Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Sagas

Today will mark me finally (in the whole week) leaving the apartment for fun instead of food. hahah Ok lah..

Just had another lesson with Anivksha from 9 to 11am. Another Rm100 made. Today we did something interesting. The play, Frankenstein!!! Cool!

We went to Pavilion for Street Kings the Keanu Reeves movie. Alan was so bored throughout the show as the plot was predictable (and kept interrupting my movie to ask stupid questions). I was sadly disappointed at the lack of chiselled good looks (his face looked pudgy) of keanu but thankfully his bod was still something to keep me awake. Guess his role as a disgruntle cop prowling the streets for thugs reqiured him to pile on the pounds, especially on his face. :P

We had lunch at Thai Express before the movie and piled on the pounds ourselves with papaya salad, rice rolls, pad thai, black pepper prawn tunghoon, red bean milkshake and also coconut icecream dessert. *burp* I felt very guilty for ordering so much and even MORE guilty for finishing it all!
After the show we went awalking to Sungei Wang to pick up Dorothy's requests and stocked up on our collection as well. We roamed around a bit and had a hot drink each at a Games cafe and then decided we were still too full to eat dinner. So we packed some food at Food Republic, Pavilion , and drove home to chill.

We watched The Eye by Jessica Alba but sad to say, it did not prove to be as exciting as the Chinese version (which didn't really chill us out much too, although we got a kick from seeing Chen Zhi Cai, our last-time neighbour on the screen). Then turned in at approximately midnight.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Drowning Dog

Hello folks. I have just bathed the irritable / irritating /irate Jay Jay. Good lord. It was as though I was trying to drown him- the way he behaved! *slap forehead*

Anyway, Corrina postponed her lesson till Monday morning therefore freeing up my Friday morning. I will see Hayden later 230-330pm and Su Li from 7-9pm. My fried beehoon from Robson is still waiting for me in the fridge.

Tomorrow I have class from 9 -11am with Anviksha and that will end my lessons for the week. Gosh this week has flown past and I sometimes really wonder where time has gone......

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Married the Best Man!

I JUST woke up. OMG. Alan had let me sleep in today, instead of making him breakfast and his drinks before he hits the road. I didn't even realise that he had left the house until I rouse and peeped outside our bedroom. HUSBAND HAD LEFT! I peered at the clock and it read 10:02am! oh me oh my! (I have since graduated from "BAD WIFE" to "HORRIBLE WIFE". *clap clap clap*

I must have been exhausted by yesterday's 5hour-day. During dinner, I could hardly open my eyes to eat our not-that-fresh-pomfret, sweet tapioca leaves and toufu. Since there is absolutely NOTHING left in the fridge, I even tapao-ed my lunch for today (fried rice), last evening! Hahaha. Enough of maggiee mee for now! *scared*

Last evening from 6-8pm, I had tuition with Dania. It wasn't unpleasant at all. I truly convinced her that reading and writing is fun, using a text I had used during my Literature lesson observation last year (which dazzled Leonard, to say the least. Leonard (the-then-VP) had come up to me, immediately after the class, whilst we were still inside the classroom and told me," Sharon, I have only one thing to say to you, ' I never knew Literature could be so interesting and fun until I sat in your class!'" Wahhhh ok ok , cannot be so hao lian...
I digress......

SOoooOooooo anyway, after the session with Dania, during which she kept asking me when I'd be back from my trip so we could have a following lesson, she looked me in the eye and told me that she had alot of fun and my lesson was very interesting and that she cannot wait to come back for the next class! I am in the right line! Of course, the environment which she was 'schooled' in was great too. She appreciated the quiet of my house and the soft music (iRelax ANYWHERE) soothed her tired soul.

Of course, my exhaustion after that is another story. XP~~

Ok today's gonna be lighter. I have only one class from 7 to 9 pm. Am going to go to the gym. I've neglected exercise due to the jam-packed tuition classes and today I shall make up for it!

It's been a nice and relaxing day and I enjoyed myself doing nothing. :)
Just came back from hitting the gym and wiping away my guilt together with the beads of sweat on my furrowed brows.
Gonna take a nice long shower (and use up all the hot water) and wait for Su Li to come at 7pm.
The Husband will buy me dinner for tonight (and my lunch for tomorrow).

23:33 Jay Jay's a MAN.
Alan's on the Chair and I am waiting for him to go to bed together. The dutiful wife. Tell you all something: Jay Jay is dropping his milk teeth!!!! Hahhaha. He came to us just now and suddenly something fell outta his mouth. I peered closer at the white little pearl gem on our carpeted floor. Hahhaha. A tooth! And then, a few minutes later, out popped another! Goodness. At this rate, he'll be bohgay in 2 hours!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Orphanage & Clinic

Here are a few pictures courtesy of Mike, the principal in-charge of an orphanage in Jarkata. I got the contact from Gary a month or two ago as Alan and I wanted to sponser a child. (I can't remember if I had put this info into my entries on my blog.)

Mike jsut sent us the photographs and I thought I'd share them with you.. His wife, Jev and him have done a great job! We are trying to plan a trip to Jakarta at the end of the year, and bring Zesa along as well. It'll be an eye-opener and we will truly understand that LIFE IS GOOD and quit complaining!!!!!!! hahahhaa

Chan and Mah

I am waiting for my new student Corrina to turn up in 5 minutes. Nursing a headache. Been having one since Sunday. It's terrible.

Then Hayden will do a description of a birthday party today. Complete with pictures I have printed out from the internet (flickr).

And I shall meet Darnia alone tonight and find out whether she REALLY has an attitude issue.

I swear my hair will fall from so much MSG. I've just finished my lunch of Indon noodles (dry). delicious and ultra - salty! YikeS. There's nothing left in the fridge 'cept 2 age-old apples, 1/2 piece of dried up liver, mint leaves and 5 eggs. Oh yes and ONE piece of moo-moo cow cheese. Tomorrow Alan and I will Scissors Paper Stone to see who gets the cheese for breakfast.

I am such a BAD WIFE. :P

On the flip side, business is booming. The fortune-tellers who said I'd make it big if and only if I'd work hard are right. They just neglected to mention that my "big" is counted in terms of ringgit. Hahahhaa. Oh well.

Corrina is a free lance travel agent who is barely fluent but tries very hard. She studied English up till SPM and is now seeking to improve and enrich herself. I will see her on 2 days of the week from 10-11am. She's coming again this Friday.

I've done the "Chan" and will do the "Mah" tonight after 8pm and after a delicious and well-deserved diner at Old Klang Lama. YaYeee. I go n drink tea now to wash down the salt and then sit on the OSIM until my butt rots.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seed-like Wonders

When I woke up today and ventured to Jay Jay's cage all sleepy-eyed, I got a great SHOCK of my life. In the cage lay his stools. And in his stools lay some seed-like things. MANY seed-like things. I was quickly reminded of all the alien movies I had watched.

We peered and peered through the mess, trying to determine what the "seeds" were. Barley? Green beans? All of which were almost impossible for the lil one to dig up. and then I realised : IT WAS RAT POISON!!! The pest-control people had come the previous day and sprayed the house for ants. I guess they had put two boxes of rat poison on the ground as bait. I had noticed only one box and put it one side. I hadn't seen the other one, next to the washing machine!

POOR JAY JAY!!!! His greed has caused his irritable bowels! Hahahah. But the fella, surprisngly, is alive and well, without any after-effects of having his delicious breakfast (or late night supper). Weird? So Alan concluded:

a) The rat poison is ineffective.
b) The rat poison is ineffective on dogs.
c) Jay Jay drinks too much water and has flushed out all the poison.
d) We have a greedy pup.

Perhaps it is all of the above.

I am suffering from a headache. Had it since last evening and woke at around 3+am this morning because it was pounding. One wonders how to get through today. I have classes with Hayden, Avik and Su Li starting from 230pm till 9pm. We'll see.

It is late and we are talking to our daughter online now. She is pouting because she wants her hp and I am refusing BECAUSE I HOLD THE PURSE STRINGS! MUAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, we will be back in Spore on Monday evening till goodness-knows-when. So who wants to meet up and ParTYyyyYYY let me know ahhhhhhh!!! *grins happily* There's no place like

Monday, April 14, 2008


Lunch time

Dear all,

I am "feasting" on my spicy mushroom flavoured korean instant noodles (courtesy of the nice neighbours) and going to plan my lessons for the fortcoming week. Today, surprisingly, I have no lessons but tomorrow onwards will be pretty hectic with approx 2 or 3 lessons per day.

Alan has reiterated a couple of times the past few days, how lucky it is that we did not print flyers advertising my tuition services. We were contemplating distributing 1000 adverts to the neighbouring condos to increase publicity and of course the odds of me getting more students. But hell, I can't really cope already.

And you know what, guys? I have JUST ( 15mins ago) accepted another student! *claps* She is a 38-year old freelance travel agent and I accepted her because I can accomodate her into my busy schedule - She can have class in the mornings! How refreshing! She wants basic English lessons such as grammar and oral pronunciation. Nothing very technical and business based. Will find out more about her and update shortly! Our class commences on Wednesday! :D

[aside ] :*slurps noodles*

I forgot to mention that at 1Utama yesterday, we each bought a pair of Crocs. I think that occasion might have been Alan's 3rd time venturing into the shop at 1Utama and finally he managed to find a pair he liked! And yes, he went goo goo gaa gaa buying pins to decorate the holes of this Crocs. Hahha a Mad-looking Cow and a cutesy Duckling! I swear I married a little boy, sometimes! hahahaha Anyway, he bought his to replace his holEy pair (courtesy of Jay Jay and Ash) and I bought mine...errr..... I don't have a reason. But then again, we WOMEN don't NEED one to shop, ya? Especially, since the purchases are fully paid for. *beams*

My Crocs are more sophisticated. Take a look! At least I wouldn't look like Ronald Macdonald when I roam the streets of KL!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Sunday (Chao Ji Xing Qi Tian!)

Gonna drop a few quick lines and then slap an SKII mask on my traumatised face. My pimples are sprouting - you know that's a rare occurence- and I must eradicate them!

We went out early as Alan wanted to hit some balls at the driving range. We are new members of KLGCC (KL Golf and Country Club) so you have to excuse Alan's enthusiasm. Apparently the club is very prestigious and only for the rich and famous. ;p

I almost reached Nirvana as Alan's balls flew beyond 250m and finally when it was all over, I hopped outta my seat in the shade and we went for lunch at the restaurant in the club. Delicious!

Then, it was 1Utama that beckoned. We booked our tickets to catch sexy Andy Lau and fatty Samo Hung at 420pm and rushed to cut our hair at Michael and Guys. Francis did my hair and did a pretty good job, I must say. All for Rm65. Of course, his flirting and insisting that if he'd cut my hair any sexier than all the girls on the streets would be envious of me didn't do a thing for my already very-inflated-ego.

We literally had to run to the movies after that. *pant pant pant* Three Kingdoms. Oh god, how can Andy Lau look so sexy even at his age!!! I sure the older he gets, the more manly! *gush* Ok because many si gin nahs read this blog, I have to stop my drooling.
Maggi Q looked androgynous and scary and Samo just looked , like how he always looks, Fat. We missed the first few minutes of the show and I was lost in the ancient Chinese history. Alan was captivated, of course. Chinese History and him go hand-in-hand. He also frowned on the Malay couple seated on our right as the male was painstakingly reciting the whole history to the female to further confuse her. The children one row in front of us were also making a nuisance of themselves and the lil girl had to pee every half an hour. (for comments on children, refer to my previous entry : Children - Boon or Bane?)

Dinner was a quick and light and inexpensive affair at our fav nyona haunt. and then it was home.