Saturday, January 2, 2010

A "milestone"

Today marks one of the milestones in little Ethan's life. He 'upsized' his nappy protector from size New Born to size Medium. ahhahaa. Don't ask me how come he skipped a size - they don't make nappy protectors in size Small, if you haven't realised... It's like that in KL AND also in SIngapore!! hehe.

Anyway, one thing special I did today, on the second day of 2010, was to go swimming in the Bangsar sports complex a stone's throw away from my house. I was feeling very lazy again at 3+pm, after watching the DVD thriller Law Abiding Citizen. But I cajoled my husband to accompany me to the swimming pool nearby.

When we got there, the lazy people in-charge said they they had closed. It was 4pm but the official closing time was 430pm. Alan paid for my entry and I swam for a straight 20+mins to make my RM3 worth. :P By the time I got outta the pool, I was tired enough to feel rejuvenated by the swim. Oxymoron. heheh.

I accompanied the loving husband next to the nearby basketball court for me to witness his drifting techniques but soon it started to rain and we made a beeline for home. I shall endeavour to get out of my house more and hit the pool more often. I think I have to buy a swimming costume though - bikinis in a public pool should warranted more attention than necessary and wanted. :P

After my shower and feeding Ethan, Alan and I headed to The Gardens. We ended up shopping at Robinsons (which was on sale as well). We bought 3 tops (on 50% off) for Ethan to wear at home, 7 packets of wet wipes and 2 bolster cases. :) I also signed up for the R card for rebates!

Dinner was unagi bento at the foodcourt and then Alan went into Art Friend for a minute to pick up a cutting board.

We arrived home ard 8pm , relieved to find out xiao guaiguai still fast asleepnon his vibrating rocker chair.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!

My New Year's Resolution is to be a better Mother, Wife and Daughter. :) Think one resolution is enough, instead of making tonnes which I won't put my heart and soul into fulfilling. hahaha Oh, and of course, another could be to lose the tonnes of weight (read: 13 more kg) I've put on during my pregnancy? *big sigh*

We started the new year right by getting up early, leaving the house early and ... HITTING THE SHOPS. :D Isetan was having a sale whereby they have 'lucky bags' up for grabs. Different merchants would package random items into bags and these bags would be sold at a huge discount.

We turned up at around 945am when Isetan opened at 10am and waited patiently. By 950am, more and more people had gathered and when the shutters were risen, the mass of people dashed in.

Pumpkin Patch had packed only 3 bags and we did not manage to get any. We ended up with a Guess bag and also a Barbie bag. The contents of the Barbie bag will be TK's 8th Birthday gift. :)

Alan and I then bought a shirt for our little one from Pumpkin Patch at 50% off for CNY. :) Then we strolled to ToastBox for our meesiam breakfast, washed down with coffee and tea.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Months Length & Weight

I am continuing my records here in my blog:

Ethan, at two months and 3 days old weighs 4.435Kg and is 54.4 cm long!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vaccination (6 in 1) & a Blood Test (OUCH)

29 December 2009 (Tuesday)

Today was THE DAY. We had to bring Ethan to the paeditrician for his cocktail jab for vaccination. E'thing was well in the morning. We bathed him and dressed him and after a banana chocochip muffin each, Alan and I raced down to Gleneagles for our 11am appointment.

We asked Dr Lim Miin Kang about Ethan's prolonged jaundice. Since Ethan's first week of existence, we had noticed his skin turning yellow. We had brought him to see Dr Lim TWICE with regard to that but Dr Lim always insisted (after barely glancing at our boy) that all was well and we were making a mountain outta a molehill.

After our full moon celebration for Ethan though, during which 9/10 guests commented he was jaundiced, we approached the doc again and wanted something to be done.

So Dr Lim drew some blood for a blood test. Ethan was a brave little boy and merely cried a little but when I saw the neddle inserted into his little hand, the dam broke and my tears flowed freely. I was ill-prepared for THAT kinda pain! After that trauma, he still had to have his vaccination and also injested some medication to prevent Rotarvirus.

We left the clinic and proceeded to my gynae's for my checkup. After the scan and a cervical smear we left and returned to Dr Lim's clinic to wait for the blood test results. All was well and Ethan's Bilirubin levels were within normal range and thankfully there was no cause for concern. Perhaps what i've been eating could be the cause of my yellowing son??

A quick lunch followed at Olio Dome cafe at the hospital. We were too tired to hit Pavilion (our initial plan) to shop and polished off our Fish & Chips, Chicken Foccacia and Strawberry milkshake before returning home to collaspe onto the bed.

Ethan had developed a slight fever by nightfall and we tended to him by sponging his body and feeding him medication. Our poor boy has alot of phelgm as well, stuck in his throat and with the help of the nasal spray, most of it was eradicated through his bile. :~(

Daddy & I at the Clinic Doing the Burpies!

Monday, December 28, 2009

X'mas and Boxing Day 2009

25 December 2009 (Friday)

It was a long and eventful X'mas weekend this year. We hosted Alan's good friends, KeeKiat and Julia and their three children Myron (7), Raeann (4) and Kaitlyn (7months). Their maid I-Is came along as well.

Their stay commenced when they arrived on X'mas evening after a long drive here. We took them to Robson's for a welcome dinner and ordered to feed an army (as usual). We had 2 sweet & sour crabs, 2 salted egg crabs, lala, vege, toufu, deer meat and a huge succulent fish. After the satisfying dinner (which I had to eat with one hand whilst I nursed Ethan), we all made our way back home to rest and relax the remaining of the X'mas evening away and open presents. (Ethan didn't seem to like his Bedtime Bear X'mas pressie from Daddy)

26 December 2009 (Saturday)

After a breakfast of home-made chocochip muffins, we all proceeded to Sunway Pyramid for a day of shopping. All the shops were still not open when we arrived at 930am and so we headed to the nearest Starbucks to sit and enjoy a cuppa. I had this bottle of juice (morning glory= kiwi + dragonfruit) that tasted like puke.

The shopping commenced and lasted for hours till we were all tired out. Lunch was at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant again. By the time we crawled back into the car at almost 3pm, my back and calves were hurting big time. Ethan had slept mostly through this expedition, thank God!

After resting for a couple of hours, we ventured out for dinner. Shabu Shabu here we come! We did not make reservations and had to sit at two separate tables. Myron sat with us and we were amazed and impressed by how much he can eat. hahaha.

27 December 2009 (Sunday)

We got to sleep in today and leave for MidValley a little later. We had brunch at the Taiwanese restaurant in The Gardens. Again, shopping followed. And coffee at CoffeeBean. I bought some fruits at the nearby fruit shop and then we returned home.

When our friends left for Malacca, ALan and I (and Ethan) collasped onto our bed and ZZZZzzzzzzzzZzzzz. What a tiring weekend!