and cajoling. Alexis made all the teachers dress down and promise not to take the coveted title away from me (as my byebye gift) and Hema went to order the girls to vote for me. So when I finally went on stage to receive the voucher, I actually whispered to Mrs Lee , "Kellong one!" hahaha. Damn funny but I appreciate all the gestures, guys!

After Gradnite, many colleagues and I gathered at the lounge to have a quiet drink. I remember sweating it out on the sofa with 5 others.hahaha. Namely Weesuan, Eileen, Wendy, Hema and Alexis(?) Kala downed two martinis in one gulp, proving that beneath that innocent facade she's an alcoholic. hahaha. Sebas, Leo, Angie, Andrew, SiewHuang and Jim, etc were all there to enjoy the gossip (and music and drinks). I loved my apple martini (which WeeSuan was testing the whole night to see if the alcohol contents was more or less than the other 10 appletinis on the table). hahaha.

16Nov- How classic of us. All Sec 4 teachers and students had to report to the hall for PAE briefing early in the morning when most of us (teachers and students alike) were still suffering from the aftereffects of the night before.
After 6.5 long years, I finally tendered my resignation at ard 1130am in Mrs Lee's office. The flood of emotions was almost too much to bear. Especially when Mrs Lee hugged me goodbye (ahem- twice).
In the evening, 3S1 'celebrated' my leaving with a bbq at Biopolis. Lovely place. played games like Charades, Blow Wind Blow.hahaha. I was bestowed many many sweet pressies and cards and I was truly touched. *wistful sigh*
It was only on that night that I allowed the tears to fall. Becos of Stephen's farewell sms and also becos of the buildup of so many pent-up emotions that were compounded from the 3 weeks' worth of farwell dinners/ lunches/ drinks etc. Ash was comforting me and looked worried. hahaa. But I am glad that I got e'thing outta my system... my eyes were swollen the next day though.

17th nov- Had breakfast with the family at Mac's Siglap -afterwhich wonder WHY we actually ate Mac's (which we can get in ANY PART of the world) and not some Singaporean delicacy that I would not find in the sunny concrete jungle of KL. Went back home to pack somemore and then Yvonne picked me to go to my fav. shopping centre (which I will miss tremendously) Parkway Parade to run some errands.
at 6pm, I had promptly reported at the Changi airport (You know KLIA is voted the BEST airport in the world for two years running? I'd BEG to DIFFER man!!!) Terminal 2 and after saying goodbye (the usual way) to my family and my in-laws by pigging out at Crystal Jade, I promptly bade them and Elaine and Zesa and her sister (who was DRAGGED to the airport) farewell. :)
The plane ride was uneventful - no cute hunkies to sit next to. Only a China man in his 40s who seemed unduly worried when the plane was taking off and going through turbulence. And then I arrived .... at taitai dom